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The Phoenix, a great totem of the Primal Wilds, is said to be the defender of the Watchtower of the Singing Stone. While the Primal Wilds is its home, the entity cares only for the Tower. However, there are threats to the Watchtower that are beyond the Phoenix's reach. These dangers, such as the twisted plots of the Seers of the Throne or extra planar disasters, require envoys from the Fallen World to interject. And so the Phoenix has elected to give a part of itself to an Awakened soul that inscribed their name along the Watchtower long ago. This individual is known as the Mage Reborn.

No one is certain as to the first appearance of the Mage Reborn, though rare records track its existence as early as the Fall of Rome. Every life-cycle, the mage's soul rises from the ashes, avoiding the Underworld in order to enter a new body. They are always of the Thyrsus path, and marked with the symbol of the Phoenix totem in order to ward off dark spirits. It's said that a bit of the Phoenix's fire burns wild in the Thyrsus's soul, and that it uses that fragment to guide the individual through visions, dreams and subconscious thoughts. It's ultimate goal, protect the Watchtower of the Singing Stone throughout the sands of time. How it does so depends on the Mage Reborn each time they're resurrected.


Parentage: Thyrsus

Nickname: The Phoenix Child

Background: The Mage Reborn has different origins every time they are resurrected. They have been mighty warriors and humble shamans. So long as the soul continues, the rest is arbitrary to the Phoenix.

Appearance: The Mage Reborn comes from many different walks of life. However, nearly all of them have had "The Mark," an elaborate imprint of the Phoenix upon their flesh. Some hide it under robes or clothing, while others throughout time have displayed it with pride.


Prerequisite: Life or Forces 2, Intelligence 2, Chosen by the Phoenix

Initiation: Must have a spiritual quest in order to awaken the fragment of the Phoenix in their soul.

Organization: There is only one Phoenix Reborn at a time, and so there is no hierarchy.

Theory: The Phoenix guards the Watchtower of the Singing Stone from the Primal Wild. I will protect the Watchtower amongst the Fallen World.


Ruling Arcanum: Life, Spirit, Forces. If either are your Common or Inferior Arcanum, they are now upgraded one step (Common Arcanum becomes another Prime, and Inferior Arcanum becomes Common).

Yantras: Enraged shouting while casting a spell (+1), Casting spells while standing in a fire (+2), Touching "the Mark" while casting (+1), Casting in the same scene that user is attempting to protect the Watchtower of the Singing Stone (+2).

Oblations: Training during sunrise and sundown, Studying or interacting with birds of prey, meditating in a bed of ashes, allowing oneself to be hypnotized by a crackling fire, sleeping among the trees of a jungle or forest that look similar to the Primal Wild.


First: "The Mark"
Prerequisites: Initiation
The Phoenix marks its acolyte with its visage. A fiery bird is inked in the skin of the Mage Reborn, appearing to be an elaborate tattoo. However, as an Instant Action, the Mage Reborn can awaken the mark, causing any spirits to make a Resolve + Composure check. Failure causes the spirit to gain the "Beaten Down" Tilt. During this time, the mark glows like a hot ember, and all who witness it understand that something supernatural is taking place. While attainments do not cause Paradox, sleepers or other creatures that witness this may be subject to Story Teller Conditions.

Beaten Down
The character has had the fight knocked out of him.
Effect: The character cannot take active part in the fight without extra effort. The player must spend a point of Willpower each time he wants the character to take a violent action in the fight. He can still run, Dodge, and apply Defense. If he wishes to take another action, the Storyteller should judge whether the action is aggressive enough to require the expenditure.
Causing the Tilt: The character suffers bashing damage in excess of his Stamina or any amount of lethal damage.
Ending the Tilt: The character surrenders and gives the aggressor what he wants. At this point, the character regains a point of Willpower and takes a Beat, but can take no further action in the fight. If the aggressor’s intent is to kill or injure the character, obviously surrender isn’t a good option.

Optional: Life 1
The Mage Reborn may choose to not let the mark glow, which does not cause mundane sleepers to take notice.

Second: "Born from the Ashes"
Prerequisites: Spirit 2, Life 3, Athletics 3
The Phoenix has bequeathed its powerful mantle to the Mage Reborn, and will not let them die easily. Once per decade, if the Mage Reborn's health boxes are filled, they do not die like a normal character would. Instead, the fire of the Phoenix burns in their veins, completely healing them. The Mage Reborn heals for the remainder of the round that they died. On the top of the next round, they are completely healed, but are likely "Prone" (Prone Condition) from their near-death experience. If they fill all of their boxes again, the Mage Reborn is dead.
Optional: Life 4
The Mage is lifted off their feet as if floating when this process takes place, and are not "Prone" on the top of the next round.

Third: "Keeper of the Flames"
Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Forces 3, Life 3
The Mage Reborn is now highly resistant to fire, gaining similar conditions to the merit "Psychokinetic Resistance ooo " (Hurt Locker campaign companion). This merit is normally NOT permitted to anyone except mundane mortals.

Psychokinetic Resistance (Fire) ooo
The character can defy the harmful damage of fire.
Effect: Your character has become so attuned with their source of psychokinetic energy (fire) that it no longer affects them. A pyrokinetic could dance in the middle of a bonfire or an electrokinetic struck by lightning and not so much as flinch. Use your dots in Psychokinesis (3) as a general armor against any damage taken from her source of energy. Note that this armor works as described in the book, and any lethal damage will still cause 1 bashing damage.

Optional: Forces 5
You are completely immune to fire. You never take damage from Fire, though explosions (phosphorus grenade) and other damages related to some flame weapons still do damage accordingly from the dangerous force.

