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The Dragon’s Tale
Character Plot Red-dragon-castle
Long ago in mythic past, a mysterious island with a single towering mountain encircled by dragons existed. One by one, each dragon left in order to carry out his or her many goals. Two of those dragons, a red dragon by the name of Ddraig-Goch, and a white dragon by the name of Norlanth, left for Earth in order to finally resolve millennium of conflict with one another. For days the two dragons battled over England and Wales, until finally being tricked into a massive hole in the rocky wooded hillock called Dinas Emrys (Wales). There it is said that the two dragons slept.

Much later, the hilltops of Dinas Emrys would be the host of many great legends, including the tale of King Vortigern and his crumbling fortress. Each day, Vortigern would attempt to build a tower on the top of Dinas Emrys only to have it collapse upon itself. So King Vortigern consulted his wisest advisers, who told him that only by sacrificing a boy with no natural father could Vortigern break the curse. When Vortigern found such said boy, he learned that the child was already a talented wizard named Merlin. Merlin instructed Vortigern that the advisers were incorrect, and that it is the spirits of two dragons fighting underneath the hills that caused his tower to collapse. Merlin instructs Vortigern to free the dragons in order to stop their fighting, thus creating a stable place to build his tower. Vortigern partially listened, excavating the base of the hill, and freeing the white dragon known as Norlanth. However, King Vortigern was far too excited to continue freeing Ddraig-Goch, and instead focused only on building his tower.

However, though the two bodies of the dragons are grievously wounded, the essence of these two dragons is said to still be active. While Ddraig-Goch is said to still slumber, giving off his great magic to the hills above him, Norlanth is rumored to walk amongst men, building support for a final battle with Ddraig-Goch. Although Norlanth is still weak, he plans on finding Ddraig-Goch’s slumbering body and put an end to him. However, Ddraig-Goch’s spirit still protects the Welsh hills, and thus far has spoiled all of Norlanth’s schemes to destroy him. Still, Ddraig-Goch will have to move quickly, as Norlanth’s allies grow in number. Together with his powerful friends, the White Dragon may be able to overcome the spirit of Ddraig-Goch once and for all.


Welsh Dragon: Y Ddraig Goch/Ddraig-Goch (“the Red Dragon”)
Anglo-Saxon Dragon (English): Norlanth (“White One”)
King Vortigern: Builder of the tower and freer of Norlanth.

*Learn the history of Ddraig-Goch and Norlanth, but not their resting place
*Find the location where Ddraig-Goch slumbers- Dinas Emrys
*Discover the Vortigern Tower hidden on Dinas Emrys
*Understand the great magic that Ddraig-Goch gives off, and begin to learn how to hone it
*Learn that Norlanth is walking amongst men
*Learn that Norlanth plots against Ddraig-Goch
*Discover that Draig-Goch’s body is too weak, and that he plans to reincarnate himself
*Find Draig-Goch’s new form in the Americas
*Help Draig-Goch reclaim his power
*Put Draig-Goch against Norlanth for once and for all

*Retake the Vortigern tower from another mage
*Start a school of magic based on Ddraig-Goch’s teachings
*Earn the Emerald Knight, a protector warrior dedicated to Wales


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Character Plot A059979fe923b94cfbf6ea1ea1add0e2
Argos, elected Collector of the “Primeval,” not only needs to gather his comrades, but also will need to connect the dots on who is attempting to find Calos, the Sennex and the rest of their Wicked Alliance. Here is a synopsis and list of things that will happen in his search.

Synopsis: Belials Brood, who was once one of Octavia’s cults to Lilith, will have taken her recorded words about the Sennex leaving, and see it as a sign. If they can bring back the Sennex and have Calos destroy all supernatural, the dark lord will praise them, and return to Earth for the reckoning. After years of trying to raid the Necropolis, the group will find that all important artifacts and recordings have been collected and hidden. They would learn that an angel by the label of the Herald will have struck a bargain with Spring Father, asking him to safe keep the items, while trying to learn about any secrets they may hold. Unfortunately, the Spring Father, in his lack of care for the world, traded it to another Fae, The Green Knight, as part of a fairy contract. The Green Knight is now an exile of the Hedge. While Belials Brood will not know how to find the Green Knight, they would learn about a changeling named Tam Lin, who has been roaming Europe in search of loyalists and kidnappers. He’d recently rested in a small village. While he’s left back for Killarney since then, the Brood’s kindred are tracking him, while their minions are cleaning up any loose ends so that no one else can learn of their devious schemes.

*There will be an attack on a local village where Tam Lin is said to have stayed night. This attack is from Belials Brood ghouls and herd, who are attempting to cover their tracks.

*Later, Belials Brood will strike a bargain with France. Ventrue Prince, Alena Atropus, would let them know that she was also present, and can tell them more about the experience, as well as who safe keeps the artifacts in return for them assisting in the war.

*Finally, once the Belial conducts their tyranny for France, they’ll learn that the Green Knight, who is currently organizing an order of giants, is residing in the hills of the Ring of Kerry. They’ll attempt to head that way, but will need the assistance of someone who can understand and see Fae borders. The Belial will recruit a changeling of the Ogre subtype who can take them to the Green Knight’s residence


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PLOT 11/29/15

REES “The Lone Tower”
Target: Introduce Argos and allow the branded symbol to remind them of who they are
Have Nakai threaten Rees
Allow Ddraig-Goch to begin teaching Rees Prime
Have Antha arrive with news from the Consilium and Mysterium
Have Rees learn that Nakai is headed to London to work with Kindred

-------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ----------------
ARGOS “The First Find”
Target: Find Rees and convince him to come to stop the Interlopers
Have him involved in Nakai’s threat of Rees
When they leave, have them meet the “Bannee”

-------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ----------------
RICUN “Arrival in London”
Target: Get to know the new members of his group
Reach London
Be retrieved by the English military to head to the Tower of London
Have a feast for the Vikings
Learn that Octavia is running England against the Invictus

----------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------
Lucius and Titus
Target: Head back to Sir Finley Marsen’s keep, where they will attempt to heal their wounds and lay low
Become bros with The Chained One
Learn that no other wolves are coming to help. It’s just them vs Bale Hounds
Have Tobias Polaris (now Danforth Bertram) come to find the group in order to form the pack
Find that there’s been another Bale Hound attack, and witness Strife feeding


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Plot 12.5.15

-Get introduced to the court (Sir Owain, The Fool, Robert Hode, Sardonicus- Child of Babba Yaga, Anna Barrow-Ghoul)
-Learn about their motives (Invictus are ruining vampire society by allowing title to get in front of accomplishment)
-Have Riccun's court invite Riccun's men
-Have Riccun's folks begin to get individually singled out by certain members
*Vala has an affair with Anna Barrow or Robert Hode
*Vandrad Skialg ghouled by Sardonicus  
*Finally meets Octavia who let's him in on the war secrets in order to get him to help (gives him helm if need be)

-Perform "Forge Alliance" Rite (Blood, Whipping, Howling)
-Search for Milissent Tolve
-Fight and kill a Bale Hound


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Character Plots 1.2.16

Plot for Argos and Rees 1.2.16

Once the Consilium has arrived, they will inspect Vortigen’s Tower. At first, they’ll be terrified by the raw magic sitting on the property, and make note that a full investigation will need to be conducted.

Mage Opinions on Vampires
Antha Vossen: “These loathsome creatures are hated by every culture that has ever suffered their depredations. They have no legitimate place in the world. They must be destroyed at every opportunity.”
Magister Ibus Krolan: “In the extensive design of existence and magic, being undead is an ignorable foot note that shouldn’t influence the grander cause.”
High-Censor Pretin: “Cursed with power that outstrips their wisdom, and with hunger that outstrips their self-control, the undead should be pitied and feared in equal measure. Above all, they should be studied.”

Have all PC’s and NPC’s besides Rees roll Resolve + Composure (Need 10 successes)
Effect: Those who fail will instantly lose their memory, and Rees will watch as time falls backwards to when they were first examining Vortigen’s Tower. This time around, the Consilium will announce that the tower is magical, but of little importance or value- most likely created by a mediocre mage some time ago.

After a short recess, the Mages present will create a warrant out for Nakai’s arrest. They will talk about sending a serious Adamantine Arrow member, Banner-Warden Tobin Ramornie, to personally hunt down the talented Nakai.

High-Censor Pretin of the Mysterium will also grant Rees the title of Censor, and will give permission/funding (Resources 0) for Rees to continue to conduct research on his new ward, Vortigen’s Tower. With a Wits + Empathy roll, anyone can understand that part of this is to show that the Mysterium is seriously concerned with the recent necromancer scandal, and that they happily reward those who expose corrupted Mysterium.

Meanwhile, once Argos requests for the dead to be summoned, Magister Krolan will accept in return for a favor. He’ll pull Argos to the side and explain that he’s “seen glimpses of the shadows that could be.” He’ll warn Argos that the future endeavors of the odd band being collected will put everyone in grave peril. However, if chance can overcome threat, then Rees will caper through time in order to influence magic like no other mage has done before. Swear an oath to protect Rees and Argos’ wish will be granted. If Argos accepts, he’ll find…
*His son, in the afterlife with his wife and children
*His father, cloaked and waiting in the small town of Denis Emrys, drawing out Vortigen’s Tower.  

Character Plot Istock_000007707302xsmall

Once the Consilium leave, or just before Argos burns the bodies of his fellow knights, Ddraig-Goch will invite Rees, Argos, the Green Knight, Ulric and the living twin down to Tower Vortigen’s lower dungeon (door inside storage area on 1st floor). When the group goes down, they’ll find several corridors, secret rooms, and most importantly, knight tombs within the sublevel. There will be a crypt section with three areas of knights.

-One area will have 10 aged tombs with a dragon.
-One section of two graves will have a lion,
-The Final area will have enough empty tombs +1 for Argos with the Order of St. George insignia on it.

Ddraig-Goch would tell Rees (and others if the situation calls for it) that this is the crypt of those whom the dragon wishes to honor for their efforts to keep the Tower of Vortigen safe. From this point on, those who can present their knightly insignia at the secret door will be able to enter the secret tomb. Those who enter without affiliation however, will receive a grizzly death.

Ddraig-Goch will next inform Rees (and others if the situation calls for it) that in order to keep the Tower of Vortigen safe while Rees deals with “the Idol’s affairs,” he shall “Swallow it up in the mists of Time and Illusion.” Until the time that Rees returns to the tower, the building will be hidden. Ddraig-Goch will also reward the group with keepsakes that Ddraig-Goch has been gifted with over the years. These include…
-A wordless old Tome (“Book of Research”) that will fill with rudimentary information in order to help with a single topic. +1 equipment bonus to any “Research” rolls.
-Gold horseshoes for a stallion that allows the creature to travel without sleep or sustenance.
-A deck of playing cards that give the gambler a +5 equipment roll once per day.
-A set of ornate jewel encrusted platemail: 5/2, -2 Defense & Speed, 3 Strength, Size 5, +1 to certain social rolls

Once the team has settled their affairs, they’ll need to head along the road towards the borders of England and Scotland in order to collect Titus and Lucius. It’s during this time they’ll see the same type of shadow owl that they saw in Rome with Remus perched on a tree. This will bring back memories of the ceremony that happened minutes before the angel appeared.

Afterwards, they'll meet some archers who are training due to new rules set by King Edward III. In addition to the law, all geese must sacrifice 6 feathers to the kingdom. It's suspected that a serious assault will be had very soon.
Character Plot BAyXdiLCAAE0p0w
*********************** *********************************** ******************************

Titus Plot

Titus will be taken to the Iron Bridge, where Danford Bertram (Tobias Polaris), Dontis Ebez (A strange gypsy werewolf), The Chained One, and a pack of regular wolves are waiting.

The Iron Bridge
Character Plot Medieval_bridge_concept_by_matteoascente-d6f4mrf

The ceremony begins with all the members on one side, and Titus on the other. Titus will be asked to recite the following while the bridge wains and iron supports cry. He'll need to make checks to not fall through the bridge as well.

"I am the son of Sagrim Ur, The Red Wolf, who discovered that Men can be our most potent weapon, or most dangerous enemy."
(Dexterity + Athletics) w/ the "Unstable" Tilt (custom). All users suffer -2 penalty to Defense and Dexterity based Dice Pools.

"I am chosen, and my first change was foreseen. I was born to be a Warden- One who watches over humanity with cunning and strength."
(Dexterity + Athletics w/ Unstable Tilt now at -3

"I am always inquisitive in the affairs of man. For to grow deaf of human activity creates dangerous organizations, poisoned resonance, and manipulated minds."
(Dexterity + Athletics) w/ "Unstable" tilt at -4.

"Finally, 'I' am now 'WE'. For to be an Iron Master is to no longer think of yourself. Instead, you think of the Tribe first. You will adapt with them, as they adapt to humanity. For the measure of strength to an Iron Mater is the ability to change."
(Dexterity + Athletics) w/ Unstable tilt at -5

Afterwards, the group will enter the abandoned keep where they will talk about recent activities within the Spirit World that is affecting the world of men. The new member, DONTES EBEZ, pretends to be a gypsy in order to keep an eye on global activity. He will report that the Black Death plague in France has created negative resonance that a powerful spirit, known as THE SCOURGE is feasting upon it. Several uratha have attempted to stop it, but died trying. There is one last tribe of Bone Shadows in Northern France, who look to stop it.

Danforth Bertrem would report that he knows one of the French Bone Shadows, Balin Kent, a charming Cahalith. Danforth would volunteer to go to London and volunteer for the English military in order to gain access to war torn France.

Sir Finley Marsen would say that the War will most likely also attract the spirit of STRIFE, and that Titus should go along to investigate, as well as warn the Bone Shadows.

The Chained-One will inform all that it has foreseen such, and will accompany it's chained pack to France.

From there, the group will head to London, possibly running into Lucius on the way.

************************* ***************************************** *********************


Drained by Octavia, Riccun will be starving. He will need to make a FRENZY check.

Resolve + Composure (p. 104). Starving grants -4 Modifier.


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GAME PLOT 1.9.16


*Hunter Encounter

*Smuggler's Cove
Once the hunter encounter ends, Lucius will likely be battered and bruised. Cinder will guide Lucius to a cave in order to both hide and recover. In the cave, Lucius will find a trap door that leads to a smuggler’s cove. There he’ll find all types of goods, including weapons, armor, wine and coin. There will paper parchment with a list of people that the money should be distributed to. That’s when Little John and Friar Tuck will arrive. Lucius can either fight the gentlemen, flee or try and socialize.

*If Lucius tries to socialize, they’ll let him know that they’re on a mission from their leader to raise resources for a rebel group in Paris. This group hides under the city in the Caverns of the Dead. They’d offer to send word to Lucius’s mentor, Langston, and help patch Lucius up, so long as he kept guard of the cove.

*After a few days of healing, the two men would leave off for another hit on some rich arms merchants. They’d leave, but promise to be back with word from Lucius. That’s when the branding would burn, and Rees would meet with Lucius.


*Consilium Tour

Antha's Promise
Rees’s lover would inform him that while visiting the closest town, she went to check on the sick boy. The boy reported to her that he went to tower filled with spirits while he was ill, and there they guided him to scribe on a tower. Since then, the child has been able to see spirits. She would offer to keep an eye on the boy while Rees is away, but wish him to return and help mentor the child.  She would also confess that she’s never met a Mage like Rees before, and would be curious to see if he’s man enough to try and tame her.

* The Dungeon
Rees would then be part of the funeral procession. The dragon would then take the tower into the mists. It would ask Rees to remember how to get to Denys Emrys, as it will disappear from maps and books. When leaving, the tower would be swallowed into the mists.

*Rees would travel with the Knights of St. George, and upon hitting the crossroads, travel to the borders of England and Scotland. During the night, he would have a terrifying encounter with goblin-like creatures. The demonic fey would attempt to steal Rees’s items. If it goes well, he can find a Cold Iron key wrapped tightly in cloth. If it goes poorly, Rees can be rescued by the Changeling woman of Summer Court that is searching for Tam Lin.

*Afterwards, Rees can either run into Little John and Friar Tuck, who after some dialogue would figure out that he’s looking for Lucius (giving directions) or Rees can use a spirit to track the wolf.


*The English spearman would head back to the barracks and learn that a small band of troops are being collected by Sir Owain to hunt down a creature that has been attacking London folk in the city. Along with Polaris and another soldier or two, they’d patrol the area where the attacks have been happening.

*Upon their patrol, the group would find a feral Venture attacking villagers. Upon destroying the creature or putting it into toper, they’d be considered heroes, and brought to Sir Owain. Sir Owain would recognize them as predators, and immediately take them to the Queen.

*As reward, the Queen would offer them to stay in the Tower of London as prized guests. That’s when Octavia would interview the wolves and try to manipulate them into working for her.


*The Viking would wake to Octavia being with Wux and Kitashi. She would say that Rees will no longer get any trouble from either of them, and that she’s quite fond of the pair. She’d also inform Riccun that she has a plan to save everyone that is involved in the deal with Rubio, but must wait. She’d also share information about the Nosferatu, and why he is present, as well as the gargoyle and Lancea Sanctum Bishop in France that are working for her.

