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CHAPTER PLOT Essay-introduction

*Argos's assistant researcher, Kory Borgese, would tell Argos he needs to go out on a date w/ his wife' sister, Tess Runco
*Tess would be a flamboyant young lady that meets Argos at a diner called "Pompeii" (1531 W. Taylor St.)

*Tess would ask Argos if he'd like to get lost and go to a speakeasy she knows the password (Tickles) for, "The Nook" (Now Southport's: 3325 N. Southport Ave.)
*Argos would learn that Tess's cousin (Nina Scaffold) is the University of Chicago's librarian, who just returned from Egypt after her archeologist husband died in a tomb collapse
*At the end of the date, Tess would expose Argos's bane, causing him to have to make a choice of what to do

*Ludwig would be hungry for a soul, and would look worse for wear (hair falls out of his head).
*Fredrick Bartlett would have invited some young alumni from Yale, Harvard and Princeton over to hear some of his ghost stories, but Bartlett would be no where to be found. The students would ask Ludwig to tell stories.
*The students, Tom Reynolds, Pat Mills and Harry Sims would admit to being part of a dark cult. This would be all novice rituals. However, one of the boys (Pat Mills) would claim to have a "Graveyard Book," that tells about mortals who have died, but made deals with strange, alien spirits called Geists to return to life.
*Ludwig would need to make tough decisions to try to eat souls, steal the Graveyard book etc.

*Riccun would wake up and be staring. He'd initially run into a mother who lost her three boys in the war crying by the lake.
*Afterwards, while walking down the streets, he'd take in Electric, hundreds of automobiles, and telephones.
*He'd stumble upon a man, Sal Marino, whose being strong armed by some goons. If Riccun listens, he'll learn that Sal's Hotdogs is a front for speakeasy on Clark and Division. If Riccun defends Sal or let's him die, it's an opening for his nightclub idea.

*O'Connell needs to hunt
*O'Conell would be showered with business details such as briefcases of cash from a gangster who was allowed to use O'Connel's train, an appointment for a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new branch at Mercy Hospital (near McCormick Place) and an issue with one of his accountants, Andy "Stutters" Bilgado, whose tied up in the bathroom for stealing finance paperwork in order to bid it on the blackmarket.

*After dealing with Stutters, O'Connell would get a call from his men at Polk Station (Now called Dearborn Station, Dearborn and Polk) saying that police found a group of Wringling Acts people trying to steal hooch from one of O'Connel's trains that arrived.
*When O'Connel arrives, he'll need to negotiation with police and then hunt the clown, "Felix the Clown", who is still on the loose with some of the high end booze.

Frank would start having WWI and the Awakening Flashbacks

*Frank would be scouting out the joint of an associate, Buck McCoy, while he's on a mission. Buck's niece has been plagued by a trouble making boy and his gang after the girl (Yvette McCoy) broke up with him.
*While waiting at a cafe due to the rain, Frank would run into a fellow World War I veteran that would talk about "We survivors need to understand we died out there. But like a phoenix, we are reborn from the ashes."
*While doing this, Frank Luke Jr. would spot several young ruffians breaking into Yvette's apartment.
*Frank would go through reasons why mages are so different while rescuing Evette

*Rees would have made contact with a self proclaimed underground "Artifact Collector" that says he has one of the great Mesoamerican crystal skulls. Before he leaves however, he'd explore the tower.
*Rees would be working on the "Sorcerer's Stone" in the lab, when he'd get a visit from Antha, his lost love. Their assignments would force Antha in Kabul, Afghanistan, but Y Drraig Gosch would allow them to meet for a short time.
*Antha would mention she sees new names being added to the Tower surface.
*Once she disappears, Rees would need to meet with his contact, Ahta Nekhet at the restaurant "Halas" on 4624 Lawrence Avenue (near Skokie).
*Ahta Neket would have a fake, crumbling skull, but Rees would notice more. There'd be a gold beatle that Rees would recognize as Vestige. Vestiges are repositories of unrefined Sekhem which hold memories of those that created them. Mummies use vestiges to recapture their forgotten memories and reestablish themselves.
*If strong armed, Ahta Nekhet would confess that he bought it from smugglers that stole from the Field Museum. Apparently, there was a big set of infighting between blokes from Egypt and Archeologists from Chicago (Arcane point for learning a secret).

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Argos Aspirations for session 2 of Prohibition

1) Learn more about Last Session's Loose ends. ((Argos wants learn more about the Widowed Librarian Nina Scafold, who has returned from Eygpt. Argos will task his Ghoul Bindra Kinusari with finding Nina Scafold, engaging her in conversation and trying to arrange an early evening meeting between Nina and Argos later in the week.))

Bindra would set Argos up for a meeting with Nina Scaffold at 7:00 pm on April 6th, 1928 (sundown is at 6:20PM). She would warn Argos though that she foresees "Forces that cause a natural ending or conclusion of a process by this meeting."

2) Meet with the Ordo Leadership
(( Argos is very interested in what opinions Lord Barbaras and other Ordo leaders have, what they want, why, and how they want to go about getting it.))

Lord Neron Barabas
CHAPTER PLOT 80fdae_97fed2236fa54218a9715f82e494bbc8~mv2
Argos would meet with Lord Barbaras, who would have a plight of his own. He would say that...
The Tremere are looking into Post-Necrotic beings and their blood in order to research their twisted coils. While doing so, they crossed territory with the Giovanni, and now they will need to make restitution before the Covenant converge. While they send a member of the Dying Light, Anastasia Nikolaevna, to meet with their head, Accursio D'agostina, Lord Barbaras would like Argos to sneak into their graveyard to see what they are covering up while Accursio is occupied.

Anastasia Nikolaevna
CHAPTER PLOT 80fdae_53c9d75b5c864682b4fddc077ea2eb45~mv2
Anastasia would interrupt the meeting to report that she will be leaving shortly to meet with Accursio. She would say that she is using the gargoyle Jairus in case there's any danger if Argos so permits. If he does, she'll pull Argos to the side and say that the other Dracul members are starting to doubt Lord Barbaras's leadership as Koiagan of Chicago. She doesn't mind him, but Harland Kane is petitioning to Nikolai tonight to get the Nosferatu out.

