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“I know what you think this looks like, but maybe you should not be so quick to trust your eyes my friend?"

Concept: Gypsy Gunslinger and Thrill Seeker

Mask: Jester
A jester never takes the world seriously. She looks for the absurd in everything, and shows it to the world. Everything is a joke. Everything has fault.
Single Willpower: Point out an absurdity in the current state of affairs, to lighten the tone.
All Willpower: Favor wit and cunning over direct self-defense in a situation of serious danger.

Dirge: Questioner
A questioner cannot accept anything at face value. She must poke and prod, finding the holes in logic and function. She asks the questions that everyone else wants to ask.
Single Willpower: Challenge an accepted truth.
All Willpower: Put a long-believed truth to the test, at your own peril.

Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3
Resolve: 2

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 2

Presence: 2
Manipulation: 2
Composure: 3
Mental Skills (-3 Untrained)
Academics 1
Computer --
Crafts 1
Investigation 1
Medicine --
Occult 1
Politics --
Science --

Physical Skills (-1 Untrained)
Athletics 2
Brawl 1
Drive 1
Firearms 3 (Revolvers) 9 Again
Larceny 3 (Lock Picking) (Pick Pockets) 9 Again
Stealth 1
Survival 1
Weaponry 1

Social Skills (-1 Untrained)
Animal Ken --
Empathy 1
Expression --
Intimidation 1
Persuasion 1
Socialize 1
Streetwise 2 (Finding Card Games) 9 Again
Subterfuge 1 (Playing Dumb)

Celerity 1
Majesty 1
Vigor 1
Protean: 1

Chimistry 1
Ignis Fatuus •
Dice Pool:None
The Ravnos can conjure mirages, illusions that confound the senses and appear real. At this level the illusions are limited, they can be no larger than her Blood Potency in size, and affect only a single sense. Illusions may be given slight animation, water could appear to flow or a computer screen to flicker, but will not react to interaction. If the creator is close by she can puppet her illusions, giving them a greater semblance of reality, but upon close physical inspection they are revealed as falsehoods.
Status: Ravnos Bloodline 1
Professional Training: Criminal 3
Ambidextrous 3
Resources 1
Quickdraw: 1 Revolvers
Fast Reflexes 2
Slight of Hand 2
Stiking Looks 1 (Handsome Rogue)

Firefight 3
Shoot First (•): In a firefight, the person shot first is usually the loser. Your character has trained herself to fire first in an altercation. If her gun is drawn, add her Firearms score to her Initiative. If she has Quick Draw, she can use Shoot First to draw and fire with increased Initiative in the first turn of combat.
Suppressive Fire (••): Sometimes, the purpose of a shot is to distract, not necessarily to hit. Your character is trained to fire off a handful of rounds with the intent to startle opponents and force impulse reactions. When using the Covering Fire maneuver (p. 90), her opponents cannot benefit from aiming against her. She can apply her Defense against incoming Firearms attacks, in addition to any cover bonuses. Additionally, her training allows her to use Suppressive Fire with a semi-automatic weapon.

Secondary Target (•••): Sometimes, shooting an opponent behind cover is all but impossible. However, a bullet can knock objects off balance, or cause ricochets. By using Secondary Target, your character opts not to hit her target, but instead strike them with any collateral objects that might be nearby. She causes bashing damage instead of lethal, but ignores all cover penalties to the roll. The weapon’s damage rating does not add to the damage in this case.


Vitae 10, 1 PER ROUND
Blood Potency 1

Size: 5
Speed: 12
Defense: 5
Initiative: 9 (12 with Firearms)
Armor: --

Daeva: The Wanton Curse
Daeva immerse themselves in the mortal world; it not only feeds them, it compels them. When Daeva choose vessels, they become obsessed. When they drink from a mortal once, they’re fine. On their second and further drinks from the same source, roll Humanity. Failure causes the Persistent Dependent Condition toward the mortal (see p.302). The Condition only goes away with the mortal’s death. For this reason, Daeva tend toward either remarkable promiscuity, or they cultivate massive harems and herds.

Your character is addicted to something, whether drugs, gambling or other destructive behaviors. Some addictions are more dangerous than others, but the nature of addiction is that it slowly takes over your life, impeding functionality. If you are addicted, you need to indulge your addiction regularly to keep it under control. A specific addiction should be chosen upon taking this Condition; characters can take this Condition multiple times for different addictions. Being unable to feed your addiction can result in the Deprived Condition (see below).
Possible Sources: Alcoholism, substance abuse, Vitae Addiction.
Resolution: Regain a dot of Integrity, lose another dot of Integrity, or achieve an exceptional success on a breaking point.
Beat: Your character chooses to get a fix rather than fulfill an obligation.
Lock Picks +1
Deck of Playing Cards
Small Compass
Quick draw holsters

Initiative 9
Dice 4

Initiative 9
Dice 4

Initiative 8
Dice 4
Damage 0L

Initiative 10
Dice 8 (9 AGAIN)
Damage 2 Lethal
Range 35/70/140
Ammo 6


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