*She’d report that if Riccun wishes to recover one of his men, he’ll need to go into the Nosferatu’s den in the dungeons and try to find him, and that she holds no sway down there.

*Instead of finding the poacher, Riccun would now be asked to take care of delivering a midnight rider
Character Plot 80fdae_7d788f1063b149089b10e57f7e8b9d17


*Argos will be visited by ghosts in his room
Character Plot 80fdae_059eb574c7a14203b86cb2cfd3757076

*He’ll also be offered the lands near London, 10.5 hours walk from the Tower of London.

Village of Harrow
Character Plot 4874877ffef07987708a93dd0ecb6e66,+Greater+London,+UK/@51.5919139,-0.4031425,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x48761158a02507f9:0x24d74f8999e25bd9

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PLOT FOR 1.16.16


The druid will head back to London where he will run into his strange study partner from the Mysterium, Treven Olwhisk. Rees will be informed that the great Mist Walker, Kuylyath, has passed, but not before requesting something before death. He’d like to be buried with the wood ring that the great Mist Walker sold at the Goblin Market the day his fairy bride, Shivanvah, left him. In order to find the ring, Trevor will need to head somewhere quite powerful and give offerings in return for having a fairy retrieve the ring for him. Rees would be requested to come with.

The trip to Stone Hedge would usually take 31 hours hiking (3 days), although Trevor would know a spell that would split such time in two- a spell he calls “The Traveling Road.” This would create a clay stoned road before the user’s very feet that would disappear shortly after stepping over the path. This splits any trip in half. Once they head off, Rees would be requested to turn his jacket inside-out, as well as figure out an offering that he’d like to give to the fairy. Once at Stone Hedge, the two would place down their offerings and light the Green Candle (a candle created by the hands of a virgin girl, and made from cows fat and grass).

The wait will take several days, and require rings of protection, superstitious wards and procedures,  but eventually the fairy would show up to Rees. Before then, Rees may make rolls to find the Darkling Changeling spying. If he spots the sidhe, their glamour will make them appear to be a long dark haired man. If any powers are used to see past the charm, Rees will find a 6’10 dark creature with dark skin, black hair and red eyes. The creature would warn that it’s very dangerous to summon fairies, especially Exiled. If Tam Lin (Green Knight) is brought up, the Darkling will inform Rees that the Green Knight must be stopped, as he is trying to seek a book out that the Green Knight of Arthurian lore keeps with him. The book is said to be the record of a ritual from Roman Times that could destroy all Fae of Arcadia. If Tam Lin does this though, all Changelings will lose any power they have as well.

OPTIONAL: Banshee Hunt

Finally, once the fairy arrives, Rees will find that the sidhe will humor their request due to the offers they’ve made. In order to retrieve the wood ring however, the creature will want a year of Trevor’s time, and it must be over contract. The Mage would agree, and the creature would get the ring. Once returned however, the fairy would report that it’ll take it’s year in spurts, which will seem like ages due to the time difference. From there, the Mage will head back home, feeling foolish for the pact he made.
Character Plot 80fdae_a424d9d9501b4171863a70fe476241ab

Once Rees returns, he’ll find that the Green Knight has met a beautiful woman named Lenore, and that she’s caused him to feel lovestruck, something that risks his duties as The Emerald Knight (Surprise, it’s Octavia!).

————————————————- ————————————————————————-


The Dungeon visit
Character Plot 21d420e6e068ff700094f0129552fd2c

See Svala off
Character Plot Cb37f78c1588de785d718b167bdc28e4
————————————————- ————————————————————————-


See his new lands

Check out the letter, and find that Sven has been captured.
(Go to book: Night Creatures)

————————————————- ————————————————————————-
Get a visit from Cinder that informs him Lucius is dead and that the Werewolf Hunter is searching for the others involved in the massacre at Boxton
Have the Chained One introduce Titus to the Harvester Spirit, who will request that Titus plant a single seed in France in return for a point of Essence
Character Plot 80fdae_9c3a54d04afa4fb0a53c6c13d3334040

Get offered to go to the Tower of London, where he’ll be invited to a feast for his heroics and pardoned from his duties.

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Rees Plot 1.23.16

Rees will wake from his wild dream of digging and mating with other mammals to find himself filthy with soil. In his teeth are leaves and bark. The Emerald Knight, who has been watching over him all night, will describe what happened.

After Rees bathes and recovers, the Emerald Knight will take his leave so he can sleep. You should guide Rees towards two possible scenarios.

*Go to the bookstore and find a fresh page about the Sable Mistress, an exiled fairy who enslaved a mage in a pocket dimension in order to do her fairy bidding.

—-A Research roll with a target of 10 would help Rees discover that the Sable Mistress trades amongst the Goblin Market, and enjoys collecting supernatural creatures as her slaves. However, she loves to trade supernatural creatures out, and may be willing to give one of her collection out if the offer was just as interesting (this could lead to slaying the wicked Jack o’ Lantern and bottling his Geist in order to trade).
GEIST: A geist is a special type of ghost-spirit hybrid, who has spent enough time in the Underworld to become completely reshaped by it, becoming an extremely powerful representation of death. Craving influence over the living world again, they make pacts w/ humans near death to share their flesh with them in exchange for returning the human to life. Such humans are called the BOUND or SIN-EATERS. They do not meddle in the hierarchy of typical spirits.

THE SPELLS INVOLVED: In order to do so, Rees would have to prepare a soul jar & then cast...
1) Exorcism (p.249) to force the spirit out of the possessed form. This would technically kill the living host of a Geist, as they were staying alive through the Geist.
2) Soul Jar p.248---p. 137 to trap the Geist

*Have the Emerald Knight experience a violent nightmare that ends with him feeling that he must rescue Princess Nicolette Bandeaux from the Tower of Kerrydwen.
Character Plot 80fdae_7acd995efd1544ab8d2874a6d4acffbd
—-A Research roll with a target of 10 would help Rees discover that she has physically been hidden in a tower within the gauntlet by a dead witch (mage), and is being protected by a guardian spirit. This spirit’s rank, Knight to Mages, Hurrah in First Tongue, or Greater Gaffling to Uratha makes the creature formidable, but not impossible to destroy. If Rees can find a away to locate where the tower is in the spirit world, pass through the Gauntlet, and rescue her, not only will the Emerald Knight gain a new lover, but she will bequeath Kerrydwen’s book about Research of English Spirits to Rees.
CHARITY: Regain all spent Willpower points when they help another at risk of loss or harm to themselves.

THE SPELLS INVOLVED: In order to do so, Rees would have to cast...
1) Summon Spirit near the location, as spirits can't go too far from their spiritual anchor. p.247
2) Cast Spirit Road 000 p. 251 to get him and Emerald Knight over (3 hour process)

After all the adventure/misadventure is said and done, and things are as settled as they can be, it would be time for Rees and Argos to meet up (if they haven’t already). Reasons for meeting up…
-Argos and the Knights of Saint George need healing
-Rees agreed to help Argos in his mission
-Rees has information about the Knight in Green “Tam Lin”

————————————— ——————————————- ——————————————

Character Plot 80fdae_a056febced2e4c49ad761e890127ecf5

Meanwhile, Crackers would spend a night in the tower. Once Crackers leaves the door to his room, Sardonicus would be waiting for him. Sardonicus would request for Crackers to meet with him at the Bloody Tower at midnight to discuss Nosferatu affairs.
DICE CHECK: WITS + COMPOSURE to notice a house maiden listening in on the conversation and then hurrying downstairs to tell.

Afterwards, the Nosferatu would be introduced to the Queen. Phillippa would give him the scroll and ask that he served England bravely.

“Take the Bishop and gain great alms.
End the Knight and earn his distinction.
Slay the Queen and gain one far greater.”

Once introductions are made, the Queen would request that Crackers be taken to visit Argos’ new town to help him see England. She would request that Argos ensures Crackers’s safety. If any mention of Sardonicus is made, she would insist that she will send word of your excused absence, and then see him off. From there, Crackers would go to Argos’s new town and enter the skirmish with Argos’s Father.

While Argos will have plenty to do, Crackers would not. Instead, Crackers would meet a boy named George. George would not be scared of Crackers, and even have a hay doll that somewhat looks like the Nosferatu. George would tell Crackers that he knows a place where there is buried treasure. George would say that it’s in a big chest buried just outside of town. The boy would play with Crackers and have fun, until finally showing Crackers the location. When Crackers digs things up, he’ll find a chest, but inside is just a child’s skeleton with a hay toy that looks like George’s. Only George has  vanished.


Jonathan Hoad will warn Argos that he should keep his knights out of London. Hoad will suggest Argos does the same. Hoad will suggest taking the offer of Harrow and hiding Sven, as well as Argos' men in the town. Hoad will suggest an alliance in which Hoad keeps his ears open for Argos, as well as the roads to Harrow protected in return for occasional refuge for his men. Hoad will have his "Gentlemen of England" organized within 10 days if agreed upon.

Character Plot Village_roof_tops

Once Argos goes to his new manner in Harrow, he'll find the town quite charming. However, deep in the night, Argos will be confronted by his father. If Argos beats his father, he'll reveal who he is. If Argos does not, his father will say that Argos is "too weak to understand the mysteries just yet."

Character Plot 3228c2cf448535aac6d2bdbed15a5f2b

Character Plot 80fdae_aa1b2cbdc89e4702ae622035878f4aa7
(Giles Mason)

Sir Bernhardt Schwartzman, Head of Harrow Keep
Character Plot 80fdae_024b70aec95145b3ade27524c5ef4f99

Weapons Dealer of "The Jagged Sword", Andry Wiscard
Character Plot 80fdae_ae06eb5e0a124ceb891e13b4fe8de8e4

General Goods Owner of "The Peaceful River Goods"  Gipp Cantrell
Character Plot 80fdae_b2e2fab665f44fb99400958750c9bc1a

Innkeeper of "The Ugliest Pig" Inn, Liam Snell
Character Plot NPC-Lloyd

Owner of the "Harrow Cures", Hellwise Pennington
Character Plot Tumblr_ne6xhfRjaA1s6uscuo1_1280

Keeper of the "Chapel of St. Thomas the Apostle" Vicar Walden Harper
Character Plot Square-enix-next-gen

Sheriff of Harrow, Aubrey Parnell
Character Plot 80fdae_2509ff96a36645cdb4a1257b6628405b

-------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
After the wedding, Octavia will beckon Riccun to come to the pillowed room where she'll ask for his help. Since Lady-in-Waiting Anna Barrow is on her honeymoon, Octavia will need Riccun as her escort while she connects with Nakai.

Nakai: After checking the man's arm, Riccun will find that his crew member is no longer in pain, but is acting a bit different with his new arm. Octavia will see to it that he is looked after, but will request that Nakai give his word that Thrand is okay. Afterwards, she tell Riccun of why Sardonicus is even here.
Character Plot 80fdae_dfe3a4516d2446cba11e192441e6282b

Afterwards, Riccun will find that Nakai is creating a unit of vicious undead to ship to France. These creatures will have to be shipped in a special ship, hidden from transporting Englishmen.
Character Plot 80fdae_7d788f1063b149089b10e57f7e8b9d17

Sanjay: Next, Octavia will present Riccun with Sanjay's newly updated armor. This "Unbreakable Armor" (as per Matter 00000, Self-Repairing Machine). Even if the armor is utterly destroyed, an object can mend itself, reconstituting itself out of nothing more than powered and fragments. Each success allows the object to automatically recover Structure points of damage at a rate of one point per 15 minutes.
Character Plot 80fdae_293fcc6eb81a4ed7b84037390dd19569

Next Octavia will teach Riccun how to ghoul (p. 59 VR).
-A ghoul must be fed vampire blood.
-A ghoul becomes an addict, feeling a bit of a vampire's hunger. The ghoul won't sate this hunger without kindred vitae.
-A vampire need not press the prospective ghoul's lips to his wrist. There are so many other ways to skin that cat. Some bite lips, others spit blood in eyes, still others spike mead, and still others cut gashes in their and their subjects flesh and bind the wounds.

Character Plot 80fdae_92b70dbe80a740d39782fbfccdee1924

"Do you not understand my giant. You came to me as a brave leader guiding a pack of strays and slaves. But for your loyalty, I've changed them into valkyrie demigods, enchanted warriors and cooperative elite."  

Rubio: After the meeting with Nakai, one of Riccun's men (Vandrad Skialg) will request an audience with Riccun to talk about their new member's arm. While alerting Riccun that the new arm has changed his troop, Vandrad will be attacked by one of Rubio's demons. The creature will say, To ignore the time restraints on your contract is to break the contract in itself. Afterwards, Vandrad will begin acting strange.
Character Plot 80fdae_d2622dfb988647ec8a8e71560597b673

Character Plot 80fdae_9dca4a0416154f3c995ccaec033e40dc

Octavia meanwhile, will look to find Rubio and connect. She'll say that she can offer a better deal. She can get him to the underground of France, where a lost order of knights have been working with an infernalist to exact revenge on France. If she can safely get Rubio there, and arrange for Rubio to take over for the infernalist (requesting that Sarsicus come back in return for meeting with the W. Dragon), Rubio in return will need to eradicate the contract with Riccun.
Character Plot 80fdae_a342598d4e5242fa80399961b905a880

The Uratha Iron-Master will be asked by Sir Owain to take a look into the Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula (Peter in Chains), as an entity has recently reared its ugly head. This creature, originally believed to be a ghost, has been proven to be something otherworldly. Sir Owain believes it to be a spirit, and will inform Titus that it is in the tomb area of the church. As a reward, Sir Owain is willing to provide Titus with Fetish Chainmail that shifts in Hishu (human) and Dalu (near-human) form. Titus would also recognize that there is a tomb inside the crypt with a knight that has Sir Owain's likeness to it. However, the marker would be marked as "William the Conqueror".
Character Plot 80fdae_aca265d2296b4b2a9d1a7c32891c50f4

Sir Owain would then offer Titus the rank of Vanguard- personally protecting Sir Owain's place of rest during the morning. For it, Titus would gain another dot in Resources. He'd also meet another paranormal vanguard, keeping a great eye and ear out for England. Finally, Owain would offer his prized protector as a gift to Titus. His bear known as "Walter," a brown bear from The Holy Roman Empire.

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Character Plot Empty Re: Character Plot

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After a week of getting an idea of how Harrow flows, have Argos make the following checks...

FINANCES: Intelligence + Academics (-2 because of missing records from previous Baron)
Critical Failure: By taxing the businesses even more, Harrow could earn money to fix up some of the neglected areas.
Failure: It's hard to understand how to improve the finances of Harrow, as the system seems to be fluid.
Success: While the town easily collects taxes brought in by the medicine healer and weapons shop, it seems that the general goods dealer and inn are constantly fighting just to make back-taxes. If one instead based taxes off of income, they could stabilize the same profit, but allow for the inn and general goods store to improve their stock.
Critical Success: As w/ success, but integrating a better road to lead to Harrow will nearly guarantee an increase for all stores.

POLITICS: Wits + Politics
Critical Failure: The people of Harrow are quite happy overall, and just need some type of festival to bring them together in order to celebrate their wonderful town.
Failure: The people of Harrow are hard working, and sometimes that can lead to grumpiness and tension. But it is to be expected, and changing any dynamics would be folly.
Success: Rivalries between the Church and Healer Woman have caused tension between citizens. Meanwhile, the General Goods owner is frustrated by the fact that he can barely make his rent and taxes. Finally, the Arms dealer feels that the Inn Keeper is bringing in riff-raff to what could be thought of as a respectful merchant town.
Critical Success: As w/ success, and if the knights of St. George displayed their concern of protecting the roads from bandits while gearing themselves with the merchants' products, it would help ease the tension of a lack of customers, while helping strengthen moral since the knights are advertising for the merchants of Harrow.

Upon making the checks, Argos can untangle the issues accordingly. After organizing the town, hopefully, they'd favor Argos in the week's end. It's upon a relationship being built, that Argos will get a visit from his father.

Meanwhile, Rees would be in Harrow, and would be asked by Hellwise Pennington to help organize her goods. While doing so, Hellwise would tell him about the spirit of the pond, The Sisters of the Deep, that is said to have once protected Harrow, but turned on it and began murdering folk once Christianity was adopted by them.

This green pond is not all sweet water lilies. On certain nights, a ring of sad beauties appears, eyes closed and melancholy. These are the sisters of the deep. "Come in, come in," they seem to say. But why do the villagers avoid these waters? Why do men tremble in the night when the moon gleams its silver on the pool. Because my dear-e-oes, my darlings. These are the daughters of the terrible thing- Water in their veins, water in their eyes. They have but two tasks. Drown men. And drown women. "Come in, Come in," they seem to say. "Come in and drink our bitter beer." And their dance is a welcoming to drowning.

Hellwise would offer a traveling herbalist kit in return for him going to the lake at midnight to see for himself. Rees can try to barter with the Three Sisters if he goes. The Sister of the Deep would agree to protect Harrow if they stop polluting his waters, as it kills the fish he feeds on. If agreed, they will be a knight spirit that keeps an eye on the town.