Joseph Bell
CHAPTER PLOT 80fdae_c048b0c2469240389a228da6cbb3ff8e~mv2
Joseph Bell would be reading books in the courtyard, watching Galerius Armenius Venustinius, picking up a new student for sustenance while Amaris watches from above. Bell would pull Argos aside to apologize for their last meeting. Joseph would be reading the works of "Physician Frederick Banting, addressing Diabetes mellitus, which is caused by a malfunction of the pancreas, resulting in the failure of that gland to produce insulin. The necessary breakthrough shows that errors in the body can be repaired. Banting surmised that if he tied off the duct to the pancreas of a living dog and waited until the gland atrophied before removing it, there would be no digestive juices left to dissolve the hormone. After many failures, one of the dogs whose pancreas had been tied off showed signs of diabetes. Banting removed the pancreas, ground it up, and dissolved it in a salt solution to create the long-sought extract. He then injected the extract into the diabetic dog, and within a few hours the canine’s blood sugar returned to normal. He'd created the first effective treatment for diabetes. What if the vampiric condition works the same? What if it is an error in the body that can be treated with laboratory injections?"

3) Search for a Meaningful Purpose
( (Argos wants an assignment or personal pursuit he can sink his teeth in to.  It can come from the Ordo,the Herald, himself or elsewhere. It could be military in nature, research related, or a teaching assignment, the important part is Argos wants something more meaningful to invest himself in then just roaring mindlessly through the 20's, Note: so long as his nights lack meaningful purpose he will continue to tilt at windmills and chase Flappers as a means of passing the time))

A letter from a mysterious source would tell Argos that his path for the Humanity Coils was on the right path. A vial of blood, only good for one sample, would show that the Ordo Dracul can become men again with the coils.

Riccun Aspirations for session 2 of Prohibition

1) Find Elgrim or the fate of. Find Edmund or the fate of. (Johnathan O'Connell informed me that Edmund often resides at my penthouse)
Edmund has been working as a bartender at "226 Club" (Located on Wabash, between Adams and Jackson) owned by Baron Valentino Piedra. Edmund thinks he's acting as a master spy & petitioner for Elgrim, but Valentino has long figured out Edmund's plan.
CHAPTER PLOT 80fdae_3d54890b08574c7f859ea02e616ad6ab~mv2
(Other Speakeasies of Chicago: Speakeasies of Chicago)

2) Find out whom the Prince is and what is happening with the Circle of the Crone seek introductions, Crone has priority to Riccun maybe Octavia has returned.
Other attendees would include...
Lady Minerva Pirone, known harpy. She would tell Riccun anything minor in hopes of favor with him.
CHAPTER PLOT 80fdae_06d2321c7f35459e8f4bb2b195151649~mv2

Belle Eve Taleisen and Danny Primo will also have their show that night.

3) Get the ball rolling on the Raven's Roost speakeasy. We need a remodel and Sal needs a friend, he recently had a death in the family and all.
1st thing is 1st, to remodel, he'll need a construction crew. Seamus O'Farrell runs a fine Celtic carpentry outfit if Riccun is interested.

For permission to have a Speakeasy, Riccun will need to choose who he wants to ask, Bugs Moran or Al Capone.

For Elysium status, Riccun will need to ask Prince Ewan Harris.
Ludwig Aspirations

1) Teach and hire the new teaching assistant. With April 1st being a Sunday, Monday morning is going to start with teaching his classes at Robert Morris University. He has set up his classes to only be in the morning so that the rest of his day is free for other things. However, because of upcoming projects, Professor Becker is in need of a Teaching Assistant to help cover classes that Professor Becker is going to miss. He is aiming to hire a Doctoral Student that will cover his classes (probably a lot of them) as well as help Professor Ludwig with some of the Chemistry research he is doing.

Old versus new. There's an old man named Sean Dawson that would apply. He went to jail for distilling alcohol for gangsters, and now can not teach any longer, but needs a job.
CHAPTER PLOT 375065_1345686015_large

Then there's a very smart man that never had a chance to teach because of his skin color, D'Quan Burnett.
CHAPTER PLOT Paulrobeson

2) Attend meeting of the Mage Consilium
Ludwig plans to be prepared for the meeting of mages. Ultimately he aims to have the Awakenend community to understand and accept the work that he is doing with the Pandemonium.

Rosana Vedia would have "coincidentally" had everyone show up at the Newberry Library. She would talk to the group, and try to learn what they are up to before the Convocation meeting. Here's everyone's works and secrets...
Vanon: Working on a way to quarantine items in pocket dimensions in order to separate them from the Abyss's chord of influence. He is working w/ Abyssal magic however in order to do so. Also has contraband items.
Trevor Olwhisk: Unlocking the secrets of the true Trevor Olwhisk, whom young Trevor feels cracked the code of travel, and may be able to travel into other supernal realms.
Oelia Mosley: Wants to learn about alien entities such as the god machine, Cthulhu and other ancient evils to learn if they have answers against the Exarchs. This means she dabbles in dangerous research that can invite dark spirits into the Sleeper world.
Norman Spade:Working on true names through the Stone Scribe legacy. This frightens most mages as Norman could have power over them.

3) Begin Connecting with the Branded. Ludwig aims to begin reaching out to his old comrades from the West, by reaching out to his fellow Mysterium member Rees at the upcoming meeting.

Rees will be at the Anthaneum, and Ludwig can connect with them. Rosa would invite both of them in, and talk about the pair working to ensure that there's no trouble during the meeting, and also learn what the other Orders are up to.

Rees Aspirations

1) Meet with the Mysterium.  I'd prefer it to be Rosana but will be content to connect with the Mysterium.
The Anthaneum needed to meet, and Rees feels a Fate spell brought all of the Mysterium together today to talk about concerns (see Ludwig plot).

2) Meet someone new.  Since I'm still not sure where this is going....I need to meet more people.
Rees can meet everyone that's Mysterium. One person in particular, Treven Olwhisk, would really take a fancy to Rees, who was mentioned in his books.