Fourth: "Flame Burst"
Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Forces 4

The Mage Reborn digs deep within them and ruptures an outcry of flame from their soul. Everyone within a number of squares equal to the Mage Reborn's Gnosis (centered) takes the Mage Reborn's Gnosis in Lethal Damage and gains the Condition "Burning".  The Mage Reborn takes no damage at this time.

You have been set ablaze and will continue to burn until you somehow douse the flames.
Effect: You take automatic damage each turn equal to 1+ the heat level of the fire, in addition to suffering the Blinded Tilt.

Causing the Tilt: Being in the blast radius of an incendiary weapon or flamethrower stream, or being covered in gasoline or set aflame. Some supernatural abilities as well.
Ending the Tilt: You must take at least a turn to douse yourself in water or some suitable substance. You can drop and roll on the ground, which lessens the heat of the fire by one level of intensity each turn you do so, until it's finally out. Others can put out the fire by smothering it or beating it out with rugs or the like, taking an instant action to do so and reducing the heat by one level of intensity each turn.

Optional: Spirit 3
You can also affect Spirits with this, damaging them with the flames. The spirits must be physical. Anything hiding within the Twilight is not affected.

Fifth: "Supernal Gate"
Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Spirit 4, Life 4

The Mage Reborn can now open up a gate to the Primal Wild. The Mage Reborn only needs to touch the location, focus on their inner-fire and spend an Instant Action. A swirl of emerald cloud, the sounds of wild roars and the smell of fresh plant life will center around a crackling double-sided doorway roughly 7 feet wide (2 squares) and tall. The player must roll a d10 upon activation, using the Chance Die rule. A rolled "10" will gift the Mage Reborn with one mana that surges out of the portal. A rolled "1" however, will attract one of the millions of savage horrors called Atavisms from the Primal Wild to burst onto the scene. The portal can close by multiple means. The Mage Reborn can spend another Instant action and touch the door in order to force it closed. He can enter the doorway, which closes the door behind him at the end of the round, or if the Mage Reborn falls unconscious or dies, it will close automatically at the end of the scene.

Optional: Life 5
The Mage Reborn has the option of forcing a savage Atavism from the Primal Wild through the Supernal Gate. These creatures are unruly, wild and extremely dangerous. They will attack anyone, including the Mage Reborn. The creature has Essence leak as all supernal beings entering the Fallen World. They range from dinosaur like beasts to alien horrors that have evolved through the Primal Wild's continual evolution. These Atavisms type are up to the Story Teller only.


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Name: Porter “Golden Eyes” Glenfield
Virtue: Vice:

Path: Thyrsus
Legacy: The Mage Reborn
Order: Adamantine Arrow



Academics: 1
Investigation: 4 Tracking/Following
Medicine: 1
Occult: 2

Athletics: 4
Brawl: 1
Firearms: 6 Revolvers, Aimed Spells
Drive: 1

Empathy: 2 Lies
Intimidation: 2 Duels

Order Status 0
High Speech
Eidetic Memory
Profession (Bounty Hunter) 0000 (46)
Contacts (Bounty Hunter) 00
-Bounty Clerks
-Weapons Dealers(Who bought?Where?)
Resources 0000
Quickdraw (Revolvers)
Firefight 0
Status 000 (54)
Adamant Hand (Brawl) 00

Int: 00 Str: 00 Pres: 00
Wit: 000 Dex: 0000 Man: 0
Res: 000 Sta: 00 Comp: 000

Temp Stat Changes:


Gnosis: 6
Forces: 5
Life: 5
Spirit: 2

Health: ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐

Mana: ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐

Willpower: ☐☐☐☐☐☐

Wisdom: 7
Speed: 11

Defense: 7


Initiative: 7

Attainments: 3
Rote Spells:
Honing the Form (Athletics)
Firebolt (Firearms)
Mend (Medicine)
Mend(Life 4)
Transform Life(Life 3)
Hackles Up(Life 3)
Control Sound(Forces 2)
Kinetic Blow(Forces 2)
3 Light Revolvers
Range 20/40/80
Clip 6
Initiative Penalty 0 for Double Action
Damage 1
Minimal Strength 2
Size 1
Availability 2

Extra Ammo:

Status Merit(54):
First, your character can apply her Status to any Social roll with those over which she has authority or sway.
Second, she has access to group facilities, resources, and funding. Depending on the group, this could be limited by red tape and requisitioning processes. It’s also dependent on the resources the particular group has available.
Third, she has pull. If she knows a character’s Mentor, Resources, Retainer, Contacts, or Allies, she can block their usage. Once per chapter, she can stop a single Merit from being used, if it’s of a lower dot rating than her Status, and if it makes sense for her organization to obstruct that type of person’s behavior. In our Organized Crime example, if your character knows that the chief of police has Contacts (Criminal Informant), you may opt to block usage by threatening the informant into silence.

The Phoenix’s Talon

1- All aimed spells cast through the Talon gain the fast spells merit and are applied to the subjects ranged defense instead of their regular defense

2- When the Mage Reborn casts an aimed spell through the Talon he can choose to use his Dexterity instead of his Gnosis to hit.

3- Actions with the Talon count as an action with a firearm, allowing the Mage Reborn to use merits, like Firefight's Shoot First which lets you add your firearms to your defense when one is in hand.

4- When a supernatural creature attempts to use an ability to avoid an aimed spell cast through the Talon the Mage will enter a clash of wills with the creature to override their ability

Gnosis: 4

Mana Capacity: 14

Mana: ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐

It is a Path Tool


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