Herbalist Kit
Character Plot 490ab04554e9d615bb660c21d9a93da0
{As First Aid Kit 00, Durability 1, Size 2, Structure 3. Offers a +1 to Medicine treatment rolls due to superior supplies.}
Used to purge the body of "foul humors". Buckthorn bark seeped in water produced a powerful laxative.
Burdock Leaves
Burdock leaves were used to treat leprosy. Hildegard of Bingen used it to treat cancerous tumors. Burdock root was also prescribed for fever, ringworm and skin infections.
Used for treating coughs, wheezing, shortness of breath, fever and inflammation.
Used to treat heart palpitations and depression; later to stimulate contractions during childbirth.
First used in ancient Rome as an ingredient in poison antidotes lead medieval Europeans to believe horehound provided protection from witches' spells. Hildegard of Bingen considered it one of the best herbs for colds.
Greek and Roman physicians recommended garlic for infections, wounds, cancer, leprosy, heart problems, colds, and epilepsy among many other ailments. In the middle ages the upper class shunned the use of garlic, but the peasantry viewed it as a preventative medicine and cure-all.
Used to stop bleeding and as a mild sedative.
Spearmint was the original medicinal mint and was used to aid in digestion and the treatment of gout. In Gilbertus Anglicus' Compendium of Medicine the following treatment is recommended for "stinking of the mouth":
If there be no rotten flesh, let the mouth be washed with wine that birch or mint has been soaked in. And let the gums be well rubbed with a rough linen cloth until they bleed. And let him eat marjoram, mint and parsley til they be well chewed. And let him rub well his teeth with the herbs he chewed and also his gums.

Character Plot 80fdae_6192c07f38ff414d89c4cd8377229c2f
Disappointed that he did not find treasure, Crackers may attempt to leave Harrow. However, the sheriff of town would suggest that if Crackers is really looking for a big hit, there's suppose to be some caves out in the hills where it is rumored that highwaymen hoard their treasure. If Crackers really wants treasure, the sheriff would give him directions, and tell him that he would take out one or two of those fools in the meantime.

Upon entering the caves, Crackers will learn that he's in the caves of a set of bandits nicknamed "The Footpads". If he does reconnaissance, he'll find that they are hiding out for the night due to the Jack O'Lantern, who walks the roads on this week, each year. Crackers will also learn that The Footpads seem to have a leader that they call Master. With a successful INT + INVESTIGATION check, he'll figure out that it's a Kindred who has not shown back up as scheduled. Finally, Crackers will learn that these guys are in league with someone in town, and that they're trading children to supernatural forces for slaves, sacrifices and blood dolls.

It will be up to Crackers to decide to just take the loot and run, save the chained children or all out try and kill the bandits. Afterwards, if the scene goes very quickly, you can also have the team run into the frightening "Soul Collector" for some Samhain scene building.

Spider Gloves
Character Plot 80fdae_87c45ab61fd04493a2465acc60380fda
*Character can walk on walls at half speed.

Character Plot Caltrop
{Die Bonus +2, Durability 2, Size 2, Structure 3, Availability 00}
Effect: Caltrops are small, pointed pieces of metal arranged in such a way that one point faces up. Moving through caltrops causes one point of lethal damage. Caltrops ignore a point of armor or Durability. To move through safely, a Dexterity + Athletics roll is required w/ the caltrops' die bonus applied as a penalty to the roll. A character may only move half Speed (rounded down) while moving safely through caltrops.

A character may hide caltrops, although it is difficult. A Wits + Larceny -3 roll is required, the caltrops' die bonus does not apply to this roll (p.190 VR).

Lock picking Kit
Character Plot B46c316bed31ce4fdeb64ab1a5d294bc
{Die Bonus +2, Durability 2, Size 2, Structure 2, Availability 00}
Effect: A lock picking kit consists of picks, tools and rods for manipulating tumblers and open locks. With such a kit and at least a dot of Larceny, a character can pick a lock without a roll if time is not an issue. If time is an issue, the die bonus applies to the Dexterity + Larceny rolls (p. 191 VR).

Sounds of screams and terror will fill the White Tower’s halls, and Riccun , who still is under a condition card, will grow  anxious for his dark queen. Late, at the last drop of darkness, she’ll return looking famished, with blood all over her gown. She’ll assure Riccun all is okay, and let him know she has a special task for him before going immediately to bed.

The next evening, Riccun can make a WITS + INVESTIGATION check to notice that numerous haughty looking minor court members are no where to be found. Also, the building is covered with the smells of wood ash, lime and herbs from fresh scrubbings throughout the halls. Riccun would check on his men and find that they were lured into the Bloody Tower, where a feast with all their favorite Scandinavian foods and meads was present, put as they ate, all went to sleep. Once they awoke, it was morning.

Afterwards, Lady-in-Waiting Anna Barrow, would connect with Riccun and after reuniting Svala with the crew, let Riccun know that there will be a carriage that she needs Riccun to drive, and his men to secure. She would inform Riccun that there is a coffin inside, and that Riccun under no circumstances should look inside, no matter what he hears inside. She’ll ask Riccun to burry the coffin at a royal piece of land where the Queen’s pare-trees grow, just over the Thames in north London.
Character Plot IMG_6154

While Riccun is out with his men burying the ivory coffin, Svala would use the time to compare notes with her former Captain. This would be an opportunity for Riccun to either lay the ground work for a future partnership with Svala or create an enemy. Scala would know the following…
-That Sardonicus is the child of Baba Yaga
-There’s a spy amongst the French that Octavia is using for information
-Robert Hoad is using his carpenter guilds, bandit ties and merchant allies to build a massive resupply line of weapons and provision for the English fighting in France. What he’s getting in return is anyone’s guess.

Finally, just after they’re leaving the area, they’ll notice a midnight mob who has created a witch-burning mound. Simon Night, fresh into town, has gathered several peasants, and along with a handful of purple cloaked priests and a mob of peasants, is unjustly murdering these tortured folks into admitting they’re guilty within the eyes of the church, as ordered by the current Pope, Clement VI. If the team stays, they’ll need to make Breaking Point checks to not panic after watching the poor innocent folks burn alive.  

After Titus cleans up from the Night of Purging, he’ll be exhausted. Upon waking the next morning/afternoon, he’ll have Polaris waiting for him. Polaris will ask what Titus has gained from his interworking with the kindred of London. If Titus tells the truth, Polaris will be shocked that Titus has been so foolish to offer so little. Polaris will have told Titus that he too has been trying to fish out traitors as a deal for the Queen in return for blood magic scrying that would tell the crew how to stop the Spirit of Strife. The Queen has told Titus that she’ll need to pray each night for entire month before she has an answer. Until then, Polaris must continue his service to her.

Afterwards, the pack will receive word from Sir Owain that they have a new assignment. They are to pretend to escort a group of traveling noble kindred to the Tower of London, but before they reach London, execute the group. They are to leave no evidence of the creature’s destruction.

Once that is complete, Titus will go to get his pack, and upon doing so, connect with The Chained One. The Chained One will inform Titus that he will help with the assassination. The spirit will say the following…

Whether you think me villain or ally, know that I will always be both…as you will always be both to me. For at one time, I was the crowned spirit of Rome. I watched the mortals of my city transform from helpless sucklings to great emperors. I worked with carpenters, dined with merchants, and mourned with mothers. But all of that was taken away the moment you fiends came to Rome. Swords ravaged my people, and flames ate my walls. And when it was all said and done, you crawled out of the rubble.

Yet, it is the very chains that I used to punish you that keep me strong. It is your efforts as Branded that compel me. And so, I am cursed to walk with you through time, serving your efforts in hopes of someday returning to my former glory. So must you and I always be villain and ally alike, whether you think me either.  

From there, Titus, Polaris (Danforth), The Chained One, David and the bear will hunt for the nobles.


Hopefully by the end of things…
-Argos will feel the town is adequate and head back to London to get the Knights of St. George
-Rees will have figured out a strategy to catch Jack O’ Lantern
-Crackers will be ready to head back to London to kill Queen Phillipa
-Titus will have completed his mission
-Riccun would have buried the coffin

While coming back or traveling where ever, each and every member would either run into, hear word of or get a parchment flyer for Taliesen’s “Harvest Performance.” The concert would be performed at Ye Olde Man & Scythe” Ale House. It would cost 1 Resources to enter, and they would all be able to first meet and share notes about their recent endeavors.
Character Plot Troubadour-1

Upon entering, they'll notice that Taliesen's performance is the kind that would drive Pan himself to grow jealous. There's topsy-corying, lightning fast notes, storytelling and jokes told throughout the concert. At any point, Taliesen may "Inspire" Group with a song (Presence + Expression=13). He can also activate "Awe" in order to have the players suffer -4 from any Wits + Composure rolls to notice anything other than Taliesen.

Meanwhile, Taliesen would give a final creepy performance about the spirits of October. This should cause people to have to make a check, RESOLVE + COMPOSURE to not gain the shutters.

Your character has heard the Song of the Harvest, and has a case of the shudders. Much like the Spooked condition on p. 305, it is up to the character to respond as their character would when being frightened, but it should be role played.
Resolution: This condition is resolved when your fear and fascination cause you to do something that hinders the group, IE: go off alone to investigate a strange noise, stay up all night researching, ask to sleep in the same bed as someone.

Once his performance was over, Taliesen would meet with the group, and share information about the courts of France including...
-How Archbishop Zosimus is a talented dabbler of Theban Sorcery. He's whispered to be able to cause vampires to bleed from their hands and feet like Christ until they are drained ry. It's said that he is the one who put the last four popes in power as well.
Clement V (1305-14) (Put an end to the Knights Templar)
John XXII (1316-34) Opposed by Nicholas V, antipope for his corruptness (1328-1330)
Benedict XII (1334-42) Secretly receiving money from the Kingdom of France
Clement VI (1342-52) Created new torture methods for those who go against the church.
-How King Phillip is inept, and how his wife, Joan the Lame, actually makes most of the decisions.
-How a Mekhet court member offers them aid because she was once a French citizen, but she sometimes opens up about craziness that lies in the shadows of the world.
-He'd talk about a vampire wench in France named Gilda Miette who helps run an Elysium. Her inn, The Glass Shield inn, is friendly to vampires. The party could say that Taliesen is here to collect for his favor if they'd like refuge and blood.
-Most who meet the Invictus Archon, the Grave Knight, are frightened off before they even kiss blades with him, and that he has even driven fear in Invictus kindred.
-Emily de Burgh is a bad change, and that she has become blood thirsty with her kindred beast.
-Claude Aliker is an unchivalriss ally of France- a mercenary who has been an effective tool against the English. Invictus use this mortal (who seems to be familiar with the supernatural) sparingly.
-Daecan Delacroix is a torture addict, the Reeve of Paris, and head of Paris' guard. He's been reluctantly trying to stop the monsters that occasionally kidnap kindred and drag them to the Catacombs below France. Many have reported a goat-like demon similar to Satan's reflection.
-King David of Scotland is trying to actively take a role as a battle warrior in the war against England. He'd make for a handsome ransom if caught.
-Kaziel the gargoyle who protects France is said to be a former prisoner of the Invictus who was transformed via terrible rituals. Afterwards, his mind was swiped. Some say though that he's starting to gain back his memories.
-Gabranth Maggart is said to be searching for a book that is as old as Rome itself. He's been working for France in return for information to its whereabouts.
-Alena Atropus hides in the Palace of Fontainebleau (Paris’ royal castle) with her court, but is the reason the Invictus stay afloat. It is said that she is the smartest and most organized mind of the Invictus since Roman times.


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Character Plot Empty Re: Character Plot

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Plot 2.6.16

Taliesen will continue talking with the group, answering questions and addressing some more facts about France. He’ll also inform the group of some darker French secrets…
-The Black Plague is sweeping over France, creating dangerous conditions for both sides of the military
-The gargoyle known as Kaziel was once a kinded known as Sir Brenour Agrarian, a former companion, if not more, to Octavia
-There’s said to be horrific demons living under the Catacombs of Paris. These haphazard mining wells have been abandoned and forgotten. The French Invictus are trying their best to stop whatever is down there.
-Octavia is fighting toper constantly, and many of the English supporters fear she’ll one day slip into a sleep and never wake up.
-Taliesen can find the group safe keeping in an Elysium in Paris, The Glass Shield.

Once the conversation is over, the group can head out for the scary part of the concert. While doing so, they’ll each have a small scene.

Argos: One of the ladies at the inn (Molly), would come up to the knightly looking gentleman and ask him if he’s heading up north. She’d confess that she came up here to cheer up one of her friends, whose brother passed in the war against France, but she needs to get home soon.

Rees: The mage would spot a tall and dark stranger watching him at the inn. If Rees studies him, he’ll see that although the stranger is in a dusty corner, there are no dusty footprints. If he continues to study, he’ll notice it is the glamour disguise of Vox.

Titus: Success. Titus would be asked to rent a room and take up the nice girl, Shelly, whose brother recently passed in the war and wishes for some feeling besides anger and sorrow. Titus however will first need to make a check to not become beastly RESOLVE + COMPOSURE. Afterwards, Titus will notice that while sleeping, the Chained One is watching him.

Riccun: The viking and his new sister will hang around and notice that Friar Tuck walks into the inn. Friar Tuck is transporting more bows to London and would share dialogue with the vikings.

Sven: While getting fresh air, Sven will get offered a fortune told by the fortune teller for free. It will ice interpreted as “Follow the fool who thinks he knows what he’s talking about, or face your demons alone, either way it ends poorly.”

When everything is said and done, people can go their separate ways or stay at the inn. For those who elect to stay, there will be an eventless night (costs 2 resources). For those who leave, they’ll have some encounters.

Riccun, Svala and Danforth: They will find the burnt corpses of the witches hanging over a tree towards London. Tied along their necks will be the sign…

“Withes be warned, on this tree you’ll be mourned.”
Character Plot B224a0d63d17cfd5c034beff1a3c14cd

Argos, Sven, Rees and the Emerald Knight (and possibly Molly): Upon reaching Harrow, find out who is staying where. Once you figure it out, have the team inside Harrow Manor attacked by the Mysterious Figure. The figure will fight until Argos is either down to almost dead or the Mysterious Figure is outthought. If he defeats Argos, the figure will announce…

“You’re not ready yet for what awaits in the shadows.”

If Argos and crew somehow defeat the character, they’ll find out that the Mysterious Figure is Argos’s father, Alastair. He’ll tell the group that he was changed by Samir, and that he was forced to watch while Argos was changed. More importantly, after changing Argos, Samir began to lose his mind and decided to journey in order to find himself. Along with his men, he campaigned against the Stryx, and is certain that these creatures are out to destroy mankind. So, Samir traveled the Earth in hopes of finding answers as to how to repel them, calling his group the “Shades”. What the Shades found in their travel was a secret Mekhet sub-clan who kept secrets about such matters as Stryx and more, but only share for the most devoted (who essentially disappear from kindred society). Samir was changed into one of these sub-clan vampires, and began changing his men as well. However, in order to join, Samir requests that you must first find a replacement to cover your duties as a Shade, as it takes many to repel the Stryx.

Moving to Samhain
After the chaos of the night before, it’s time to start getting the team closer to Samhain (October 31st). Here is a breakdown of the path.

Argos: Hode talks to him about the kindred guiding England’s military leaders against France, as well as any other details Argos might want. Afterwards, Argos will have to do penance for murdering a member of the London court (Crackers). This will involve Argos sacrificing something he loves on the evening by Samhain.

Rees: The shaman will have many things to do, including dealing with the Emerald Knights dreams and catching Jack O’ Lantern. If Rees goes to Kerrydwen’s tower, he will receive the Stygian shroud.

Riccun: Will be invited to train his men and the hordes of the dead. This will take some getting use to, as many of the crew would lose their minds (PERSUASION + PRESENCE extended test DC 15). On the eve of Samhain, Octavia would request he come to her blood circle once the night begins, where he’ll be invigorated.

Titus: Simon Knight is laying a trap for the wolves. He’ll lure them to a cave by capturing David, Walter or Danforth. The Chained One will need to first be found feasting on a spirit so that he is out of the equation (too powerful).

Sir Conrad Daw
Character Plot Knight10
Daw is the man of Sir Owain, who agreed to help Octavia, only if its his man that ghouls and leads Edward III and the Black Prince. Conrad was embraced because of his loyalty and commitment to England. Conrad genuinely feels that England’s ethics and way of thinking are superior to all other kingdoms, and serves loyally. He served Edward the Long-shanks against the Scottish. Conrad allows Edward III and the Black Prince to battle by day, and then influences their minds each night as to what their next move should be.

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Character Plot Empty Re: Character Plot

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PLOT 2.13.16

Located off of the North Sea, the town of Grimsby is a major fishing and trading port that’s ranked 12th in the Crown’s tax revenue. It does not have walls due to its small size, and the marshy lands around it. The town is ran by the Senior Crown official, Edmund de Grimsby, who is the ancestor of the Dane founder. It’s most famous story is that of St. James church, which is associated with a folk tale of an imp who played tricks at the property, and was turned into stone by an angel as punishment.