3) Research the Arabs and their hand gestures.  Who were those people I saw and what did that hand gesture mean?  Where did that come from?  Is this an occult?
CHAPTER PLOT Hand_gesture_references_by_cakesniffer2000
Rees would learn that this is the symbol of the Su-Menent (Shepherds of the Chamber) p. 46 Mummy. The hand waving would also be that of Tcheser-Tep, Exalted Hand and protector of the dead from the living (p.60 Mummy).
O'Connell Possibilites

1) Help a pack-mate with a personal problem -to bring the pack closer
O'Connell's pack would return to give the Rail baron reports.

Henry "Heck" Thomas would report that the recent train intrusion was a Talbot conducted piece, and that those Wringling Brother rejects received a tip from a homeless man in Milwaukee.

Guy Jacobs would say that there's strange energy in the sewers and under-city of Chicago.

Kingsley would report that there's going to be a big vampire meeting, and that he'd like to have something to offer the Prince in order to gain favor with him. The Prince has had major issues with some of his inner circle, and Kingsley would love to help move up to their level by working against the inner circle.

2) Talk to a powerful individual in Chicago that isn’t branded  -this is in a effort to gain power in the city

Meetings with the Chicago packs are in order, as no one has connected with them in some time.
Dan Hopkins and his Wild Silence pack should be connected with to check on the status of the borders.
Jamadagni can see into the future if O'Connel would like.
Dushane Atkins pack has been very quiet as of late, and are in O'Connel's backyard. He would learn Talbot tried to influence a pack mate into expanding their territory without permission.
Ulla Östberg and her pack, the Red Edge, are searching for Hosts and can tell O'Connell of her concerns with the sewers.
Kodak can tell O'Connell about a dispute between Dushane Atkins and one of his pack mates that ended in their death.

3) Deal with the talbet lodge in a way that they get a minimum of his possessions
To be determined.

Mage Reborn Possibilites



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Whether you've been to the Green Mill before or not, upon entering, it's now unrecognizable. Large pyramids have been set up along the backdrop. The tables have been put away, replaced by gold chairs tucked into finely tablecloth tables with sandstone heads in the center. The bar has been decorated with vases painted with hieroglyphics. The bartender, who looks less than happy to be wearing pharaoh robes, nods his head before serving drinks. At the back, two massive humanoid statues with jackal heads stand guard on each side of the stage. A band dressed like Egyptian priests, blow through saxophones and trumpets while strumming guitars and banging drums. A dance floor has been cleared, and several attendees are stepping to the Charleston. Waitresses dressed like Cleopatra, and waiters wearing clothes stolen from King Tut's wardrobe hurry from table to table. It's been some time since the trace of so many beasts has been felt, though you try to suffocate it in order to keep your composure. After all, you knew you'd be walking into a shark tank before you ever stepped through the door.
CHAPTER PLOT 09d89f725ddb4f8256da9ad54a526c4d

There's several groups of vampires huddled together and conversing.

Prince Ewan Harris, Al Capone, Frankie "The Enforcer" Nitto, Valentino Piedra, Doc Holliday, Bishop Diego Navarez: These gentlemen would be on an elevated area with a fine wood table and executive level chairs. They'd be discussing profits from the latest quarter of bootlegging profits, which are more than the city has made in taxes all year.
Secrets: There'd be light hint that those that have accused Prince Ewan of corruption and favoritism will be pleasantly surprised tonight.

Bugs Moran, Seamus O'Farrel, Magistrate Tuck Fratis, Hobo Jack, Myra Pearson: The group would be outraged that a recent shipment of alcohol was rigged with nitroglycerin, destroying a gambling boat freshly sailing out on Lake Michigan. It's lost the Irish mob quite a bit of money and loyalty.
Secrets: The group complains of the Prince's favoritism towards Al Capone, and also discusses that they'd support a candidate for Princedom should the person change the way politics are flowing. They'd also fear that Juggler is coming to this court session.

Duke and Knight Edward of Woodstock, Hanzo Kimura, Ikeda Masaki: The group are freshly off their Zeppelin, and here to take over the throne through a political cue. Edward plans on making his announcement tonight and expects the votes of Argos and Riccun.
Secrets: The Duke has Prince Owain's support should anything come to war in Chicago.

Danny Primo, Minerva Prone, Jalal Chambers, Rose Carter (Lancea), Ametris Scarth (Crone), Bloody Mary (Carthians): The group is at the bar drinking on waitresses and waiters, drunk on blood. Danny is the cool funny guy, and would be spitting jokes and keeping the party fun.
Secrets: Tonight's the night to request any special permission in front of the court. Jalal is looking to open another jazz club on the southside.

Isadora Duncan, Elgrim: The pair seems to be people watching while listening to the band from the side of the stage.
Secrets: Elgrim would confess that he'd like to challenge the Prince for his seat by requesting a special vote come next Court Assembly (6 months) should the Prince's corruption accusations continue

Nolan C. Naglan, Belousova, Lord Neron Barbaras, Sardonicus: The group would discuss the financial and herd damage that would happen should any of these turf disputes, elections for Prince or covenant tensions cause for a kindred war.
Secrets: Nolan would let Barbaras know that his funding request for grants has been approved by the Educational Board of Chicago, and that Sardonicus has been granted lease rights of Deer Grove's federal land.

Nathaniel Rowe, Yusuf Hochberg, Ashar Dreshaj, Hirm Troyer, Jasper Strickland, Cebile Larson, Yaryan: The group would be discussing the last sixty days of rain, and how it's a sign from otherworldly beings. The Lancea would argue God, the Carthians would debate science, and the Circle would talk about a disturbance in the Spirit World.
Secrets: It's said that there is a holy location somewhere in Chicago that angels have blessed. There's also a disturbance in the spirit world due to a powerful spirit calling itself the Spirit of Chicago.

Nicolai, Grigori Rasputin, Anastasia Nikolevia, Harland Kane: The group would be discussing last minute decisions on whether they should request the Prince's demand for Barbaras to step down from his position or if they should instead try to gain favor by informing the Prince that they wish to share their recent developments on how to gain sustenance from necrotic blood in order to feed the Invictus's large ghoul population.
Secrets: The experiment has not had full test results, and the group looks to experiment on the Invictus in order to see if there's any after effects on ghouls.

