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Bai Xun
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47 Exp


Blood Potency:
Max Vitae:
Per Round:


Size: 5
Speed: 12
Defense: 8
Initiative: 6
Armor: 0

MENTAL (4 exp)
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3
Resolve: 3

PHYSICAL (12 exp)
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 4

SOCIAL (4 exp)
Presence: 2
Manipulation: 2
Composure: 3

OCCULT: 1 (Hedge)

ATHLETICS: 5 9 AGAIN (Climbing)
BRAWL: 4 9 AGAIN (Monkey Style)

ANIMAL KEN: 3 (Monkeys)

Merits ( 17 exp)
Native Language: Chinese
Language: English 1
Resources 1
Professional Training 2
Safe Place 2

Parkour 4
Prerequisites: Dexterity •••, Athletics ••
Your character is a trained and proficient free runner. Free running is the art of moving fluidly through urban environments with complex leaps, bounds, running tricks, and vaults. This is the type of sport popularized in modern action films, where characters are unhindered by fences, walls, construction equipment, cars, or anything else the city puts in their way.
Flow (•): Your character reacts instinctively to any obstacles with leaps, jumps, and scaling techniques. When in a foot chase, subtract your Parkour from the successes needed to pursue or evade. Also, ignore environmental penalties to Athletics rolls equal to your Parkour rating.
Cat Leap (••): Your character falls with outstanding grace. When using a Dexterity + Athletics roll to mitigate damage from falling, your character gains one automatic success. Additionally, add your Parkour rating to the threshold of damage that can be removed through this roll. Parkour will not mitigate damage from a terminal velocity fall.
Wall Run (•••): When climbing, your character can run upward for some distance before having to traditionally climb. Without rolling, your character scales10 feet + five feet per dot of Athletics as an instant action, rather than the normal 10 feet.
Expert Traceur (••••): Parkour has become second nature for your character. By spending a Willpower point, you may designate one Athletics roll to run, jump, or climb as a rote action (reroll all failed dice once). On any turn during which you use this ability, you may not apply your character’s Defense to oncoming attacks.

Iron Stamina 3
Prerequisites: Stamina ••• or Resolve •••
Effect: Each dot eliminates a negative modifier (on a one-for-one basis) when resisting the effects of fatigue or injury. For example: A character with Iron Stamina •• is able to ignore up to a -2 modifier brought on by fatigue. The Merit also counteracts the effects of wound penalties. So, if all of your character’s Health boxes are filled (which normally imposes a -3 penalty to his actions) and he has Iron Stamina •, those penalties are reduced to -2. This Merit cannot be used to gain positive modifiers for actions, only to cancel out negative ones.

Body as Weapon 2
Effect: Your character has honed her body to be a hardened weapon. She has trained long, punishing hours to inure herself to the pain of the cracked knuckles, broken hands, and crushed toes that come with hitting others with her body. She can hit harder and more often without flinching. Your character’s unarmed strikes still cause bashing damage normally, but they add one point of bashing
damage on a successful hit.

Survivalist 1
Prerequisites: Survival •••, Iron Stamina •••
Effect: Your character has been trained to fight even through the most dangerous environmental extremes. When inflicted with the Extreme Cold Tilt or Extreme Heat Tilt (Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook, p. 282) she doesn’t begin taking the normal –1 to her rolls until a number of hours equal to her Stamina.

Head Protection (•): The head is the primary target for most boxers, so your character has learned to protect it by bobbing, weaving, and angling away from blows. Your character’s Defense increases by 1 against unarmed strikes or weapons that use the Brawl Skill, and attackers suffer an additional –1 penalty to target her head.

Defensive Jab (••): Your character interrupts attacks with well-timed punches from the lead hand. Any time an opponent misses with a Brawl or Weaponry attack, your character
inflicts one point of bashing damage which ignores armor. If your character Dodges, change this to one point of bashing
damage per two successes that exceed the opponent’s attack successes (a minimum of one, but round fractions down).

Standing Throw (•): Your character knows how to toss someone over his hip, trip, or sweep her while keeping his footing. He may inflict the Knocked Down Tilt as a grappling maneuver, but if he remains standing his opponent automatically breaks free.

Ripping (••): Your character overcomes squeamishness and distractions to grab and tear earlobes, eyelids, and other
soft, loose parts. She doesn’t pause before ripping out hair by the scalp. None of these injuries are life-threatening, but they inflict pain. If you win a grappling roll with more suc-
cesses than the opponent’s Resolve, she may use the Ripping maneuver, which inflicts an appropriate Tilt like Blinded or Deafened but only inflicts one point of bashing damage.

Combination (••••): Your character learns to fire off several blows in rapid succession, so that if one hits, the others often follow. If your character’s Brawl strike succeeds, roll her Dexterity dots as dice and add successes to damage to reflect other blows striking home.

Rolling (•): When knocked prone, your character relaxes, tucks, and rolls with the momentum. She easily spins to face any direction she wishes. She doesn’t suffer that usual –2 penalty to attacks while Knocked Down or otherwise prone. If she suffers any damage for falling or impacting against an
unyielding surface like the hood of a car, roll her Dexterity; each success removes one point of bashing damage (this is not effective against sources of lethal damage you can’t roll with impalement). She benefits from this in addition to any other action she might take to mitigate damage.

Balance (••): Your character instinctively aligns her posture and bends with incoming force to keep her balance. Attempts to inflict the Knocked Down Tilt or Drop Prone grappling maneuver must achieve two additional successes.

Clinch Strike (•)
Prerequisites: Brawl ••
Style Tags: Striking, Grappling, Tactical (Street)
Effect: Most people will instinctively grab anyone they want to hit, but your character has trained to hit hard and accurately from a clinch position, using short punches, el-
bows, and knees. She inflicts standard Brawl damage when initiating a grapple instead of sacrificing the opportunity to damage someone in order to grab.

Ground Fighter (•••)
Prerequisites: Wits •••, Dexterity •••, Brawl ••
Style Tags: Grappling
Effect: Your character knows how to fight from her back. Many mixed martial arts styles emphasize being able to fight from the ground. Brawl and weaponry attacks do not gain the +2 bonus to attack your character when prone. She can perform the Stand Up maneuver.
• Stand Up): When grappling an opponent from the prone position you can stand up without having to Break Free of the grapple.

Ground and Pound (•••)
Prerequisites: Brawl ••
Style Tags: Striking, Grappling, Tactical (Street)
Effect: Your character skillfully uses gravity to drop a fist, elbow, knee, or other strike on a prone opponent. When using Brawl to strike or inflict the Damage grappling maneuver on a prone opponent, you may declare your character uses this maneuver. You gain the rote benefit (re-roll failed dice) to your attack, but automatically fall prone; and if grappled,
your opponent automatically breaks free.

Unarmed Attack
10 Dice for Monkey Style
9 Dice for normal Brawl

Damage 1 bashing
If successful roll Dexterity (3 Dice) for extra damage
CHANGELINGS OF THE BIG CITY 80fdae_eb565070c531433e9b5d5c73d07146ec~mv2


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