The Wild Lantern Inn
Character Plot 2823fd10
From the outside it looks ugly, gloomy and dull. Small stones and well-crafted wooden beams make up most of the building's outer structure. It's near impossible to see through the large, curtained windows, but the lack of life from within can be felt outside. As you enter the tavern through the heavy, wooden door, you're welcomed by a layer of smoke hanging below the ceiling and the sound of the wind outside. The barkeep is lying in a chair, doing nothing and makes no effort to acknowledge your pressence.

It's as horrible inside as it is on the outside. Stone beams support the upper floor and the rows of small, molten candles attached to them. The walls are covered in cobwebs and any decoration that does hang there is now unrecognizable. The tavern itself is almost completely abanonded. The few people inside you'd like to stay away from, but whoever they are, it's about the clearest sign you can get, telling you you don't belong. You did hear rumors about this tavern, supposedly it's infamous for something, but for the life of you you can't remember what for. Though juding by everything in this place, it must be something horrifying.

Mildred the Barkeep
Character Plot 0e0025361da7ebe4354896bb2b136778
Physically: Gray haired, strong body odor, built like an ox. Her missing teeth are accented by her black gums.
Personality: Quiet, with suspicious tones and stares. She must have gone through some great tragedy that's left her jaded.

Lidia the Wench
Character Plot C1f060ab8015e71c8914c7c0fb0a941f
Physically: Youthful, with wild hair and innocent eyes. Her clothes are stained and ragged, though it appears she's taken a bath recently, as her skin is mostly clean.
Personality: Innocent and a bit naive. She's constantly looking for approval from Mildred.
----------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Tower is a 11th century building that was originally created as refuge from sea based invaders. However, in the 13th century, a series of fires created rumors that the devil had claimed the home for himself. It lay abandoned for years, made useful only by squatters. Then, in the early 14th century, a French princess who was voyaging from Paris to Scotland disappeared while traveling through Grimsby. It was later determined that a witch by the name of Keridwen had murdered her in order to keep France and Scotland from allying. The witch, who’d made her home at the tower, was hung along a tree just outside the fortress. It was said that night, the roof of the tower caved in, and its been a haunted ruin ever since.
Character Plot A-0300

Character Plot 80fdae_128488298afd4c40a6ac0ac5fb1a4f30
In the time of feuding rulers, there was one that proved to be more malicious and maniacal than any other. His name was King Callum Rutherford, and along with his maniacal wife, Halynn, they ruled Grimsby with an iron fist. Traitors, or those at least suspicious of treason, were executed weekly, and it became somewhat of form of entertainment for King Callum. But, as all cruel kings learn, one day his peasants uprose against him, and the price they wished him to pay came in many days of torture. Unwilling to suffer such a fate, King Callum and his wife, Hlynn locked themselves up in the tower.

For days a siege went on. Those few loyal to the king were slowly picked off until it was only the King and Queen. But to the surprise of the revolting peasants, upon smashing down the doors of his tower, King Callum and his wife were nowhere to be found. Though the group searched high-and-low, there was no sign of the royal tyrants. While many say that they simply slipped out during the cloak of night, others say that Satan granted them transformation into crows, allowing them to escape their grim fate.

Recent sightings however, beg to differ. It's said that on dark nights when the moon is ripe, you can see the ghostly King Callum and Queen Halynn through the rotted windows of the keep. It's said that they seek revenge for their deaths, and that anyone who attempts to claim their tower, even for a night's rest during grueling travels, is never seen from again.

Upon setting up camp, the team will notice that the ruins of the Tower aren’t anything fantastic or strange. If they look at the magical background, they’ll notice that their is a heightened strength in the area. When Rees looks past the Gauntlet, he’ll see a massive tower still standing, and the hazy outlines of deathly looking figures staring out from the windows (ghosts). If he continues to monitor, it will take a few hours, but he’ll eventually see a spirit that is harvesting food and drink for the Princess. The morbid looking creature of claws, teeth and eyes seems to wait for a moment, and then an eerie blue flame erupts near the tower. It’s only then that the creature passes through, disappearing through a Foci in the Gauntlet. Once the group passes through, they’ll be inside the Shadowlands.

OPTIONAL: Physical embodiment of an owl (familiar) helps Rees learn about the timing of the Foci.

The Maniac
Optional: When the group arrives to set up camp, they will witness a tall, gaunt peasant with knotty black hair and dingy clothing walking towards the Tower. His fingers have been cut off and replaced with random twigs (looks like he did it himself). Although it looks as if he hasn’t eaten in days, he’ll have a basket with bread, fruit and cheese inside, as well as a bladder full of fresh water. If the crew looks to communicate with him, he’ll speak about “Needing to feed the food. Shame on you for forgetting.”

Later, once the Gauntlet’s door is open, he’ll slip in. The group would see him (if they didn’t kill him) inside being either feasted upon by the walls or growing a snake like pair of legs.  

Crazed King's Ghost
Character Plot 80fdae_73bf3c21a1b44ae0a9a8010d70cfbd7b
Power 00
Finess 00
Resistance 00
Willpower 8
Essence 10
Initiative 8
Speed 18
Corpus 8
Character Plot 80fdae_d0d2d68e0fb142fb9041d47b373a9be3
--------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------

Description- The sky is plum and flickers like a candle through stained glass. No matter which way you turn, there is a drape of blackness nearby. Only the light emanating from you and your companions pierces through the shadow. A moaning wind relentlessly fills your ears, deafening all but the closest sounds. The cold draft brings in the fragrance of stale earth and damp stone. Everything you touch is cool and still, and lacks any reverberation, even when your compatriots take their heavy footsteps. This is the Shadowlands after all, a place that’s both void and brimming with dark life.

Though souls have no reflection in the Shadowlands when on the opposite side of the Gauntlet, being directly within it creates an illumination based on one’s nature.
Range The individual takes the dots he has in the below stat and multiples it by 2. This number is the amount of squares that emanate from the subject each way before shadow swallows it. This rule only works with supernatural creatures. Mortals have a base illumination.

*Mortals {None}: Mortals have a basic warm light similar to the gold reflection of torch light. This has a range of two squares.
*Kindred (Blood Potency): A red glow pulsates from the subject like blood undulating from a beating heart.
*Uratha (Primal Urge): A silver gleam radiates over the subject as if they were standing under a full moon.  
*Awakened {based on Nimbus} (Gnosis): A bright green light pulsates around a dark pupil sitting over the Mage’s heart, like the eye of a wild feline or hawk.  
Character Plot Green-eye-hi

As the group explores the Shadowlands, they’ll find an opening to a river of water in or around the facility (choose accordingly). When the group goes through, have them randomly go into one of the three “Flooded Dungeon” maps. Build isolation, while describing the faint outlines of shadow figures within the area that vaguely seem like the other crew. Once they go through the well, they will then be placed in random points in the main chambers of Kerridwen’s labs.

While going through the keep, Kerridwen’s ghost will attempt to use “Mind” on the group to make them go insane, while the spirits attempt to devour the Essence out of the crew. This should be more of a psychological piece than anything. The most important part is to have either Rees or Argos come across Kerridwen’s ravaged journal within her lab, so they can learn the ghost’s twisted plan, and the fact that someone (Sarsicus) has already come and visited her home, stealing her important formulas for opening portals to the realms of Pandemonium. Having Kerridwen’s ghost scream about “You took my notes!” is a great added effect.
Character Plot 80fdae_b7da106663ac4791b60e78ebbaf06905

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Bleeding Walls
Character Plot Bloody1
"Crimson trickles from the crevices of the walls. Energy can be felt pulsating as it dribbles.

Characters may drink the blood, gaining 1 vitae, 1 primal urge or 1 mana.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
"There's a constant scratching within the walls. Small red eyes and black shadows dart through the small holes within the stone barriers. Whenever you attempt to investigate, a rush of shadow scurries by before you can make sense of it." [/b]

Rat Spirit Swarm
Character Plot Cthulh12
Best At (5 dice): scratching endlessly with razor claw and teeth.
Worst At (1 die): Barely a pack of creatures
Willpower/Scene: 2
Aspirations: Gather essence, destroy intruders of their den
Initiative: 1
Defense: 3
Speed: 8
Health: 00000 ( 5 )
Weapons/Attacks: Attack +7 in group (+1 alone), Bite 1L
Banes: Fire
Numina: This is a pestilent creature. A successful point of damage also inflicts the Sick Tilt

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Chaos Spirit (Minor spirit/Hursah/Knight
Character Plot Tumblr_inline_nqc8p4N2Hc1tu9l0v_400
Title: Hursah 00
Trait Limits: 5
Maximum Essence: 10
Numina: 3
Corpus (Health): 00000000- 8 {No wound penalties, but loses 1 Essence per box of damage as well}
***Spirits that are destroyed aren't dead, but returned to dormancy state unless it runs out of Essence as well
Willpower: 6
Initiative: 6
Armor: 2/2
Defense: 4 (all attacks, including firearms)
Speed: 11
Size: 3
Language: Hisil (First Tongue)
Bans: Can not enter organized establishments such as churches, government buildings & businesses
Banes: Gold causes aggravated damage
Combat: Power + Finesse to attack (Cool
Weapon: Ephemeral

POWER (Strength, Intelligence, Presence)

FINESSE (Dexterity, Wits, Manipulation)

RESISTANCE (Stamina, Resolve, Composure)

Influence and Numina
Cost: 1 Essence
Dicepool: Power + Finesse vs victim's Intelligence + Primal Urge. The spirit torture's its victim's mind via psychic assault. If successful, the victim suffers the "Madness" condition for the rest of the scene.

*Armored Hide 00
Gives creature 2/2 natural armor

*Razor Maw 00
Does 2L damage and pierces through 2 points of armor

Attack: 8 dice, +2L
Chaos Spirit (Average spirit, Ensih,Baron
Character Plot C5fa3310
Title: Ensihim 00
Trait Limits: 9-14
Maximum Essence: 15
Numina: 5
Corpus (Health): 13- 0000000000000 {No wound penalties, but loses 1 Essence per box of damage as well} ***Spirits that are destroyed aren't dead, but returned to dormancy state unless it runs out of Essence as well
Willpower: 10
Initiative: 18
Armor: 2/2 (9/9 as an interrupt by spending 1 Essence)
Defense: 9 (all attacks, including firearms)
Speed: 18
Size: 5
Language: Hisil (First Tongue)
Bans: Entering an organized establishments such as churches, government buildings & businesses does damage
Banes: Gold causes +3A
Combat: Power + Finesse to attack (18) +2L
Weapon: Ephemeral

POWER (Strength, Intelligence, Presence)

FINESSE (Dexterity, Wits, Manipulation)

RESISTANCE (Stamina, Resolve, Composure)

Influence and Numina

Control Emotions (Influence): 3 Essence, Power + Finesse (18) s Resolve + Primal Urge
Failure automatically gives the character one of these conditions...

CONFUSED: Character cannot think straight. They suffer -2 to all Intelligence and Wits rolls. Resolution is taking an hour to clear the mind or if the character takes lethal damage.

COWED: Character has been put in their place through violence and dominance of another. The victim suffers -2 to any Physical and Social rolls to oppose the character who inflicted this Condtion if they do not spend Willpower. Resolution: Successfully injure or intimidate the character who inflicted this condition.

DELUSION: The character cannot make sense of the world they perceive, and because of it, avoids all that questions it. When facing the supernatural, or the s source of this Condition, the victim flees. If they cannot flee, they shut down. Every action they take that is not fleeing requires a Willpower point. Resolution: They reaffirm a sense of reality by expending Willpower while learning something new about the source of the condition.

SHADOW PARANOIA: The character has been afflicted with a supernatural panic, and is jumpy, on edge and afraid of every shadow- thinking it may have teeth. They suffer -2 to all perceptions rolls. Any failures on a Perception roll becomes a dramatic failure as they think they see an attacker out of the corner of their eye. Thinking rationally is difficult to the face of such fear and they suffer -2 to all Intelligence and Wits based dice pools. Resolution: Character reaches a place of safety or an exceptional success on a Perception roll.

Hallucination: The spirit may create an illusion experienced by a single target. It can be anything from a sight or sound to an imaginary person who holds a conversation. The Numen costs 1 Essence and is contested by the victim's Wits + Composure + Primal Urge.

Implant Mission: The Numen grants a mortal a vision of a task the spirit wishes him to accomplish as well as a mystical determination to see it through. The spirit pays 2 Essence and rolls Power + Finesse. On a success, the subject receives a short vision of what the spirit wishes them to do and is under the Obsessed Condition regarding carrying the mission out. [i](Obsession: Persistent, Something on your character's mind and they can't shake it off. They gain 9-again quality on rolls related to pursuing their obsession, and lose the 10 again quality if its not related. Resolution: The character sheds or purges her fixation.)

Regenerate: The spirit can use Essence to heal bashing and lethal wounds. This does not require a roll to activate, but costs 1 Essence and heals one point of bashing or lethal. The spirit must activate the power each turn to heal more severe wounds. Basins is healed first, then lethal.

Armored Hide: For 1 Essence, and as an interrupt action, the creature can strengthen its hide so that its armor is equal to its Power (9).

Maw: Does 2L, and can automatically grapple in addition to causing damage.

Attack: 18 dice, +2L

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Kerridwen’s warlock lab overflows with rare relics and trinkets. Amongst them are the following…

*Sack of coins: Resources 00000
Character Plot Coins-Sack-474010
*2 Soul Jars
Character Plot Warm-luminosity-with-sun-and-moon-jars-2

*Artifact, Skeleton Key:000 {Durability 6, Size 1, Structure 7, Mana Capacity 11
This key allows the user to unlock any mundane Sleeper’s door with a tumbler lock system. Locks with additional countermeasures like combinations are still impervious.
Character Plot 402x8010

*Artifact, Curer’s Cauldron 000 {Durability 6, Size 3, Structure 7, Mana Capacity 11}
Character Plot Latest?cb=20111106210457
This worn looking traveler’s cauldron can ritually brew (1 hour) a potion that gives the victim of any natural illness, poison or disease a new opportunity to reroll against the harmful illness, but with a +1 bonus. Most any herbs and liquids can be poured into the cauldron at the time, but it must be fed some type of drinkable components. The user then must concentrate on the cure, rolling Resolve + Composure, for an hour’s time (uninterrupted). If successful, the drinker of the potion may immediately make a new safe, regardless of when they were suppose to roll again.This may not automatically cure the person in the case of poisons, but can add additional successes towards a target.

 *Artifact, Lasher’s Whip 0000 {Durability 5, Size 4, Structure 6, Mana Capacity 11}
Character Plot Latest?cb=20110609192836
Damage: 0L (*0A w/ a point of Willpower), Initiative -2,  Special: Reach, Can not damage anyone wearing Full Plate unless they target a specific weak spot
This strange leather whip is stained with old blood. While it is especially unwieldy to use (-1 to Weaponry rolls unless you have a specialty in whips), an enchantment seems to allow the weapon to will supernatural damage to creatures of all kind. The weapon itself does 0L, but by spending a Willpower point, the user may allow the weapon to do 0A for one round instead.

Character Plot B273a90254d228f4c9266990778345d2
Armor Rating 1/0 (concealed, as Reinforced Clothing VM p.181), Covers: Torso, Arm, Legs, Durability: 2  Size: 4   Structure: 3
Mana Capacity: 11
Background: (Extended Research Test: Intelligence + Academics, Target: 10)
The witch, Kerrydwen, was obsessed with spirits and ghosts. In her time doing research along "Verge" areas, she is said to have traded with a mysterious figure who traded the Stygian Shroud in return for her to cast an unknown spell on him.
Effect: This black wool cloak has a leather hood, that when drawn up, gives the user the following...
Speak with the Dead (Death 0) p.135, The mage can see, hear and speak with ghosts within Twilight. He can also detect their unseen presence, if they are hiding or have chosen not to reveal themselves.
Spirit Tongue (Spirit 0) The mage can see, hear and speak with spirits. He can also detect their unseen presence if they are hiding or have chosen to not reveal themselves. Unless the mage has some means of peering across the Gauntlet or affecting the Shadow World, he can converse only with Twilight spirits (The mage can speak across the barrier of the Gauntlet with the Spirit 2 "Peer Across the Gauntlet" spell.

——————————————————————————————— ———————————
The Aftermath
Once the group rescues the Princess, they’ll find that they’re not quite the same as they came out. Everyone can gain either a Primal Urge, Blood Potency or Gnosis Beat. They’ll also need to make Resolve + Composure checks -2 v.s. Shaken condition. As they head back to London, they’ll learn that the locals are in an uproar, as they’ve found the murdered bodies of Simon Night and his companions, all apparently ripped apart by what looks like Satan himself.

*Zach gains +1 Hunter Skull

From there, they can report their findings to the Tower of London. Octavia will let the group know that the troops are nearly ready, supplies for English troops have been collected, and the ships will begin their preparations for post winter sail. Octavia will also introduce Riccun to his new ship, The S.S. Aegir (sea jotunn or sea giant).


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Plot 3.5.16 "Samhain"
Follow Up from Chaos...
The team will follow up on what they think has happened, and come to the conclusion that Sven is trapped in Kerrydwen's tower. Some things they may be able to realize is...