Joseph Bell, Accursio D'Agostino, Vanessa Muccio: The Giovanni are playfully shooting down Bell's idea that vampirism is a condition, and that it can be reversed with certain methods.
Secrets: The Giovanni are attempting to request for Covenant recognition today, and have been working with Al Capone to do so. Joseph Bell has made finite observations in order to learn that the Giovanni have been making nitroglycerin within their haven.

Leland Grimsbane, Abigail Hobbs, La Bruja: The group are discussing their decision on being aggressors towards the Prince or requesting recognition as a protected city Covenant.
Secrets: The Circle recognizes dark necromancy on the Followers of Set, one that's as ancient as the Crone's work.

Bentaresh, Apophis: The two impatiently await their audience with the Prince. They are looking to demand recognition as an Order.
Secrets: They are looking to make a deal with someone that has eyes and ears in the underground, as a recent Egyptian pest has migrated to the city of Chicago.

There's a few wallflowers, people watchers and other solo acts standing by themselves. They include the following.

Giuseppe Bugemmi: A plane looking kindred with a black longboat, collar up, and a tipped fedora looks over his shoulder several times. His hands are shoved in his pockets, and his back is to the wall.
Secrets: Giuseppe would be willing to bargain in order to tell the group up to 3 secrets. Ideas include the Nitroglycerin traded out by the Giovanni to Al's Gang, the latest on the new Reeve and those that hate the Prince, including Seamus O'Farrel (and therefore, Bugs Moran), Edward of Woodstock, Jalal Chambers, Nolan C. Nagelin and Juggler. He can also share rumors on the Followers of Set and their request for introduction.

Sven Reinman: Sven has been hiding in the Dunning Asylum, where an ally of his, Nolan C. Naglan, has set up recognized territory for the Malkavian bloodline. Sven isn't quite himself, but says he's working on something big.
Secrets: The Laughing Man has been guiding him. Apparently, the Stryx have been scouting Chicago, and are looking to make it a new home.

Bell Eve Taliesen: Bell has been watching Danny Primo all night as he gallivants through the room with his entourage of vampires. She's heartbroken because he could have been such a great artist, but instead, he focuses on funny songs and gorging himself.
Secrets: Bell dreams of a man in the throne that she use to know, who still whispers her name from long ago. She's forgotten who Taliesien was, but says it's as if he's still searching for her.

We welcome all kindred of Chicago and Chicagoland to our Elysium for our 1928 Spring Court Assembly. This assembly will be graciously hosted by Invictus Lord and Ventrue Adviser, Alphonso "Scarface" Capone at his esteemed nightclub, "The Green Milll." As all kindred know, this establishment is an Elysium, a place of declared neutral, non violent ground, sanctioned by the Invictus. To cause violence is an act of war against the city. All vampiric gifts from toying with the mind to hiding one's true form are forbidden here. In addition, Alphonso has requested that no weapons of any kind, from archaic to modern forms, be brought into his territory. No mortals or ghouls are allowed in at the entrance. All kindred of each covenant will be expected to arrive at 8PM, and must speak the password, "Elder."

8PM-10PM: Social Hours. Food will be provided by Alphonso for those that request it. Otherwise, his Northside territory is a Rack, and you can find nourishment before entering.
10PM-11PM: The Laws & Traditions are read, and all attendees that have checked in at the door are introduced by Covenant.

The Laws of Registration: New arrivals to the city should present themselves to their Covenant, who in turn will register their arrival to the Council. Unpresented individuals discovered within the Praxis should be handed to the Reeve.

The Law of Domain: Each domain holder has the right to limit passage through their domain, however each is expected to maintain the peace in tending their Domain. Each domain Lord has the right to limit who may hunt in their area. Poaching is considered a serious breach of etiquette and can bring with it penalties. Each domain Lord has the right to limit who may reside/invest in an area. The domain Lord has the right to police internal matters, external matters that cannot be resolved directly with the transgressor should be negotiated with the transgressors clan/covenant, or directly with the Sheriff.
Domain is granted or rescinded by the Crown. Domain may be awarded to Covenant, Clan, Coterie or Individual as deemed fit by His Honor through the Council. Domain maybe petitioned by submitting a written request to appear before the Council to make ones case for Lordship.

The Law of Servants: The creation of new servants aware of our society, ghoul or thrall, are the responsibility of the servants master. The Master must register the servants creation with the Council. In event of the masters torpor or death, responsibility will fall upon the Reeve/Sheriff to make arrangements for the servant, lest a breach of the Masquerade occur.

First Tradition: The Masquerade
Owing to the existence of creatures who are capable of identifying even the most carefully concealed Kindred by sight, it shall not be considered a crime to be identified by one of these Other species. However it is the responsibility of the Kindred to report the incident and register the creature to the Praxis authorities and to keep the details of our society, numbers, beliefs or abilities secret. One identified as sharing our secrets to a Creature shall be treated as if they reveled themselves to the Kine.

Second Tradition: Progeny
The Praxis of Chicago overflows with Kindred already. As such all requests to sire must be petitioned to and licensed by the Prince. Failure to do so shall be punished. A sire shall be considered responsible for the actions of their progeny until such time as the childe is proven capable to the Council's satisfaction and released.

Third Tradition: Amaranth
The cannibalism of our own shall remain a crime in the eyes of the Praxis and be punished by Final Death.

11PM: Court Begins
Each Covenant may take the floor for Requests or to state Grievances.

12PM: The Prince's Declarations
The Prince will make new announcements about the city that include ordinances, future plans and goals.

1AM-3AM: Court Dismissed, Reception within Main Halls
Kindred are invited to enjoy post court activities. Kindred must leave before 3AM or will be escorted out with for.


CHICAGO THEATRE (Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre)
CHAPTER PLOT Chicago_theater_1200_550-1024x469
A loan red phone booth stands on the corner of Wacker and Michigan Avenue. You wait for a lull in car traffic before crossing and entering. Upon dialing 1313 as instruction, a indistinct voice answers, "Hello." You address yourself and suddenly, as if the heads lights of a car have flashed on you, your sight goes white and when you return, the smells of bleach fill your nose. A warm furnace vent above you blows on your head, and a toilet flushes behind you. Your in a toilet stall. When you exit, and make your way to the exit, you can hear classical music from behind the main door. When you open it, the sounds of symphony music fill your ears. A gold and cedar grand hall is filled with mages, some in fine tuxedos, other robes, drinking champagne along the foyer. You're in an extravagant theatre along with dozens of other powerful and highly intelligent mages.

Groups of People
Cedric Ramornie, Rosana Vedia, Agnes Hyveria, Senri Otojiro, Mason Riddle: The group will be discussing something in private, in a raised stairwell at the top of the hall. Anyone that attempts to walk up the steps continues to repeat the first five stairs.

Joaquin, Boleslaw, Minlon, Caitlin MacPhiol: The group is discussing how the Adamantine Arrow will be spread thin after these regulations, since the Guardians of the Veil will constantly be requesting military back up for criminal mages.

Vanon, Oelia, Knawyn, Miranda: The gathering will be sipping on champagne and discussing the recent strange spirits in the underground. While the group isn't happy with the infestation, their activity drove out and destroyed a demon that once haunted the Underground halls.

Trevor Olwhisk and Esmour: Treven would be looking at the ceiling, and would say that the fairy would love art such as this. Esmour would say that dragons would enjoy the gold. Treven would then discuss a war going on in Arcadia that has been causing Acanthus mages to shrink in Awakening size. Esmour would say that he feels there's more to it than that, and has a theory about the Watchtowers that he's going to discuss during his time on the floor.

Scott Lambert and Kiydae Scott, the brawny mage, is guarding the Orderless mage, Kiydae. Kiydae has been practicing magic on her own, as she didn't know there was a society of mages. Now that she knows, she'd like to join their forces.

Mary Hale, Melany Spingeralli, Mark Wolfe: The lively group would be talking about Melany's great singing voice, and how Mark Wolfe would love for her to perform at his night club. All three are finely dressed, and appear to be in touch with human society. They'd talk about the impressive influx of Sleepwalkers in each order.

Denny and Amias Price These two are only technically together. Neither are saying anything until someone comes to talk to them. The pair are a grumpy group of men. They'd talk about how this is a waste of time that must happen in order to get on with the fragile community the Pentacle has built. Amias would say that the true concern should be the Seers of Indianapolis, which no one knows anything about. Denny would argue that it would be researching humans.

Individual Wallflowers

Norman Spade: Norman would lament about him and his old wife, Lenore, and how they came here to watch and make fun of magic shows. He'd be very negative and say that the man on trial, Crimarion Kroger, is dead no matter what, as the Consilium is trying to send a message.

Adrian Cross: The intimidating mage is listening from the corners to everyone's conversations. If talked about, he'd mention that once this over, there will be a new, level headed way to conducting magic in order to save Atlantis instead of forward personal goals.

Azra: She'd be pensive about the trial. She would say that a high ranking member, Agnes Hyveria, was the one that stated seeing the blatant magic abuse, but no one else confirmed. However, her own magister, Senri, confirmed the reports and without further investigation, ordered the trial. Azra is scared that this is the beginning of the end for freedom, but Azra must do her job as a Deacon.


Lex Magica OF 1928
STATEMENT: The Lex Magica is the judicial code of Atlantis, preserved by the Diamond Orders. In addition to the "conventional" morality of Wisdom each mage adopts over short or long, the Lex Magica regulates the day-to-day affairs of Consilii. There are many laws by which the Awakened govern the practice of magic. For the most part, one mage does not dare to tell another how he should perform his Art, but when magic endangers others (or the political goals of a powerful mage or cabal), the practitioner might come under the eye of the law.  It is a serious offense to speak of true magic to the unenlightened or to openly practice it before their eyes. While the latter brings its own punishment -- the lash of a Paradox -- the former also has its consequences. The Quiescence curses everything it touches, dampening the spark of the Supernal. To speak of magic to Sleepers is to risk tainting it, making it banal through their disbelief. This is an extremely subtle process, one that mages became aware of over the course of many years. Some believe that certain magical powers that can be claimed only by modern archmages were once in the reach of masters or even adepts. As the secrets of the Arcana are revealed to the unworthy, they become increasingly unattainable by even the Awakened. There are many theories about why this is so, but they are unimportant. It is simply an ironclad law by which all mages must live.

The Following offenses are now illegal according to the Lex Magica of 1928

  • Casting vulgar magic witnessed by one or more Sleepers:This will be punished with incarceration for no less than one month.

  • Casting vulgar magic witnessed by one or more Sleepers who then tell other Sleepers about the incident: Beyond a month of incarceration, this major offense will force the Order to discontinue all magic, and they will be supervised by the Consilium authorities.

  • Casting vulgar magic that leaves behind enduring evidence of magic, even if Sleeper Disbelief eventually destroys such evidence: The Consilium council will give the user COMPLETE DESTRUCTION, destroying them physically, mentally and wiping out their soul so that no echo of them ever exists again. All of their works will be commandeered and possibly destroyed.

  • Speaking about the Mysteries within earshot of Sleepers: Mages will be arrested, and must give up any magically imbued items they have or artifacts as payment.

  • Teaching uninitiated Sleepers about the Mysteries: A severe crime, the mage will be incarcerated and a trial will be conducted n order to decide if the user is exiled from the city .

  • Working with Nameless Covenants or the Seers of the Throne: This extremely severe crime is always punishable by COMPLETE DESTRUCTION.

  • Creating any gate to the Abyss, working with entities of the Abyss: This extremely dangerous crime is always punishable by COMPLETE DESTRUCTION.

Dearest Awakened,

On behalf of the entire Pentacle, I, Silver Ladder Magister, Senri Otojiro, invite all Orders to the Trial of Nameless Mage, Crimarion Kroger, within our Spring Convocation. Crimarion Kroger has been accused of blatant acts against the Lex Magica, including…

Conducting Illegal Magic
Conspiring against the Pentacle
Stealing a Diamond Grimoire
Associating with a Nameless Order
Strengthening the Influence of the Exarchs
Creating Mass Paradox within our City Confines

As a reminder, there is to be no magic used at this time or violence had. Wards within the meeting place will suffocate any magic you may have, including spells, artifacts and imbued items. We will use this major trial to also meet and discuss the matters of the Orders. We have had special requests by certain individuals to also discuss the following.