*Kerrydwen and any chaos spirits that they destroyed but did not drain of Essence, aren't dead, but rather dormant. They will return.

*The Chained One may be able to do something in order to save Sven once he's finished devouring his spirit victim.

*Pages of a book were stolen from Kerrydwen. Argos would have seen a man named Sarsicus, to which Ron would know is an Infernalist from Mysterium.

*Princess is most likely going to be bat-shit crazy when she awakens

Upon going to sleep, everyone would suffer from horrific nightmares. The nightmare would be similar to the Mind 0000 Spell, "Befuddle Mind" p. 212. Everyone would roll their Resolve + Gnosis against Kerrydwen's Mind + Finesse (7). Those who lose would lower their mental or social attributes at a success per dot rate over the target. The choice should be random and last a day.
Character Plot Latest?cb=20140928002225
Teeth gnash from the remaining creatures lingering in Kerrydwen's halls. Your vision drives past them. It drives past the screams of a man in the background and to the doorway that leads to the starry sky. Suddenly, it's as if you pierce the surface covering the stars and speed into one of the shimmering lights that just moments ago was in the background. As you do, your eyes take in the chaos of another world, one of horned monsters and horrific roars.
************************************** *****************************************************
The Sin Eater "The Jiangshi"

Chapter 1 Merit: Ghostly Guide
The ghost of Kiang, a Chinese warrior who died from the Netherworlder as well, accompanies you, giving advice and helping where he can.
Drawback: He is anchored to the arm bracers he's given you. He wishes for you to use them to destroy Rubio. Once that has happened, his soul can rest. He will never stop pestering you about it.
Character Plot Ghost_10

The Geist
Character Plot Geist10

************************************** *****************************************************

Character Plot Hqdefault

*Boat Show: Octavia and Robert Hoad will meet up and show the new boat and supplies it will take to France, along with Riccun's undead.
*Social Games: Riccun can associate with anyone in the Tower of London (earned through RP)
*Samhain Blood Ceremony
Character Plot 27e5032d1ed0fc539e6b1ff6d5203915
Ten Tattoos would give Riccun 10 extra Vitae that would last for "A year and a day"

Character Plot Ftl134_rakdos
The Blood Ritual will be attended by...
Ametrine Scarth
Svala will be in the background

*********************** ***************************************************************


Meanwhile Argos may want to both get involved in Rees's issues, as well as recovering Sven. On the day of Samhain, Sven will be plopped back down from The Chained One's rescue operation.

Otherwise, Argos will first find out that his man has caught Black Death, and has been taken out into the wilderness where he suffers in his pain.

Finally, Argos can meet with Robert Hoad who will provide a map of the mountain town that Archbishop Zosimus is making refuge within the  Ardennes mountains. The town is a secret sanctuary where Zosium, his Lancea Sanctum, and a small town worth of villagers they feed on, reside. This is where Archbishop Zosimus commits many of his Thabian Sorcery rituals.

************************ ***************************************************************


Rees’s “possible” familiar will inform the druid that recognizes Jack O’ Lantern. It would say that it can help search for signs of the spirit if Rees wants to tend to Emerald Knight and the Princess. When the familiar-owl returns, it will have the following information for Rees.

*Jack O’ Lantern has fully possessed its host, forming into some hybrid horror.
*Jack O’ Lantern has also called forth its choir, and has them taking over the forms of a group of bachelor farmers.
*Jack O’ Lantern is setting up some type of ritual that he’ll most likely conduct once the Background strength of Earth is at its peak (its trying to create a mana pool, much like an oblation, where it drains the life from the pumpkin patch, trees and crops so that it will have an endless source of Essence to feed off of near its anchor).  
(If Nick is playing) The Owl will have communicated with the Sin-Eater, and has negotiated aid in the affair.

“Say Hello to the Princesses for Us.”
While organizing, Rees will see that the Emerald Knight has become infatuated with his Princess. Slowly, she’ll begin to awake, but will immediately show signs of being mad. She’ll first run into a corner, swatting away at everyone. When they try to feed her, she’ll be famished, and after eating like a savage, slowly warm up to them (opening a door 1/5).

Rees will understand that she’s been mentally tortured in her dreams, which creates a type of maniacal Essence that has been used to fuel the methods of opening a portal to Pandemonium. Though her theories are mad, it may be frightening to Rees that the missing pages of her book could possibly create a gate to the realm of Pandemonium.  

*********************** ***************************************************************
*Returns to connect with the Chained One about saving Sir Sven.
After Titus deals with the Chained One, who has just finished devouring a spirit, he can send him off to try and save Sven. Afterwards, Titus will connect with Sir Owain, who will give Titus the keys to the Chapel Royal of St. Peter. He’d explain that the keys are…
Short Key with twin circles: Opens everything in the crypt
Short Key with clover: opens anything in the main church area upstairs
Long Key with shell design: Opens secret tunnel to the White Tower in case of emergencies
Long Key with two serpent tails: Never use it

Afterwards, Titus will be able to roam the area while Sir Owain sleeps. He'll be attracted to a certain mausoleum...
Character Plot Mausol11
A sensual voice will talk from inside, introducing itself as Mara. Mara will let Titus know that she's in here because "William put me in here. I did something to his kingdom long ago, and I'm being punished."

She'll be very affable, and will even guide Titus towards valuables in the tomb of Damarius Smith (Resources 0000 worth of coin). She'l alsol let him know that there is a valuable necklace within the tomb of Sir Walter Henry. This necklace (prop) is called the Jewel of Remorse.
OOC: Zach can turn in the Jewel of Remorse in order to reset an entire round, from top to bottom. This should be used only if a very serious set of actions led to dire circumstances that Zach wants to reset. Anything that happened that round is as if it never happened at all.  

She'll simply ask that Titus bring her some books or entertainment from specific tombs, as she's terribly board inside the masoleum. She'll also let him know that she's very knowledgable. If he has certain questions, she'll be happy to try and help answer them. As time goes on, she'll try to get information to Zach, and even convince him that she can help him defeat the spirits. On Samhain, she'll use the books if Zach gets them for her to break the wards around her and escape.

Character Plot E1bd89867b2adf7a2b57b1059bfd508f

Character Plot 14.06


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The Assault on Compiègne
Compiègne is a commune town in northern France. It is located on the Oise River, and uses the waterway for drinking, transportation and its simple sewer system. Its six-thousand surfs and peasants are called Compiégnois. The town is mostly made of religious conformists. It’s main sites include the Chapelle de Marie (church of Mary), la forteresse de ram (The Ram’s Fortress) and the Amour Maison (bath house).


Character Plot Map%20of%20Compiegravegne_zps5puliylp

Character Plot Tumblr10

VAMPIRES: Sobbing women, crying babies and the moans of the dying fill Compiegne's streets. Although your mind tells you that this is war, your heart tells you that the suffering of those who are not involved is cruel, creating a possible stir of empathy from you.

Breaking Point p.107 VtR. 2 DICE for Impassioned killing.

In particular
Argos: A crying child shouting "mamam , mamam" reminds you of your long lost son who never had a mother. This child now, will suffer the same.
Character Plot 108350824-poor-hungry-child-sitting-on-a-cart-and-gettyimages

Riccun: The norse believed in the glory that echoes through war. But a battle like this, which will long be forgotten, sits grimly with Riccun. For even Odin has taken heed of such darkness when questioned by Thor.

"The riddle of war and pain is a secret that I will teach those who join me. For it is foolish to think that pain does not hurt, just as greed intoxicates and lust burns. We may not die easy and we surely won't die well, but if our deeds are remembered, we feast in Valhalla.  To be forgotten in the mud though is the darkest fate there is."

Every Uratha finds themselves torn between two extremes. They are the hunter wearing human skin, a creature of NATURE unlike any other. However, they are also a creature of spirit, an UNEARTHLY entity that exists of the spirit world.

Roll Resolve + Composure and Willpower can not modify this roll. Werewolves subtracts one die from the roll for each point of Harmony below 5. Killing humans is an act of the spirit, If they fail (p. 104 WtF), move one step closer to SPIRIT.

Sin-Eaters who flout the needs of their Geist can quickly spiral into a circle of degeneration that deadens the Psyche and makes the Sin-Eater’s job as a psychopomp very difficult to complete. For fighting and committing  serial murder, the Sin-Eater rolls two dice( p.86 Geist).

Dramatic Failure: Not possible; no chance roll is made for Synergy degeneration or derangements.
Failure: Failure after committing a sin against Synergy results in the loss of one dot of Synergy and a subsequent roll of that new Synergy rating to test for a derangement. Failure on the second Synergy roll results in a derangement, unless the character’s resulting (lower) Synergy is 7 or more.
Success: On a roll after a Synergy sin, the character man- ages to stave off the debilitating effects of violating the code of the Underworld. On a follow-up to a loss of Synergy, the character retains clearness of thought and does not gain a derangement.
Exceptional Success: On a roll after a Synergy sin, the character experiences a sudden burst of confidence; the character gains a point of Willpower as well as retaining his Synergy. On a Synergy roll to avoid degeneration, no special effect occurs, though the character avoids the derangement.

Breaking Points: Though most of the mortals involved are trained warriors and soldiers, the aftermath of this battle has created a psychological stress worth considering. A breaking point simply means that what a character has done or seen has outstripped their ability to rationalize or handle it. Perhaps they've violated their personal code or witnessed something that rattles them.

Roll Resolve + Composure with a modifier based on the character's Integrity rating (p.74 WoD).
10-8: +2
7-6: +1
5-4: +0
3-2: -1
2-1: -2

Also add these modifiers...
(custom) Character is a battle-hardened warrior: +2
Character is protecting themselves in battle: +1
(possible) Character is acting in accordance of virtue: +1
(possible) Character is acting in accordance of their vice: -1
Witnessing murder: -3
causing visible serious injury to a person: -2

Dramatic Failure: Character loses a dot of Integrity and is Broken, Fugue, or gains Madness. Also take a beat.
Failure: Lose a dot of Integry and gain either Guilty, Shaken or Spooked.
Success: Character feels guilty but can cope. Choose Guilty, Shaken or Spooked.
Exceptional Success: Character reaffirms self worth or finds meaning in the act. Gain a Beat and Willpower point.


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Letter from Alena Atropus (On the foot of a crow)
My Archon,

The “Foresworn” have kept their part of the bargain, and uncovered what sleeps under Paris. However, Gabranth is no fool. He has only shared half of his information with me. The other part will be delivered once he collects Calos’s book is in Ireland. Abandon the Foresworn’s elimination until they return. They will need me to translate their text. Once the war is over, and the devil worshipers have finished their part of the bargain, we’ll finish our work.

Until then, continue to aid on the battlefield. I will send another crow when you’re needed. After Gabranth is dead, we’ll focus on those beneath our feet. I know you’ll find the orchestrator of our underground dramatics quite entertaining, given your past.  

Lastly, be sure that the Lancea knows nothing about our dealings with the Brood. Doing so may cost us their support. Dispose of anyone who may be considered a loose end. We don’t want the mistress destroying our marriage. Only then can we continue our search for Salvius’s tomb.

Alena Atropus


PLOT 3.30.16

The team will pass through the Black Plague ridden town of Priez late in the evening. The farm village of 49 people is littered with plague. The head of the town, Gaspard Pierrat, has been bed ridden for the last three weeks, and is covered in black boils. His wife, Veronique, is already heart struck due to the loss of their son, Fabrice. In addition, a frightening macabre spirit who goes by Mariette will be dancing around town in incorporeal form (Rees and Trapper can see, Low-Gasp can sense), painting homes black with her plague brush.  Not far off is the Cheateau Os (Oye-S'). This once great castle of the 11th century has recently been decimated by English war bands.

Character Plot Bd10

GOOGLE MAPS: Priez,+France/@49.1413686,3.2784372,7777m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x47e8eda01bcbab75:0x50b21b09d520c5ab

Should the players keep their mortals in the town, risking Black Plague with them as well?
Will Rees risk trying to cure those who are deemed incurable by Master Physicians w/ his Life Aracana?
Is it best to slay everyone who is infected as to stop the Scourge from having another nest of essence?
Should they try to capture the Plague Spirit known as Mariette?
Should they rest here, at the Cheateau Os or move on and suffer fatigue?

Trapper: Hunting the Hunter
If Trapper heads to Paris (Yondell Sellers) or to the mountains (Zosimus), he’ll learn that there is a holy knight from Rome that tracked him to the Tower in London, and has been waiting for the wolf to come out. To the dismay of the Holy Knight, Trapper left directly in a royal boat. However, recent sightings of the holy knight have appeared in La Harve, France. It appears that Trapper’s misdeeds have caught up with him.

Argos: Holy Thief

Sword of Saint William of Gellone
Character Plot Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSk3gTESUARPNliTBTADrxtHMFjl4iDEpw-yH3CMQm2h_dZRCbP
Saint William of Gellone, also known as William of Aquitaine,[1] (755 – 28 May (traditional) 812 or 814[when?]) was the second Count of Toulouse from 790 until his replacement in 811. His Occitan name is Guilhem, and he is known in French as Guillaume d'Orange, Guillaume Fierabrace, and the Marquis au court nez. William was canonized a saint in 1066 by Pope Alexander II.[1]

He is the hero of the Chanson de Guillaume, an early chanson de geste, and of several later sequels, which were categorized by thirteenth-century poets as the geste of Garin de Monglane. Another early product of oral traditions about William is a Latin Vita ("Biography"), written before the 11th century, according to Jean Mabillon, or during the 11th century according to the Bollandist Godfrey Henschen.

With an Intelligence + Craft check (10, 10 minutes per roll), Argos finds out that this 8th century blade has been well kept, and reinforced by the forge every few decades. Though the structure it 1 less than a typical blade, it can still be used in combat.

With an Intelligence + Occult check, (-3 obscure Catholic ruins), Argos knows that in the hands of someone of good heart (Integrity 7 or up), this blade can be used for devastating effects.
Rules: In the hands of someone with Integrity 7, this adds the 9-again rule (8-again if they already have it), and adds +0 Aggravated damage

Riccun: The Ruins of our Ancestors
Riccun can make an Intelligence + Academics check. If he succeeds, he would find out that the Cheateu just outside of the Black Plague town is the French awarded castle given to the Normans in the late 11th century as homage to their leader Rollo. If they go there, Riccun will find that though it is now in ruins, there are Norse symbols that depict the hybrid faith of the Normans- in which Norse gods and the Catholic God coexist. Riccun can gain the inspired condition whether he’s angered or not. If he is angry, he is inspired by his own commitment to the old gods. If he rejoices, he is inspired by his culture’s influential history.
Character Plot Castle%20Acre%20ruins

Rees: Keeping the Spirit
After aiding the English, Rees will come back with a sense of self. For Rees is above all, in touch with nature, and nature begs for balance. With so much death, it’s wise to attempt to preserve life. Once Rees connects with the team, he’ll find that many interesting things are going on with ghosts and spirits.
Black Plague: There have been multiple locations where the background is high, and a few infected villages are gathering pools of essence to be fed off of later by pestilence spirits.
War: Battlefields and fortresses are dripping with a negative type of essence that would be good only for spirits of war, chaos and death.
Hanzo’s Sword: The samurai’s blade seems to have somehow become imbued with spiritual essence, though Rees would have to examine it more to understand it. When he does, he'll learn that it is a powerful Fetish, filled with Spirit Essence in order to strengthen the wielder.
Xu: Is possessed by a spirit, though it seems that the monk is attempting to bury the creature and chain it inside him.
Ghosts: The dead of residual ghosts and intelligent once are littering France. Dead French and English soldiers are everywhere, trapped between this world and the afterlife (in the twilight).

Genku: Dead Relations
Xu will finally connect with Genku. He’ll let Genku know that in order to avoid his fate with Rubio, Xu has had to barter further deals. He’d put it as, “In order to avoid the tiger, I’ve had to make a deal with vipers.” Xu will also ask questions, and after finding out that Genku has a Geist in him, confess that he has something inside him that’s never been alive before. The struggle has been great, and it’s caused Xu to suffer immensely. Xu must first commit to his bargain, and help stop of the Invictus. If he does so, Xu has been promised his freedom. Once he is free, Xu looks to return to their monastery, in hopes that their master will write to the great Shaolin Wiseman, Shun Wi. Xu would offer Genku to travel with him afterwards.


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Plot 4.9.16

Riccun needs to make two Humanity checks to create ghouls (4 dice).
Rees should make a Resolve + Composure check -4 for Obsession to not gain OBSESSION (Persistent) CONDITION. "Something's on your character's mind and she just can't shake it off. They gain the 9-again quality on all rolls related to pursing their obsession. On rolls that are unrelated to their obsession, they lose the 10-again quality.
Resolution: Character purges on their fixation. GAIN A BEAT.
Trapper: Resolve + Composure for ignoring their spiritual duty -2 towards Flesh. Character gains "Guilty" condition. GUILTY: YOU FEEL REMORSE. -2 TO ANY RESOLVE OR COMPOSURE ROLLS VS SUBERTUFGE, EMPATHY OR INTIMIDATION. RESOLUTION: CONFESS AND MAKE RESTITUTION.