1) His Path to Archmage status and path for the Adamantine Arrow’s future when he leaves
2) Concerns with the Seers of the Throne that are conducting business in Indianapolis
3) The Wars in Arcadia

Erratic activity of Death Magic within the city
Proof of an ancient artifact, directly from Atlantis, somewhere hidden in Chicago

Signs that there are other mages within Chicago creating regular Paradox Magic in Chicago
New laws to ensure that all mages are acting within the parameters of “The Wise”
The “Project & Research Registration Act” Ordinance

Updates from the Grand Convocation convergence that took place in March
Announcements on Awakened Speakeasy,“Myth,” and who is allowed
The introduction of Acolyte, Esmour

New Sleeper Technology Updates
Promotion of Mages beyond the Free Council working in harmony with Sleepers

All members are to meet within the phone booth at Michigan Avenue and Wacker, just along the River. Members dial 1313 and address themselves. Only mages are allowed.


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Getting his Coil: Joseph Bell would discuss an all-night thesis he was required to write. He tried Cocaine & other medical techniques, none kept him sharp and awake.
Then he came across an African Giraffe in a book, which grew an elongated neck, became herd orientated and never sleeps due to its need to survive. He ruminated on the consequences should he fail to write his thesis, which were dire. Bell’s point: “There’s no tricks to evolving. You adapt in order to survive. So get in whatever mental state you need to in order to survive the horrors you know are out there.”

The Vial: Bell has broken his microscope to review the blood without removing it from its vial. It most certainly is mortal blood.

Bindra’s Work: Bindra has continued to monitor the Mother, and has found that she’s brought in a priest to bless her bedridden daughter, who wants “another kiss.”

Showdown: Argos would see combat from his room window. Qin Wi would get owned by Bao/Low Gasp. Bao would deliver a message that help is needed in the cemeteries of Chicago. The problem Argos witnessed is only getting worse.
2:42 to 3:14

Setites: They would request Argos’s presence at the museum. They’d hide that Rathamon is missing, but confess that there’s a group of Cairo Egyptians that stole priceless artifacts from Rathamon, and are now trying to strike again in order to collect more treasures.

Graveyard: Argos & Ludwig can meet. They find an Avarian Gate that can’t be closed. It appears someone powerful has warded it with a Cursed item. They’d see John Dillinger if they used powers.

School Days: Ludwig would need to make a Strength + Stamina roll - the amount of hour difference  beyond 8 hours. When he gets to school, the old man that didn’t get the job would be waiting with a revolver & try to shake Ludwig down.

Training: Kiydae will let Ludwig know that she is trained in the arts of Prime & Forces, but also dabbles in Life during her self tutelage. She’d also talk about how angels aren’t what they seem. She’d be curious as to why demons exist, and be curious as to what would happen should a traditional war between angels and demons happen. It may lead to Ludwig thinking about an Supernal outsider army joining the Kandarians in order to defeat the other Demon Kingdoms.

Graveyard: Argos & Ludwig can meet. They find an Avarian Gate that can’t be closed. It appears someone powerful has warded it with a Cursed item. They’d see John Dillinger if they used powers.

Led Zeppelin:
CHAPTER PLOT 100759.ThumbL
When visiting Edward of Woodstock, he’d learn that Edward already has an ally. Seamus O’Farrell is already looking for an ally. Edward would make an appointment for Riccun to meet with O’Farrel l at his hotel tonight before he leaves town. Edward would even borrow out a driver. Meanwhile, Hanzo would inform Riccun that an old contact is reaching out to him in order to establish two new racial crime syndicates in Chicago. The Yakuza of New York wants to invest in Chicago building investments, which Hanzo will handle personally. There is also a Hopping-Vampire from Los Angeles that wants to move his Triad outfit into Chinatown. Hanzo would ask that Riccun meet with this contact.

Prince of Thieves: If Riccun meets with Prince Ewan Harris, he’d learn that the Prince is mid-meeting with Al Capone and Valentino. They’d invite Riccun up, rolling up maps of Chicago. They’d play along with Riccun’s plots. They’d offer Riccun a chance to prove he seriously wants to be Judge by serving trial for a vampire that’s here begging for forgiveness. This is punishable by forced torpor. They would accuse the person of breaking kindred laws, poaching police, working with Changelings and spying on the prince. They’d ask Riccun’s verdict and then show Isadora Duncan, who would be put into torpor.

Bloody Mary:
Mary would be happy to meet with Riccun and would let him know the following...
*Tuck Fratis invited Juggler, and that entire scene was staged in order to get the Prince to think they have their own internal chaos
*The Prince is actually not a bad guy, but he's in a pit with snakes (Wits + Empathy to learn if something strange is going on there)
*If Riccun is really looking to interview a good Prince for the future, he might want to take a look into either Nolan, Jalaal Chambers or Valentino.

Vox: Vox would report that Argos is at the Field Museum now, and would be curious if Rees knew why. He’d report that he overheard talk about a graveyard.

Dungeon Crawl: Rees would be visited by Antha again. The woman would say that she's collected a cabal of seven other Dreigiau. The Sixth Watchtower is growing quickly. She'd also strongly emphasize to Rees that he is the MOST IMPORTANT PIECE TO THEIR CAUSE. Rees could then think back to all the evidence.

While entering the forbidden basement of the Watchtower, Rees would encounter Y Draig Gach.  Rees would start to suspect why Y Draig Gach is focusing on his Watchtower, followers, and most importantly, Rees.



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Aw Rats!”
When O’Connel meets with the Storm Lords, he’ll learn that the Spirit Ridden have taken over the abandoned underground city and sewers of Chicago.

He can make an Intelligence + Occult roll to see what he knows about them.

Success: Spirits need physical bodies, so they possess humans without a second thought; some, if they need to hide, will also possess animals. Those possessed become Spirit-Ridden, or simply  Ridden. In the First Tongue, they are known as Hithimu.
There are two types of possession, being Urged or being Claimed.

Spirit-Urged (Hithisu) - A spirit nudges the host's desires and impulses like a backseat driver.
Spirit-Claimed (Duguthim) - victims of outright possession and control. The spirit directs every movement of its vessel, and its more direct control can affect its host’s very flesh.
Exceptional Success: The spirit can leave at any time, though it doesn't usually want to, and will resist it. It says this in the Manifestation, p191, 'Claim is permanent in living hosts unless the spirit decides to detach itself, rolling its original Power + Finesse penalized by its own Rank and contested by the Claimed host’s Resolve + Composure — including any dots gained from being Claimed.' In the original Predators, 'If the merging is complete, the possessing spirit may leave as per above, but the mount has been too changed to survive the transition. If the mount dies, the spirit is instantly released, but the trauma of death leaves it weakened and disoriented, in addition to any damage it received trying to keep the body alive.' It's likely because death isn't really a thing that happens to spirits.

In the Sewers

The crew can follow the old Chicago train tracks that sank into the ground nearly fifty years ago. Once the pack goes to check things out, they’ll get powerful surges of a weakened background within the Gauntlet. Each pack member will have something to report.

Henry “Heck” Thompson: Henry has survived many ambushes, but none of them make him feel more uneasy then what they’re approaching now. If only Clayton and Hannibal were alive. They’d be powerful backup during these times.

Guy Jacobs: He’d request that everyone look in the Shadow temporarily, where they’d see nothing but residue from where spirits have been consumed (looks like someone splattered bioluminescent liquid under a black light) and torn parts of the Shadow environment, as if something gnawed, slashed and gouged the scenery.

Convoy: The spirit of Industrialization senses that there’s some type of mechanics still working within the walls, above them, and beyond. The hisil also thinks that these tracks can still be used should someone be talented enough to repair them.

Kingsley: The Gangrel smells old dead blood, but a lot of it, as if numerous people have been torn apart down here.

The Ambush:
The group would would reach a T-shaped crossroad in the sewers. The Ridden would send a former city worker to talk. Suddenly the water doors would lock and tides of old rain water would pour in. Those that survive are pushed into a pull where rats look to strike and kill.
CHAPTER PLOT 5918c7919e875e01ff162a73d59bcdd1
Visiting the Museum: "The Romanesque face of the Field Museum towers over fifty marble stairs. The cheers from a late night crowd at the Field Museum can be heard cheering for the draft of new players joining the Chicago Bears for their 1928 Season. A set of double-wooden doors at the front of the building have a sign that says, "CLOSED FOR EMERGENCY REPAIRS." As the group approaches, a security guard opens up as if expecting them. The smells of steam heat, old paper and ancient bones waft from inside. As the group enters, they find a thin dark haired beauty with a dated dress and antique gold jewelry. Argos would recognize her as Benteresh. At her side, a man with olive snake scales wears an all black suit and puffs on an unfiltered cigarette. This man is introduced as Apophis, who stinks of smoke and a pungent type of poison.
CHAPTER PLOT FM-main-hall_7
Meeting in the Storage Room: Benteresh and Apophis would take the group down to meet with Dr. Amelia Ross. She would talk about her missing husband, Curator, Michael O'Henry, and how Atsu stole him. Dr. Ross has been trying to use powerful Irem Magics in order to locate her husband, but she can't seem to find his location. Before they can leave however, Atsu's cult would attack with Rathamon and his forces. The point of this series to show them how frighteningly powerful a mummy is.

While attempting to go to Rosehill Cemetery (45 minute drive north from Clark Street), the group can converse about their strategy. The 348 acre cemetery is just off of Peterson Avenue. It's said to be haunted by multiple ghosts, including Richard W. Sears, who died in 1914. When they get there, the group will find that the front gates have been lock-picked, and there's a scout (can opener) at the front. They'd notice a group of Sin-Eaters including Den Boa (Low Gasp), Lin Boa (Scrawl) and Sergio "Phantisimo" Montanez fighting with ghosts, machine gun toting zombies and John Dillinger (who is trying to escape). John Dillinger would try to escape, saying before he left, "Fill em' with daylight. I'm scattering. The Egyptian lady didn't say nothin' about any other Brunos."

As the group makes it to Richard W. Sears's tomb, they'll see multiple shadows. The people look Arabic or North African, with olive skin, dark hair and Middleastern art on their faces. They're armed with heavy machine guns and rifles. With them is a caucasian man bound at his hands with manacles. He looks distressed as a blue portal behind him swirls. An attractive Egyptian woman that looks to be in charge points to the door, commanding them to protect the Avarian Gate at all costs. She then grabs the man by his neck and pushes him inside the portal with her, creating a cry of sad moans from the portal.

Investigation Success: (Wits + Investigation -3 for the Chaos) After studying the graveyard, the group will learn that someone entered one of the Avarian Gates this time around (2 People, Atsu and Michael O'Henry).
Exceptional Success: They also hired John Dillinger in order to create permanent holes in Avarian gates with some type of magical item so that it pollutes Chicago with Death and Shadow. This could be used to possibly hide the power of a major undead entity.
CHAPTER PLOT 440419993_72f00ae3cc_o
Good News Day
Argos: Can verify that Barbaras’s maps are accurate. Kindred in these mapped locations can create progeny in front of Avarian Gates with a chance of not losing Humanity (get to roll 1 die). They can also control their Beast better by “Riding the Wave.” Argos can use this information as he sees fit in order to calm Ordo tensions.

Rees: Ends the session finally hearing Y Draig Gach’s voice. The voice sounds like his own, and can now guide him in certain circumstances (Giving Rees the Common Sense Merit).

Ludwig: Gains the location of Karl, who wishes to parlay for the Necronomicon. The two cast up an underground Mage War to the death.

Ahote: Gains the rifle that killed General Custer. Is made “Reaper” of the Chicago.

Riccun: Gains allies in Hopping Vampire.