The group will try to coax the priest of St. Mary’s Cathedral (Monsignor Gerald Dubos) into doing their dirty work, sending him as a personal messenger in order to speak with Archbishop Zosimus. While there is merit to this (He can attest that the invaders took mercy on those in the church), it also creates several problems. Players can roll the following…

Wits + Empathy -2 because of Monsignor Dubos’s current disposition w/ the group
Exceptional Failure: Monsignor Dubos has changed sides, and will definitely get the job done, even if it’s with his last dying breaths.
Failure: You fail to pick up on any emotions of Monsignor Dubos
Success: Monsignor Dubos may be grateful that his church was spared, but to him and the French people, the murder of everyone else around them still leaves circumstances tense.
Exceptional Success: As w/ success, plus Monsignor Dubos is a simple man. Giving him too complicated of a task w/ most likely end with him muddling it up.

Afterwards the team can next give an Intelligence + Politics
Exceptional Failure: The Monsignor knows France like the back of his hands, and will surely avoid French authorities at every turn
Failure: You fail to pick up on any further insight
Success:  The Monsignor is by no means a master of survival or deception. He’ll need to take the roads as to not get lost, but that will mean he has a good chance of running into French patrols and gate authorities. He’s a simple priest, and has no real authority to deliver messages.
Exceptional Success: Archbishop Zosimus, who is a cruel soul, may become infuriated with the message if not delivered well. His temper may very well cost Monsignor Dubos his life.

If they commit to the original plan, the Monsignor can roll Wits (2) + Survival (1).
Exceptional Failure: He’s killed during the trip.
Failure: He’s turned away by guards and road patrols.
Success: He gets to the mountain town and gains audience to speak with Zosimus.
Exceptional Success: He gets there with haste, and earns an audience with Zosimus at once.

Then, his Presence (3) + Persuasion (2) + Willpower (3) w/ a -2 due to the complicated circumstances.
Exceptional Failure: He’s murdered by Zosimus for his terrible pitch.
Failure: He’s sent away during the trip without sway.
Success: He delivers the message as best as he can.
Exceptional Success: He sounds convincing when he speaks with the Archbishop.


The Road to Destiny
If the team continues w/ their plan, they’ll need to make some distinct rolls. While attaining legitimate coffins will cost 2 Resources, 4 if they want them to be grand tombs, disguising themselves as legitimate people who would be allowed on the roads to return their dead could be tough.
First, they’ll need to attain disguises. Going as plane clothed individuals, or worse, skull-knights, English guards and Knights of St. George, will gain attention. -4 if they are going as is, and -2 if they are trying to make basic disguises out of what they have. It’s an additional -1 for Mark, who tends to gain a lot of attention as a giant.

Next, they’ll need to forge documents. First, they’ll need to make Intelligence + Politics -2 for unfamiliarity with French procedures to write the correct forged documentation. Afterwards, they’ll need to make a Dexterity + Larceny check in order to make the proper letter, handwriting and seal. If both are successful, they act as a Dicepool 2 Equipment bonus to anyone scrutinizing them. If successful with everything, they’ll gain the temporary MERIT: Alternate Identity 00, Mercenaries: Supports ID w/ Paperwork to even approach a bureaucratic background check. It's not liable to stand up to extensive research, but it will turn away private investigators and internet hobbyists.

Even if the group aces the rolls, you may wish to create an intense scene w/ the scrutiny of the documents and bodies.

Do not forget to introduce them to the Banee. She’ll be a washerwoman cleaning clothes near the river. She’ll be washing skull armors, a Knight of Saint George tunic, a black robe, and a red lion’s tunic with a black lion.
Character Plot BabaYaga_FBHEAD_Flat
If the group successfully gets to Paris, they next need to enter Elysium. Upon arriving, all w/ predator’s taint will gain the attention of  Gilda Miette. She will pretend to be a simple serving wench and give anyone present a letter with the Rules of Elysium.



Once settled, Sir Gaspart Bellegarde: Knight of the Jolie Faucon (Pretty Hawk), will overhear Argos talking to the barkeep, Fransua, and let him know that this “Yandell Sellers” he’s looking for is no good scum. Sir Bellegarde will then inquire about Argos and his crew to see what they’ve been up to. Argos can make a Wits + Investigation -3 for Disguise if Sir Bellegarde becomes too suspicious.

Character Plot 80fdae_4a5cbd274b6343ebad518e104fb3cbf1

SPECIFICALLY: The scars on his face are painted, and the cut from his broken nose is sticky pig fat. The light ceremonial armor is a brittle metal. The shield is a blend of several vague knightly orders and the sword is a type of scrap iron that would break upon use.

Everyone will have a small scene if need be. Here are some suggestions.

Argos/Riccun: Can connect with Yandell, who will ask Argos for 3 Resources worth of coin for the location of the Abandon Mine under Paris. He’ll also ask for 5 resources worth of coin for a chance to speak with the Mekhet. This would asuumeingly take Argos and Riccun a night to get that type of coin if you want them to stay for a night.

Dontes/Trapper: Dontes would track Trapper to the inn to tell him about Torin Mhor being in France, as well as the Spirit of Strife starting to follow the main body of the French Army (as if shit is about to go down very soon).

ANY/ALL: The gargoyle, Kaziel, briefly makes an appearance, watching the crew from the rooftop, and flying away into the night sky.

An introduction to the Mercenary, Claude Alucard, could also be taken.

Mara can show and seduce Trapper, creating a future abomination.

Finally, the mad Emily de Burgh can make an appearance in order to feed unnecessarily. Though the crew can beat her easily, her lack of humanity, and threat to expose the group with her presence to the Invictus, should create an eerie scene.  
————————- —————————————————————————————

Afterwards, the group will be guided to a spot in the beggars market where they can get into the old mine. It will be warned that this is a very seedy area in general. From there, you can begin the dungeon crawl.

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The Aqua Ducts
Character Plot Sewers
These shadowy mine tunnels have been flooded with water from rain, sewage and seepage from the Seine River. The stench of rotten vegetation and waste attacks nostrils (-2 odor). The rush of putrid water impairs listeners (-2 audio). In addition, the green shine along the walls from the reflective waters cause tricks of light (-2 visual). Anyone who steps into the cold water feels finger like rubbish streak across their calves as they slog through. All movement in its knee high depths are done at a 2-1 ratio.

The Mine Camp
Character Plot The_mines_of_moria_by_nortenyo
At one time, this subterranean camp would have been used to store miner’s goods and equipment. What’s left over has been rotted, soiled or eroded. Time has seen to that. A break in the stone walls has created an underground stream. A stagnant pond drinks the water at the pool.

Wolves: The smell of semen, shit, rotten fish and flesh grows stronger and stronger.
Kindred: A foul perfume of what can only be old blood tickles your nostrils.
Mortals: The darkness creates black silhouettes and corridors blocked by shadow (blind condition). Luckily, you can vaguely see the outline of a cobweb infested torch along the wall.

The Spatial Pocket
The vacuum of space shreds through your eardrums. All around you is an endless scape of stars speckled along a sable canvas. It’s cold. You stand on a rock continent, chained by smaller islands. Standing before you is a middle-aged man with a smokey long beard. He’s adorned in a velvet cloak with ornate designs. He wears gold bracers, charms and rings. There’s blood and dirt wedged between his nails. Covering his head is a ram’s skull. He looks to you with a poisonous grin before parting his lips.

“You have the honor of making my acquaintance. Now, let’s see how clever you are. Say my name.”

Intelligence + Occult -2 for being inexperience
Exceptional Failure: You think that you could easily escape by leaping off this rock. It has to get you back to where you came from.
Failure: You’re uncertain if this is an illusion, special effect or other realm.
Success: You’re wise enough to know that this is a Spatial Pocket.
Exceptional Success: You understand that only a Master of Space could create such a spell.

“Power doesn’t have enemies for long.”
Sarsicus has been working on ways to attain ultimate power for sometime. Unfortunately during his work, he’s found that time is not on his side. Below are his current aspirations.
(S) Figure out a way to skip through time in order to avoid the Consilium that’s been hunting him for his crimes.
(S) Continue his studies on the realm of Pandemonium to see if it can help him take a short cut to the Exarchs as Kerrydwen claims.
(L) Find “The Unknown Tower”, a term used by mages to refer to a mythical and mysterious sixth Watchtower. Unlike the other watchtowers, the Unknown Tower does not seek out mages- instead a mage must cross the Abyss and search for it before he or she can add their name to its roll. Most mages are not aware, or do not believe, that the Unknown Tower exists, and those who do, debate nearly every detail. It is, however, almost certainly infernal in origin.
Character Plot 80fdae_aa6f44a3924446119b297ce193da3c17

Sir Elmo Gessler
Character Plot Game_of_thrones__ascent_character_artwork__knight_by_dashinvaine-d6wxiac
BREAKING POINT (4 Dice): "I've failed this person. Elmo's brother died fighting my battles, and was devastated by his twin's death. After, I provided little to nothing of what this knight needed, causing a knee jerk reaction that caused him to look for more."


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The characters will all have one scene in Paris.

THEFT OF CLOTHING: If Argos is looking for a dark surcoat, he'll first need to make a Wits + Streetwise -2 due to unfamiliarity with Paris. If he gets a success, he finds a dark surcoat. If he gets an Exceptional Success, he can get Equipment: Fashion w/ Dice Pool +1 in Gothic or Noble settings. If he is using obfuscate, have Argos roll Dexterity + Larceny + Obfuscate. Even a failure will only make the tailor notice that the dark surcoat he had hanging is missing. Only a Critical Failure gets Argos caught.

After Argos finds Yondell at the Glass Shield, and then rests nearby, he'll need to make a Frenzy check (Resolve + Composure -2 for Hungry  +2 on Elysium grounds)

To Inspire/Sales Pitch Yandell to go to Harrow in order to look into Supernatural: Presence + Persuasion -2 because of Yodel's doubt

ARGOS'S HUNT: Sneaking into homes to drink is dangerous. Dexterity + Stealth + Obfuscate -2 for Poaching and -2 for Hunting during a war

Marcelline Bidault
Argos wishes to meet with Marcelline Bidault in hopes to find out more about what goes on with the Mekhet. Like all Mekhet, she knows great secrets, but isn't willing to just throw them away. However, she does know far too many bad things, and as much as she tries, she can not unknown them.

The fire in the meeting room flickers. From the corner of your eye, a slithering motion grabs your attention. You see a doll faced girl, no older than sixteen, appear in the corner. She's adorned in a silk emerald gown with a matching shaw. Her large blue eyes look worn, and the black asp in her tiny hands seems to move its head along with hers.
"Please, the fire," she begs. Once it is smothered, Argos finds her sitting in the seat across from him, her hands tucked under the table.

What she's willing to tell for free...
*The Invictus have received word of the Grave Knight's death, and are nervous about Octavia's assassins.
*The Prince of Aragon is Mekhet. There are multiple Mekhet Sages in Persia and Northern Africa as well. They are rare in Central Europe and Britain.
*Gabranth Maggart's Bellial's Brood was once one of Octavia’s cults to Lilith. She told them her stories of ancient Rome, and how the Sennex used a priest named Calos's book to try and destroy all supernatural creatures. Gabranth now want that book to continue what the Sennex started.
*They would learn that an angel by the label of the Herald will have struck a bargain with Spring Father, asking him to safe-keep the book of Calos. Unfortunately, its rumored that the Spring Father, in his lack of care for the world, traded it to another Fae, The Green Knight, as part of a fairy contract.
*The Green Knight is now some type of Fairy exile. While Belials Brood will not know how to find the Green Knight, they would learn about a changeling named Tam Lin, who has been tracking the Exile with his Sidhe abilities for reasons unknown.  Gabranth's Brood are tracking him there, while their minions are cleaning up any loose ends so that no one else can learn of their devious schemes.
*There is a group of creatures that are jealous of all aspects of life, and bitterly hate all living beings for that vital force. They are the Strix, and they possess the corpses of men in order to wreak havoc. While the Strix usually are isolated by choice, recent Mekhet have found that they are working together as of late. A conclave of Strix- known as a parliament by occultist Kindred, have been slaying key vampiric figures throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. This is why Alena Atropus doesn't come out of her Chateau. She's waiting for the Stryx to pass her up, and kill Octavia instead.

What she'll tell for a deal
*Who is Octavia's most powerful supporter in London? In return she'll tell about Samir and his whereabouts in Egypt (that is where she met him). For years he and his men (Withered Shades) fought a losing battle the Strix. That's when he found the Khabit in Northern Africa, a bloodline of the Mekhet clan with a lineage that originated in ancient Egyptian cults of Set. Their role was to assist their "Dark Lord" in keeping back the even more ancient powers of darkness; they were warriors who made darkness a weapon against the forces who would spring from it. Their name means "shadow" in Egyptian. They are the sole practitioners of the Discipline known as Obtenebration, which allows them to control and manipulate darkness and shadow. This affinity with the dark makes them even more fearful of the light than other Mekhet.

What are some of Octavia's strongest capabilities? In return, she'll tell that Samir taught his most capable "Withered Shades" the vampiric strengths of the Khabit, but warned that this was fickle compared to the knowledge they keep. He then went underground, all but impossible to find unless he wants to. It's said that he still watches, and if a Khabit proves to him that they understand the meaning of being Khabit, he'll come to them and take them with him. Marceline has been taken to the first part, and has come back to her home in hopes to both warn other kindred while find a worthy student. Unfortunately for Argos, she can't be his mentor. Someone else has already requested that rite.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------

The two wolves would go to find Danforth, who has seemingly been tracking Bone Shadows (smells of sage, burning wood and hot metal). When they catch up, they’ll find the massacre of the French Bone Shadows (Balin Kent and Desiree Portiere). There would also be a Hursih spirit (newly self aware or squire spirit) branded with the Bale Hounds symbol, who bears a message. The spirit and its choir were assembling with the Bone Shadows to feed them information about the malicious dark spirits of France when Strife, along with an insidious uratha abomination, slaughtered everyone. There was also another uratha with them, one who is a descendent of the Black Wolf (Uratha would call them Hunters in the Darkness: Olivier Laframboise), who helped. According to what the spirit overheard, he joined Strife because the greater dark spirit promised to chase the English out of his territory. The three, Strife, Bale Hound and Bone Shadow, spared the Hursih spirit so he could deliver a message to the last of the uratha hunting down Strife.

“You will follow your nature just as Father Wolf did, and ultimately die just like him. However, I beseech you to think out your actions. You are out-powered. We are the indestructible spirit of war, a Bale Hound known for slaying entire packs, and a Hunter in the Darkness forced to save his territory. You will lose. Go home. However, if you still wish to die, we will be feasting on the deaths of the next great battle. Come only if you wish to be torn limb from limb.

SWEARWOLF HUNTING: Spirit Sense (p. 94 WtF), Uratha can peek across to experience Shadow realm, extending any or all of their senses across the Gauntlet. However, the Foresaken are forever denied existing in both places at once thanks to their sins. With an instant action to focus, the Uratha can send any of her senses across the Gauntlet. If they wish to do so reflexively, they must spend a point of Essence. Without a gift, each of their senses are binary (relating to, composed of, or involving two things), she can smell or hear in either spirit or flesh. They suffer a -2 penalty to all actions that rely on Perception or concentration, and lose their ability to ignore sensory penalties from their wolf senses. A werwolf can only send their form's default senses across the Gauntlet, and cannot pass their wolf's sense of smell to the Hisil in Daul form. The Gauntlet poses a further barrier, and all Perception rolls suffer a penalty determined by the Gauntlet's Strength. They do not need to focus in order to sense spirits in the Twilight unless the spirit is trying to hide.

Tracking: Wits + Survival + Primal Urge -2 to track spirits via Spirit Senses.

This will set the group up for the oncoming battle.

Next, the werewolves can hunt for Essence by doing the following…

After Rees hunts for Mana, the Emerald Knight will connect with him. The Emerald Knight will let Rees know that he feels the upcoming battle may be treacherous. He’d give Rees a note, and ask him to swear to only open it if the Emerald Knight passes on. The Emerald Knight will also let Rees know that it’s been an honor serving the great Black Druid. Rees has taught him the marvels of magic, wisdom and even helped the Emerald Knight find love (Secretly, The Emerald Knight is named Padrig XXII


My Lord,

It has been an honor serving you for these seasons. Now that I rest, you can learn of the secret I’ve sworn to never speak. My true name is Padrig XXII. I am the great descendent of your Uncle Padrig, as well as part of an order that has sworn to keep your lands in Western Britain safe. For the last eight-hundred years, every Knight of Emerald has had visions of your return. whom Uncle Padrig prophesied you would return in order to wake our country’s great Red Dragon, and as I’ve seen, you will. My Lord, do not take my death as a blow to your leadership. You’ve taught me reason in honor, wisdom in chivalry and love within shadow. I am forever in your debt. Go now my lord, and help return the dragon- enjoying your lovely lady, Antha all the while. These are my only wishes to you.
Padrig XXII

Rees can also  start opening doors on his way in order to find a spirit ally or try to bond with Fearowe. If Rees is trying to avoid French soldiers, Fearowe will give him a +3 Equipment bonus for travel, as he will be the lookout from the skies, sharing emotions with Rees.

"A mound of brush, soil and branches strangle along a humanoid heap. It's feet are not so much moving, as roots, rocks and twigs lift up in order to propel the creature. As the spirit closes in, the fragrance of flowers and fresh soil permeate in the air. The calls of robins and blue jays sing all around. This surely is a spirit of nature."
Character Plot Wild_s10

“We come together to reflect all of nature’s aspects. We are the cycle. We are primordial. We are peaceful. We are vengeful.”

Intelligence + Occult -4 because of how exotic this spirit is…
Success: Instead of paying fealty to more powerful spirits of compatible resonance, four Hursihim spirits (Squires, weakest of the conscious spirits) have found a way to amalgamate in order to make a single shared entity comparable to a Ensihim (stronger spirit).
Exceptional Success: With success, plus one would know that these spirits would be very unstable, but in return have far more spiritual Numina (powers) than most spirits of its rank. While staring at this Spirit’s Aura, Rees can identify this creature’s individual personalities (below).

SPIRIT 1 (Animal: Birds of Prey): This creature represents every living predatory animal in the world. It is patient, merciless and distant.

SPIRIT 2 (Elemental: Earth): This creature’s demeanor is thoughtful, straightforward, but regards others as passing concerns at best, unimpressed with the brief lives of flesh beings.

SPIRIT 3 (Conceptual: Vengeance): This spirit’s personality represents the constant need to avenge the wrongs of nature. Towns, loggers, boaters- they must all be taught a lesson for attempting to conquer nature.

Rank: Ensih 000
Trait Limits: 9 dots
Attribute Dots: 15
Maximum Essence: 20
Numina: 7
Size: 5
Corpus (Health): 10 {spirits don’t have wound penalties}
Willpower: 10 {can gorge on Essence to gain +3, gain +1 naturally each day}
Initiative: 12
Speed: 6
Defense: 9 (Stalwart)
Languages: Hisil
Ban: The spirit can not step into human towns
Bane: Tools made for manufacturing items or structures
Combat: Power + Finesse to attack


Influences (Control 000, p. 187 WtF)
*Animals of Prey
Control: The spirit can make dramatic changes within its sphere of influence, twist emotions entirely or dictate an animal’s actions, a plant’s growth or an object’s functioning. This infulence can shift the Open Condition to Controlled for its duration. The cost is 3 Essence.

NUMINA (Use Power + Finesse)  

For 1 Essence, the creatures can either separate or combine. If the creature is ever destroyed when the three spirits are conjoined, they each disperse safely to their former forms with 1 Corpus (health) box left (if damaged)- making them very difficult to destroy.

The spirit creates an illusion experienced by a single target. It can be anything from a sight or sound to an imaginary person who holds a conversation. The Numen costs one Essence and is contested by the victim's Wit's + Composure + Primal Urge.

The spirit is very good at being overlooked. Perception rolls to notice the spirit suffer a -2 penalty. This Numen does not require a roll to activate and has no cost.

Every 24 hours, the spirit may enter a trance in order to gain a glimpse of the future. The Numen costs one Essence if the spirit is using it on its own behalf or 3 Essence if its for another. If the activation roll succeeds, the spirit sees a vision of an event sometime in the next week, with a bias toward warnings of danger.

This allows the spirit to know the quickest route to a destination. The fastest route isn't always the safest or course, the Numen doesn't reveal any dangers on the way, only a set of directions to the target. If the destination is the subject of the Safe Place Merit, the activation roll is contested by the lowest Resolve + Primal Urge among any owners. The Numen costs 1  Essence and lasts for a scene. If the destination is too far away to reach quickly, the spirit must use the Numen again.

The spirit can use Essence to heal bashing and lethal on its Corpus. This does not require a roll, but costs 1 Essence and heals one point of bashing or lethal. The spirit must reactive the Numen each turn to heal more severe wounds. Bashing damage is healed first, then lethal.

The spirit appears armored, and uses Resistance as its Defense score instead of the lower of Power or Finesse.
—————————————- ———————————————————————————- ———-

RICCUN HUNTING: During Riccun's hunt, he can find some slum wenches to drink off of due to his resources, but he'll also have his encounter with Kaziel. Kaziel will let Riccun know that the Invictus are aware of his presence. Kaziel will also let Riccun know that he is not the first of Octavia’s puppets. Before Riccun, Kaziel was a pawn, and before that, it was Gabranth Maggrat.

“The only different between you and I is that I stopped wagging my tail long ago.”

This would create a possible Frenzy check, as well as a chance to question Octavia’s influence over him. Afterwards, Kaziel would warn that he’s not the only one aware of Riccun’s presence. The Reeve of Paris, Gaetan Delcroix, has sent his archons to hunt down Riccun.

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Character Plot Empty Re: Character Plot

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Character Plot 8c7f11d67c3f8b09224ac8cfc169bdb2

(It is August 26th, 1346, in real life, but it has been adjusted to April in order to fit the time line)

Crecy: A commune in northern France, it’s name is based off of the Crecy Forest, which starts two kilometers south-west of the town. A very small river, the Maye runs through the town. It’s population is nearly one-thousand.

Character Plot Crecy-map
DAYS BEFORE: English led the French through the country, forcing the larger, heavier French knights to give chase. The 10,000 (5,000 Longbowmen) English would settle on the massive hillside near the town of Crecy, and wait an entire day for French forces to catch up. English would have rested, preparing barriers and preparing more arrows for the war. The English were mostly made of King Edward III’s men and his son’s. Welsh troops and a small set of Holy Roman Empire (German) soldiers helped swell the English army as well.

DEPLOYMENT: King Edward III would order his men to face south on a sloping hillside. This tactic would hopefully put the French mounted knights at an immediate disadvantage. The left flank was protected by a cliff, and the right was blocked by the town of Crecy itself, as well as the River Maye. This will hopefully make it impossible for the French army to outflank them. The King also prepares his English gun that fires cast iron balls by means of fire.
Character Plot English_gun_used_at_crecy

HOUR 1 (3pm): King Phillip VI’s 20,000 French Knights gather with the Kingdom of Majorca’s 4,000 knights (under John the Blind), and a ranged unit of 6,000 Genoese Crossbowmen. Once settled, the eager French army begins to taunt the hillside (Resolve + Composure checks -3 for being so outnumbered).

HOUR 2 (4pm): A light rainstorm breaks over the field of battle. English archers destring their bows to avoid damage, but Genoese crossbowmen could not make such precautions. The Genoese Crossbowmen begin their advance, but the slackened crossbows stop short of hitting the front lines from the bottom of the massive hill. The English return fire, inflicting heavy casualties on the Genoese, causing them to retreat.The French nobles order that their knights hack down the cowardly crowssbowmen for retreating.

HOUR 3 (5pm): The rain stops, and the French cavalry charge the English ranks, however, the slop and obstacles laid by the English disrupt the charge. The continued arrows stop the first ranks, but eventually the French break through obstacles and crash into The Black Prince’s division. Edward III does not send reserves to the outnumbered English, saying “Let the boy win his spurs.” Four different charges were made in this hour, but the Black Prince and his knights kept the French from breaking their lines.

HOUR 4 (6pm), Sun begins to go down: The charges rage on, During the fight, John of Bohemia (John the Blind) is struck dead. The French recede back down the hill and reorganize. Meanwhile, English hurry to reorganize destroyed barriers.

HOUR 5 (7pm) Vampires can join: A second massive charge of French knights takes place. Early ranks have their horses shot or fall over dead French from Hour 3’s charge. Eventually the French return up the hill. Blue and yellow begins to smother red and gold.

HOUR 6: King Philip loses two horses before an arrow strikes him under the jaw, forcing him to retreat with his men. The French continue to fight.The royal banner, known as the Oriflamme (which when raised means that no quarter was to be given to the enemy) is captured. At the end of the hour, French retreat down the hill.

HOUR 7: Thousands of surrendering and wounded French gather along the halo of the hill. King Edward and the Black Prince make a tough decision and go against the code of chivalry, as the French are too many. They move their forces forward throughout the hill and have them slay all prisoners and wounded.

Character Plot 67525347c64f85ea7d311c280ee54493


*Whoever recovers the royal banner known as the Oriflamme will receive Fame, English 0 “Master of Sigils”. This ancient banner, which has been part of the French army for decades, is cherished amongst the French.

*Whoever slays John of Bohemia (John the Blind) will receive Fame, English 0 “Duke Butcher”, as the withered French Duke’s wisdom in war has made life miserable for the English since the campaign in France started.

*Whoever slays King Phillip’s horses gains Fame, English 0 “The Equalizer”.

*Whoever slays Rudolph the Valiant will receive the following…
Fame, English 0 “The Executioner”
Lands in Normandy, Resources +1
Offered a place in the Black Prince’s knight circle, “the Knights of the Garter” Status, City +1

*Whoever puts an arrow in King Phillip’s face will receive the following…
Fame, English 0 “The Archer”
Lands in Normandy, Resources +1
Offered a place in the Black Prince’s knight circle, “the Knights of the Garter” Status, City +1

*If Rees uses the cannon, he’ll be offered a seat on King Edward’s Alchemist Advisor board. This will grant Rees +1 Resources, and his lands (as the King recognizes Rees’s Welsh accent) with be protected under the English crown.

*If Rees can make it rain in Hour 2, he’ll gain an Arcana Beat.

*If Rees creatively uses covert magic to help in the war efforts, he can gain an Arcana Beat.

*If the Emerald Knight does well, he’ll earn 10 Welsh mercenaries.

*If the wolves fight in man or near-man form the entire fight, they can fill their Willpower

*If they beast out in Gauru or Irshil form, and are seen by mortals, they gain a Primal Urge beat, and a Witch Hunter skull

*If the Silver Spirit continues to menace the battlefield, he’ll earn the rank of High Knight in the Black Guard (as he still has his Black Guard tunic). This will give him Status, City (London) +1

*If Dontis has big success on the battlefield, he’ll be offered a barrel of gold (Equipment: Cash 00000).


*If Riccun enters the battle and has large success, he’ll be rewarded with land in Elmbridge, near London (via King Edward III and Sir Conrad Daw). He’d also be offered Baron-hood (Status Covenant 0), and rewarded with 100 English troops, a ten room keep (haven 0), and ten house servants. In return, he would offer fiefdom to the King and Queen.

*If Sanjay or Hanzo does well in combat, Sir Conrad Daw will offer Riccun the chance for Daw to ghoul and embrace them. Daw would train them under himself within the masquerade.

*If Elgrim does well, he’ll be offered rank in the English army, and a chance to watch over English borders along Scotland, where an attack from King David is probable. This will give him City Status 0 and Resources +1
*When Svala awakes, she will stop French knights who charged heedlessly through the battlefield in order to get to King Edward. Her intense tactics would allow her to be Queen Phillipa’s personal guard.


If Argos does well, he’d be honored with 20 knights from the recently revoked Knights of Glory Unknown. The Knights of the Glory Unknown were a Welsh knighthood who was disbanded after their Grand Master disobeyed orders to return to King Edward’s battalion, instead sacking a French town for personal gain. The Grand Master, Lord Ingran the Pale, was executed one week ago within Edward’s camp.

If Ulric proves himself in battle, Edward of Woodstock (The Black Prince) would insist that Ulric honorably resign from the Knights of Saint George and join his royal order of the Knights of the Garter (a supernatural knighthood). Ulric would gain Status, Covenant 0, Resources +1.


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Character Plot Empty Re: Character Plot

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A Build of Strife
Character Plot Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR_f6XeDOZ35XArZHxzp8-PVvWiLAIMgLxragZwweSFw8aT9C-t
The great spirit has awoken from day slumber in order to feast. Pain, anger and death has resonated from Crecy, transforming into ephemeral matter.

Perception check for Werwolves piercing through the Gauntlet
Success: Ephermera matter permeates off of the hill of Crecy like steam. It raises up and whirlwinds towards a nearby ruin.
Exceptional Success: Although it appears masked, you can see tracks and smell the odor of the Bale Hound, Torin Mhor.
If the team follows the trail, they’ll find a group of spirits (Umia to 1st Tongue, Choirs to Mages) traveling from the feild of Crecy to a cave nearby. All of them are filled with essence from the battlefield.

Wits + Investigation check
Success: Much like all weaker spirits, in order to not be devoured, they need to bring offerings. This appears as if Strife is making the lesser spirits gather essence from the battlefield and bring it to him, much like ants do for a hive.
Exceptional Success: These spirits are like slaves. If the group goes in, they should expect a mixed reaction. Some weaker spirits may try to defend their great master, while others may allow you to try to destroy him so that they can free themselves of his tyranny (all depends on what type of spirit it is).

Sneaking in Strife’s Keep
Once the characters deem to go inside, energy will flow and create miraculous confusion.
BACKGROUND: The energy is so strong, you can see it ebb and flow throughout the air. Characters will gain the “Distracted” Condition, as well as anything that uratha may suffer in addition.

War Spirits
Type: Spirit
Title: Hursih 0
Trait Limits: 5 dots
Attribute Dots: 8
Maximum Essence: 10
Numina: 3
Primal Urge: 0 (1)
Corpus (Health): 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 (7) {No wound penalties}
Willpower: 0 0 0 0 0 0 (6) {All spirits gain 1 willpower per day}
Initiative: 6
Defense: 4 {all attacks, including firearms}
Speed: 11
Size: 1-5
Language: Hisil, English
Bans: Must cause minimal destruction each day
Banes: Water {must spend Willpower & succeed on Power + Resistance roll w/ a dice penalty equal to rank in order to come in contact with Bane}
Combat: Power + Finesse to attack
Weapon: Ephemeral
------------- ---------------------------------------------- ----- --------

POWER (Strength, Intelligence, Presence)

FINESSE (Dexterity, Wits, Manipulation)

RESISTANCE (Stamina, Resolve, Composure)

------------- ---------------------------------------------- ----- --------
Influence and Numina

(rolls Power + Finesse, with success creating a desired effect)
Duration: 10 minutes per success
Cost: No additional Essence cost
*Strengthen 0: Can make a fire more potent, gaining spirit’s rank to fire’s power.

The spirit may wound opponents at a distance. Range equals 10 yards per dot of Power and the spirit does not suffer range penalties. If the activation roll succeeds, the Blast wounds as a +0L firearms. The spirit may increase the leathality of its Blast by paying Essence- Every two Essence spent increases the “weapon” by +1L. The maximum weapon bonus is equal to the spirit’s Rank (1).

The spirit causes flammable materials to combust. This Numen costs 1 Essence and causes one small fire to break out per activation success within the spirit’s Power in yards.

*Ghost Eater
The spirit may sense ghosts in Twilight, and consume their Essence as though they were spirits. This Numen is rare, usually only found in spirits of death or grief.

The spirit can use Essence to heal bashing and lethal wounds on its Corpus. This Numen does not require a roll to activate, but costs 1 Essence and heals one point of bashing or lethal damage. The spirit must reactivate the Numen each turn to heal more severe wounds. Bashing damage is healed first, then lethal.
——————————————————————————- ———————————————
The Royal Ball
The Queen would announce that as the summer sun warms England once more, so will their be a ball to celebrate the great victory in Crecy. There would be planned tourney in the morning, and a ball with a royal feast in the evening. All are expected to dress accordingly, as the highest of audiences will be expected to visit. Those heroes of Crecy will not only be welcomed to the ball, but have a special seat at the Queen’s table, and may even be presented with reward for their part in the great battle. Each character will have a scene.


Rees A mysterious figure in white would catch Rees’s attention.

DESCRIPTION: A lanky bald man in a sapphire robe with a frosted goatee stands between the guests. A pair of bushy brows umbrella pure gold eyes that twinkle in the candlelight. His skin is taught and bronze, and his fingernails are sharpened to points. His face is creased into a stony grimace that slowly rotates until he’s staring directly at you.

Upon looking in the stranger’s gold eyes, Rees would need to make a Resolve + Composure check -4. Past the outsider’s bushy brows would be a vast eternity of power that whispers the power standing before Rees. At any moment, this creature could destroy everyone inside the White Tower.



——————————————————————————- ———————————————

The Green Knight’s Entrance
Character Plot 033fc4d9db7cc062e1627d3ba98aaa24

Host: Let us commence our feast. I will join you once you tell me a tale of a fantastic feat.


Perception Check
Success: Three old tomes hang from the back of the Green Knight’s belt. One of them creates a flash of memory that allows the character to remember Calos reading from the same tome.
Exceptional Success: You see Taliesen take a few small steps closer to the Green Knight, as if preparing for something.

Green Knight: (enters) Who is the commander of this court?

Host: I am Prince Edward, head of this house. Come feast with us stranger.

Green Knight: I have not come to eat. I have come in peace to test your reputation in a Summer game. I offer this sword to any of you to deal me one blow on condition that if I survive, I can counter that blow in a month and a day.


Green Knight: (laughs) Am I in King Edward’s House? Is this the noble band of the bravest knights?

Host: Your request is foolish, and there are no fools here to grant it. However, I shall look to my brave court. Who here is valiant enough to speak for the King and Queen?

Volunteer: I am.

Green Knight: Who now consents to my contest?