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Summoning Supernal Entities
Mages aren’t limited to seeing into the Supernal World; they can call forth Supernal entities into Fallen reality. Doing so is time-consuming, difficult, and potentially dangerous, risking Paradox as the mage reaches across the Abyss to call the subject. The act carries rewards, however: A Supernal being can answer almost any magical question or riddle within its purview. Such ometimes carry Artifacts from their home Realms. Some magical acts, too, are beyond the powers of the Awakened — but the denizens of the Supernal can accomplish feats of magic unfettered by the rules of the Fallen World.
Supernal entities fall into one of two categories, depending on whether a Gross or Subtle Arcanum is used to summon them. Be- ings summoned with Gross magic are called manifest beings, while those summoned with Subtle magic are recondite beings. In general, manifest beings are more forthright, obvious, and even animalistic, while recondite beings are clever, manipulative, and subtle.
In order to summon a Supernal being, a mage prepares a ritual space. The best possible place to summon a Supernal being is in a Demesne oriented to the proper Supernal Realm (see p. 243 for more on Demesnes), or a Supernal Verge (p. 243). Even in such a place, the mage runs the risk of Abyssal intrusion the instant she begins the process of summoning. Careful mages shield their ritual spaces against such intrusion, but this adds time and effort to the process.
In order to summon a Supernal entity, the summoner must be of the Path corresponding to the type of entity desired and use one of her two Path Ruling Arcana, which she must have at least three dots in. A Supernal entity is always based around two Arcana, from which it may cast spells of up to its Rank; if the mage has another Arcanum at three or more dots, she may spend a point of Mana to specify that she wishes to summon an entity with that Arcanum as its second. If she does not specify, the second Arcanum of the entity is decided by the Storyteller.
Systems: Summoning a Supernal entity is an extended action, and is subject to the same rules as other such actions (see p. 214).
Dice Pool: Gnosis + Arcanum
Action: Extended (see below for required successes; each roll
is one hour)
Cost: 1 Mana, 2 if specifying a second Arcanum
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The summoning fails, and the ritual space is flooded with the energies of the Abyss. The mage and any other mages within 50 feet immediately suffer aggravated damage equal to the summoning mage’s Gnosis, and the Abyssal taint lasts for a number of days equal to the summoner’s Gnosis. Abyssal entities may form in the area at any time while the taint persists, so the summoner is advised to watch it carefully. Some few failed summonings even develop into full Abyssal Irises and Verges, if one of the dread Annunaki probes the weak spot from the other side.
Failure: The player accrues no successes toward the summon- ing, and can either break off the attempt or gain a Condition and continue.
Success: The player accrues successes toward the total. If the player reaches the necessary number of successes, the Supernal being appears. What happens next depends on the being in question; see the individual Arcanum notes below for more information. The being can only remain in the Fallen World for a matter of hours.

The Summoning
The mage needs a base of 10 successes to bring the entity through into the Fallen World. The number of successes re- quired to summon a Supernal being is calculated as follows:
• Add one success to extend the duration for which the being can remain in the Fallen World without suffering damage. Each success adds 30 minutes. If the mage allo- cates no successes to this duration, the being begins taking damage immediately.
• Add one success per Sleeper present. Sleeper witnesses suffer breaking points and Quiescence as per p. 298.
• Add one success per mage of a different Path present.
• Add one success if the summoning is taking place in a De- mesne oriented to a Realm other than the one in question.
• Subtract three successes if the summoning is taking place in a Demesne oriented to the Realm in question.
• Add five successes per Rank of the entity past 1. Mages may only summon up to Rank 5 beings.
• Protect the area from Abyssal intrusion. Every success thus allocated allows the player to make one additional roll without the Storyteller checking for the Abyss corrupting the process.
• Add one success if the mage has caused a Paradox (even if he contained it) within the last week.
• Subtract successes if the character incorporates items and conditions into the summoning that correspond to the Realm in question. Use the descriptions of the Paths in Chapter One for guidance, but the character must still weave these correspondences into the ritual gracefully enough to ease the summoning. The Storyteller can either adjudicate the number of successes shaved off the total based on the player’s descriptions of his character’s actions, or the player can roll Intelligence + Occult. Every two successes on this roll removes one success from the target number of the summoning spell.

Abyssal Intrusion
Supernal summoning reaches across the Abyss into the Supernal Realms, and the Abyss takes note. Once the summoning has begun, the mage must take care not to attract Abyssal attention; but if the summoning goes on too long, such attention is all but inevitable. The player can make a number of rolls equal to the character’s Resolve + Composure + any successes allocated to avoid Abyssal intrusion. After that point, the Storyteller rolls the character’s unmodified Gnosis for every roll that the character makes. If the Storyteller accrues a number of successes equal to the mage’s Gnosis + the primary Arcanum in the summoning, the Abyss breaks into the Fallen World, and the creature that arrives is not a Supernal being but an Abyssal one. The Storyteller should by no means reveal how many successes he accrues on the intrusion rolls.

Once the being runs out of Corpus, it vanishes. The denizens can sense when their time is running out, and usually attempt to get back into the summoning circle, so that they can go directly home. If, however, the creature “dies” outside of the summoning circle, or is killed by a deliberate magical attack, it cannot use the path laid down by the mage to reach its home again. Instead, it vanishes into the Abyss. This is obvious to anyone watching — black tendrils m

When a Supernal denizen arrives in the Fallen World, it enjoys the protection of the summoning circle for a brief period of time (how long depends on the mage; see below). After this period is over, the denizen suffers one point of Corpus damage for each hour that it stays in the circle. If it leaves the circle, it suffers this damage every half-hour. If it comes into contact with Sleepers, it suffers this damage every 15 minutes. Finally, if a mage causes a Paradox within 50 feet of the being, even if she contains it, the being suffers one point of damage for every success on the Paradox roll. Every time the being suffers damage, the Storyteller rolls the entity’s Power, Finesse, and Resistance. For every roll that fails, the relevant trait falls by one point. A mage can use magic to boost these traits as described above, but Corpus damage is considered resistant (p. 223). Likewise, using magic to increase the being’s Resistance (see above) does not change its effective Corpus for purposes of determining the length of time it can stay in the Fallen World.

CHAPTER PLOT 80fdae_f10a0ab678c840c0bd0a036470391e96~mv2


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