Volunteer: My name is…(player or Edward’s name here)

Green Knight: Ahhh, (name here). I am grateful. Promise you will approach me in a month and a day for me to present my blow?

Host: Who are you? And where will he find you?

Green Knight: I will tell you after you’ve struck me. And if I’m speechless, you can stay safe at home. Now take up the sword.

Host: (watches volunteer take sword) God be with you (name here). Wield your one stroke well.

Green Knight: (head rolls off but he picks it up). Remember your promise. I am a Knight of the Green Chapel. Greet me there. Come or be cursed a coward in life and the afterlife forever more (The Green Knight would stomp out of the keep with authority, his head tucked beneath his arm).

Host: That was a marvel to suit the moment. More than enough to make me hungry. Let us feast.
—————————————————————— ——————————————————
For the rest of the feast, people will whisper and guess who the Green Knight was. Most would think that he’s a simple act by some of the court thespians, but others who are more knowledgable would think him a ghost. Only the most elite would know that he’s an exiled fae.

INTELLIGENCE + OCCULT -2 for anyone that is not English, Irish or Scottish
Success: The Green Knight is said to have visited Camelot during King Arthur’s reign, and challenged his men’s nobility. While the test was difficult, the reward was large.
Exceptional Success: The Green Knight was sent by Morgana to embarrass King Arthur. However, since Arthur’s knight, Sir Gowain, did not fall into temptation, he was given a great many secrets about Morgana and her plots.

INTELLIGENCE + INVESTIGATION 2 for anyone that is not English, Irish or Scottish
Success: The strange symbols on the Green Knight’s armor and his ancient Gaelic accent point towards the fact that the Green Knight is a fairy.
Exceptional Success: The fact that he was unable to change his environment shows that the Green Knight is no longer a full fairy, but perhaps an exile. If that is the case, he is mostly susceptible to the laws of Earth, with a few fairy like exceptions.  

INTELLIGENCE + SURVIVAL -2 for anyone that is not English, Irish or Scottish
Success: The Green Chapel is rumored to be located on the highest peak of the Ring of Kerry, known as the Mangerton Mountain- a place known for fairy activity. People all but stay away from it, claiming the land to be cursed.
Exceptional Success: It’s rumored that giants live on top of the mountain, near the edge between reality and the Hedge.

Success: The strange smell of the Green Knight is exotic and unforgettable. You think that if you ever smelled it again, you could easily identify it.
Exceptional Success: The Green Knight’s scent is so strong, that you gain a +2 if you’re ever attempting to track it.

————————————————————————- —————————————————
Burtilack’s Home: Ross Castle
The trip from Killarney to Mangerton Mountain is long and arduous due to heavy rains that started as the group arrived in Killarney. The players would use Ross Road to reach the deep forests where Mangerton Mountain exists. They’ll find an old secluded castle with protective walls covered in ivy near the forest’s shores. Two guards with bushy beards look at the group with no real interest or excitement. If the players mention the Green Chapel, one of the guards would insist they speak with Lord Burtlack, who has visited the Green Chapel before.

Lord Burtilack would be an older man in his late fifties. He’d have cropped white hair and haggard eyes. He’d be very fit for an older man, but his nobleman clothes are worn and stained with dirt. When he first lays eyes on the group, he’d give a gracious yellow smile. “Please come in. Let my minstrel play while we share wine and tales of the Green Chapel.”

Lady Burtilack: As the group enters the castle, they’ll see a lovely, tall and voluptuous woman in green gowns with auburn hair and fair skin. She’d glance at the group from her place at the table, and bat her eyes. Lord Burtliack would call the young woman, whose half his age, over, and explain that this is his newly wed wife who replaced the original Lady Burtliack after her passing from Black Death a half-decade ago. Lady Burtilack would bow and bite her lip as she took in (the hero).

What Lord Burtliack would know…
Land Wise: Lord Burtilack would explain that there isn’t much civilization besides Ross Castle because of all the silly fairy rumors. He’d tell of a wood covered mountain just a half day away, but the hike takes even longer as you must spiral up the mountain several times due to wet and dangerous rocks. He’ll tell them to take his fields to the Torc Waterfall at the bottom of the Mangerton Mountain. There they’ll see the Orde Stones, which are a combination of Latin and Gaelic from long ago. The Stones would explain the dangers of the mountain. The Green Chapel is said to be entered through a massive passage within the top of the forested Mangerton Mountain top.
Folklore Wise The rumors are that the closer you are to the Green Chapel, the more likely you are to begin to see things that don’t exist. Some folks see beautiful maidens while others claim to hear voices from the trees themselves. However, it’s said that the Green Chapel is protected by a giant. His name is Fian McCule, and he is cunning for a giant (Celtic Monsters: Giants 14: 58). He’s said to have pilgrimaged from East Ireland in order to serve under the Green Knight, who has created a knightly order of giants.
Lord Burtilack would happily give provisions for the group, and also invite them to wait out the storms, which should be leaving in three days. Anything the group may need, Lord Burtilack would somehow be able to procure. IF THEY AGREE TO STAY, LORD BURTILACK WOULD OFFER TO HUNT EACH NIGHT. HE’D MAKE A DEAL. WHAT EVER HE FINDS IN THE FOREST WOULD BE THEIRS (Elk, Boar, Fox). IN RETURN, ANYTHING THEY RECEIVE IN THE KEEP MUST BE PRESENTED TO HIM UPON DINNER.

From there, the Lady would offer herself three times as the folklore story goes, and if the target passes, she’s give them the Green Sash. If they fail, but another players do something noble, they’ll collect the Green Sash, which if produced in front of the Green Knight, would protect them from his intentions to execute them. Upon receiving the green sash, the characters may also collect Calos’s tome.



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Plot 5.7.16, Continuation of the Royal Feast and Journey to Ireland

Feast Continued...
Character Plot 97c35da1def7c039d137aef9bbb402d9

Argos can speak with Robert Hoad, who will let him know that the dealings going on with the Green Knight are an omen of bad things to come. He'd let Argos know the following...
*The queen's master is stepping down, and there will be a Kindred Court decision made on who will be the new Prince of London. While Hoad has put his name in the hat, Sir Owain's current decisions to protect the vampiric court while terrorizing the French Invictus's members from afar has gained him great popularity.
*The Green Knight taking Taliesen may have been a godsend. Taliesen was whispered to have to more use to the court, and even a risk due to his affiliations with France.
*Robert's Sire, Caxton Penner, will be awaking from his slumbers shortly. If Robert doesn't win the Prince-tom, Robert plans on traveling to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in order to find him.
Character Plot 1328

*Riccun would meet a pair of knights from Aragon who are looking to create a treaty with England (had previously allied with France) in return for support. So far the attempt has gone sour to gain England's support after helping the French, but the Argonese refuse to stop trying. They'd offer Riccun a chance to join them in their conquest of Sardinia.
Crest of Aragon
Character Plot Aragon-coat-of-arms

Character Plot 1a330f78e521e18533cfed8a233cecf8
Lead political diplomat of the kindred.

Character Plot 548bc8717a120d2c56c075308bb0a97e
1st knight protector, Vanguard of Aragon

Plot 5.14.16

Rees’s visit from Vox
Vox would visit Rees at his tower or on his journey to Killarney and let him know that the game is afoot. Tam Lin has broken every Summer Court rule in order to find the Green Chapel where the Green Knight awaits, in hopes to destroy the gateway to the Hedge, preventing True Fae from abducting any more humans. This would close off the Glamour energies though that Changelings need to access their abilities (Bridge Burners). Tam Lin would do this in an act of revenge on the fairies who originally kidnapped him and made him the way he is. While Vox was hoping he could kidnap Tam Lin and turn him in to some of the scum from the Goblin Market, such disregard of Changeling and Fairy rules has put Tam Lin on everyone’s bounty list.

However, if only Tam Lin knew that The Green Knight was an Exile (Charlatan) who was cast out by Arcadia. He too hates the Summer Queen, and was attempting to create a knighthood to protect Earth from Changeling visitors. If Rees can convince Tam Lin to instead join the Green Knight in his campaign to create guardians, they can assist in keeping dangerous sidhe out. And since the Green Chapel is hidden in a rift of the Hedge, they can do it for eternity. Such an act by Rees would surely gain the attention of the Green Knight, and perhaps give leverage for whatever Rees asks for in return from the Green Knight.

What Vox Wants In return for Vox’s information, he would like Rees to do something special for Vox. It’s rumored that many selfish Changelings tried to gain access to the power in Vortigen’s tower over the centuries. One was a great Goblin Market guild leader. If Vox can promise that this guild leader will not attempt to harm Rees or threaten the tower again, Vox would like the Guild Leader’s release.


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Plot 5.21.16

Gabranth’s Brood
The Blood Cult seems to have set up shop in order to trap whoever comes down with Calos’s book. They will be very vigilant in catching their prey and attaining the Tome. They will have blood spirits keeping an eye on the group as well.

URATHA Perception Checks -2 for rain (distraction) will reveal the following…
SUCCESS: The smell of blood and spirit emanates in the air, only spirits don’t bleed. Upon sending their senses through the Gauntlet, they’ll see a set of organs flailing around in a fountain of blood.
EXCEPTIONAL SUCCESS: The werewolf sees a pulse of black blood as well, the same that can be seen in some vampires.

A successful occult check would let them know that these are spirits in legion with kindred.

Kindred Hunting
Hunting on a single mountain shared by ghouls/vampires who are actively looking for perpetrators isn’t impossible, just difficult. Only a select population of animals reside on the cliff. Vampires suffer-2 for limited population, -2 for rain, -2 for difficult terrain and -4 for being stalked by Gabranth’s ghouls. They can receive bonuses that apply for other book based circumstances, however.
——————————————- —————————————————————- —————-

Sir Finley Marsen
Upon returning to London, Trapper would receive a scroll from Sir Finley Marsen. Marsen would let Trapper know that in light of defeating the majority of the Bale Hounds, the knight has taken back Marsen’s Keep. He’s even taken in some Wolf-born, as well as the legendary loci smith and Storm Lord, Rowgur Krinshaw. He’d like Trapper to return in order to help protect Marsen’s territory, as well as start a new pack.

The Chained One
The Chained One would wish to have a conversation with Trapper. The spirit will explain to the uratha that the wolf has done well for him, and that he owes Trapper one favor. He’ll ask him what he wishes for, and then will grant it. He’ll then explain.

“As I’ve explained before, you are my destroyer and yet my child. You were my demise, but you are also my salvation. Our complex relationship will echo throughout time.

——————————————- —————————————————————- —————-


Prince Owain
Upon Riccun’s return, Prince Owain would request Riccun’s presence. Prince Owain would understand the debt that the London Kindred owe Riccun for his service in France. As an added bonus, Prince Owain would like to give Baron Riccun additional titles of Judex (a judge and arbiter of London kindred disputes), and Knight (an Oathsowrn soldier membership in an Order of Knighthood). Riccun would be a Knight of the Garter, a vampiric knighthood led by the newly embraced Edward the Black Prince. These titles would give the highlighted benefits…
*Sanctuary within the Tower of London
*Access to the Tower of London’s court herd
*Someone to look after and feed their ghouls while they are in torpor
*Hunting rites in all of England
*The ability to officially resolve disputes amongst London Kindred on behalf of the Prince

In return, Baron Riccun would be expected to…
*Handle minor kindred squabbles upon request from the Prince
*Look after and feed the Prince’s ghouls should he need them taken care of
*Continue to care for any lands while providing financial homage and resources to the Prince

Svala will inform Riccun that she plans on remaining loyal to London’s crown until she can both tame her beast a bit more and gain title amongst the Prince. Once she does so, she plans on requesting to embrace Lady Anna Barrow. Riccun can make an Intelligence + Politics check. If successful, he’ll note that this might take anywhere from fifty to a hundred years for her to accomplish such desires.

Edward, The Black Prince
Freshly embraced, The Black Prince will be given the best Au Pair (tutor of basic vampire survival, etiquette and Discipline use). Once he has managed to control his hungers, The Black Prince will fake his own death and then become the head of The Knights of the Garter. He will be given the titles of Councilor and Duke. He will dominate his father, as well as future kings to come, and use them as puppets to coordinate mortals as Prince Owain needs. Riccun can roll Intelligence + Politics to understand that Edward is being groomed to take over as Prince once Owain goes into torpor or is slain.

George Baker and Jack Barnes
Riccun would receive an invite from George Baker and Jack Barnes, requesting his presence at a high end bath house in London. When Riccun goes to meet the business partners after a year, he’d find them in hot pools along with a dozen painted ladies of the night. There would be casks of wine and food all over. As Riccun celebrates with them, he’ll find that they left Miss Hedi Russel and Lea Lambert in order to pursue a life as wealthy merchants. As Riccun continues to converse with them, he’ll learn that they’re attempting to kill a rival merchant “the Riccun way,” and need the advice of the great warrior in order to learn how to do so.
——————————————- —————————————————————- —————-


Once the Branded return, Argos head into Harrow. As he heads in, he’ll see Hellwise with a torch searching in the night air. If Argos approaches, Hellwise will tell him that she’s searching for Hannah, who was just fetching water over four hours ago. Once Argos joins the search, he’ll see what looks like ravens circling in the night sky. If he travels to the source, he’ll hear Hanna humming and smell her fresh blood before he lays his eyes on her. When he finally approaches, will see a bloody mouthed Hanna sitting next to her bucket, digging sharp bark and broken glass from inside and swallowing it. Her eyes would be like two full moons, and she be smiling with her punctured lips.

“Heed my warning. Everything about you I hate, so everything that surrounds you I’ll destroy. I give you but one chance. Let me take your corpse so that I may destroy all of your kind in London, and converse with the Herald.”

From there, Hanna would attack Argos, who would be forced to slay her. Afterwards, the shadowy strix would disperse.

Ulric Von Clause
Upon hearing the terrible story of Hanna and the Strix, Ulric would come to his Grand Master and make a request.

“I have seen the dead walk, men become monsters, and monsters pretend to be men. Darkness is upon us, and only those who know of it can stop it. You have proven to me that this curse of yours can also be a great advantage, if only we can conquer its nature. Grand Master Argos, I beseech you, let me join you in your eternal struggle and defend our world.”

If Argos would allow it, Ulric would then do everything to be embraced.

Sir Sven
Not shortly after a candle light vigil for Hanna, Argos would notice that Sir Sven is no where in sight. When he does research, he’ll find that the knight has left his armor and sword, but taken a horse, commoner’s clothes and coin from his room. He will never be heard from again.

Yandal Sellers (Marcel)
After staying in Harrow for a few days (or just before Argos leaves after Hannah’s death), an old man who offers himself up a storyteller would show up at Harrow’s Inn. Argos would immediately see through the disguise and find that Yandel Sellers has come to Harrow. Upon hearing Argos’s hard times, Yandell would apologize but demand that Argos teach him more of that which goes bump in the night. He’d warn that he will learn one way or another, and that it’s chiefly Argos’s words that convinced him to continue digging into the unknown. Such a thirst will not be conquered until Yandell either dies or is told of the world of darkness.

——————————————- —————————————————————- —————-

Rees Future Plot

Antha Vossen
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After a glorious half year of marriage, Rees would freeze due to the Stone's Curse and wake up only to find that Antha Vossen's tomb is now within Vortigen's Tower. She lived to be nearly 60 years before passing in a mage battle. Draig-Gach would let Rees know that she tried to train the young Thyrsus boy, but he went missing when he turned sixteen. Afterwards, Antha stepped down from her position as Famulus and petitioned to be the new Cultor for Vortigen's Tower (one tasked with maintaining and cultivating Labyrinths) for the Guardians of the Veil. She was given permission, mostly because Draig-Gach only allowed Antha to see the Tower. One day though, three years after the stone's curse, Antha received a correspondence that requested her aid in the nearby town of Bronaber. Antha asked Draig-Gach to hide the tower, and afterwards left immediately. She never returned, and when Draig-Gach used his limited slumbering abilities to scry, he found that she'd been slain in a mysterious Mage Duel within the village streets of Bronaber.

Not much is known about Nakkai. It's said that while fleeing London, he was found by the Adamantine Arrow's "Banner Warden" Tobin Ramornie. The two dueled, and Nakkai narrowly escaped with his life. For years Nakkai went into hiding, and some presumed he was dead. However, during the early Renaissance, a Moros Necromancer in Rome named Agnivus Owhal stated that he was studying under a great Lich. Agnivus was a Mysterium Exemplum (new initiate), and so his claims were mostly ignored. However, Agnivus confided to his Exemplum friends that Nakkai was assisting in helping Agnivus gain rank in the Mysterium by helping write a thesis about an undead city that existed under Rome. Agnivus vanished not shortly after mentioning this to his mates.

Dyfan Penry
Dyfan Penry, who was charged by the Adamantine Arrow to protect the Sarsen Stones, was attacked by Catholic witch hunters from the Vatican in 1352 A.D. Though Dyfan slew two of the Vatican's knights, the religious warriors destroyed both Dyfan and all of his followers in the fray. The Consilium used the tragic loss as a warning to others. Drawing attention to yourself with Sleepers begs for the fate of Dyfan was a saying spread among all Orders.


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